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I'm amazed there's not a thread for this show yet but are there any fans of the show Leverage who want to toss some stuff around about the show?
The show has convinced me of two things:

1. They should totally cast Timothy Hutton as Lex Luthor

2. They should totally cast Christian Kane as Wolverine
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3 resetlocksley31st Jul 2012 02:08:45 PM from Alone in the dark , Relationship Status: Only knew I loved her when I let her go
Shut up!
[up] Yes! Definitely! That would be amazing.
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4 3of431st Jul 2012 02:54:22 PM from Five Seconds in the Future. , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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So....Adam Baldwin later this season. wild mass guessHe's playing John Casey wild mass guess
5 johnnyfog31st Jul 2012 06:33:00 PM from the Zocalo , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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I liked Season One. I haven't seen past that, though. I have a backlog of TV to watch. wink

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@ metaphysician

I said the EXACT same thing about Christian Kane to my aunt the other night. Plus, while Hugh Jackman has done an awesome job as Wolverine, Christian Kane is closer to the build of Wolverine I remember learning about and it made a lot of sense to me: Shorter, stockier and angry.

Also, I've actually learned a few things from this show (how to better avoid pick pockets and a little bit about neurolinguistic programming) as well as finding it really enjoyable. The other thing I've learned is this: If you say something with enough authority, people aren't likely to question it.
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Any word on next season?
Well the most recent season just started. They're in Oregon this time and back to square one on resources and aliases after the debacle at the end of last season with Sterling. Hardison bought a restaurant and the group is working out of the space above it. The first two episodes were The (Very) Big Bird job and, The blue line job.

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-started (Very) Big Bird Job on demand-

Cary Elwes!!!
Oh and Parker and Hardison are officially an item now. The relationship is as weird ad you'd expect with those characters and how many seasons of build up now?
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That was stated last season.
Wonder why Parker made a big deal out of telling Sophie that she and Hardison were officially together then at the start of The (Very) Big Bird Job.

Oh well.

Okay, question. Favorite character and why. Go.
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Not stated to the group but we were informed through last season.

Three way tie between Parker, Eliot (or is it Elliot, whatever), and Hardison.
14 Prime_of_Perfection3rd Aug 2012 03:53:24 AM , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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Eliot, one L. In any case, I wonder what Nate is having Hardison work on as of now. I've feeling it's maybe the end of their crew there and intentions to adjust them to more legal work in the end.

Also hoping Sterling makes a few appearances this season.
15 3of43rd Aug 2012 01:21:26 PM from Five Seconds in the Future. , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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wild mass guessHe's having Hardison setting up total clean slate ID's. Legal, safe, and as straight as a marines dress uniform. After all the crap with Dubenich and such he wants to have the team an OUT of their live. He's doing it in secret as they'd never go for it without incentive, and when the Big Bad of the season will make his move he'll reveal them.wild mass guess

Adding to that:

wild mass guessSterling is HELPING Nate do it.As sort of a deal "they stop doing crime and we let them go." He is willing to go along with it because Nate's motivation is to prevent what happened to his Father to the Team and Sterling, after all, is doing it for a friend (and maybe just for the man who helped save his daughter)wild mass guess

Edit: A thing I just realized. Look at Portland. A restaurant for Eliot to give into his cooking passion. A Theater for Sofie. It's giving them things to be rather than criminals...

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I like that idea a lot actually. I liked it so much I brought it up to my family and they all really like the thought (if for no other reason than a good story must end) and this would signal the show winding down. It was posited that Nate might be doing this because now protecting his team, his new family, is more important than saving the world.

The only hole I can see in this plan is Parker. Hardison and Nate have a lot of secondary skills. Eliot's got his cooking and Sophie, while she can't act when it's not an act, does know how to lead and weave a story as well as how people interact, so she might be better suited to the director's chair as you pointed out but all Parker's ever really known is theft.

Now she could become a security consultant of course, breaking into places to help them figure out how to better protect their stuff but I don't know how she'd feel about that. I'm going to keep my eyes open for hints about this idea more this season.
17 3of410th Aug 2012 02:01:23 PM from Five Seconds in the Future. , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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Parker has Hardison. She's not doing the crime for a living but for the excitement (and money fetish). Hardison might replace that in her life. Extending that she has the whole Team. Parker was always alone, and now she has a family.

Also...Angst for both of them if it gets out.

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Tonight's episode seems to further support the theory you proposed. Parker is upset because she doesn't have a "Thing" like Eliot has cooking and Sophie has theatre. If she's working on getting an outside interest it may mean Nate is trying to get the team to go legit.
They should totally cast Christian Kane as Wolverine

His growly voice reminds me of Batman, though. I could totally see him being Wolvie, however. surprised
20 dRoy6th Mar 2014 11:30:28 AM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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Finished the first season and watching season 3, just finished ep 4.

I don't know if it's just me, but I really hate the music. It seems as if there is only one kind of music, the funny, silly 90s spy music, and frankly, it feels out of place in a more fast-paced moments, like whenever Eliot gets into a fight.

Also, is it just me or is the Leverage Team relying more and more on Hardison's science magic?
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Perhaps a little bit...I'm jealous, though. I think season three was the best they did. I wish I could watch it again for the first time.
22 dRoy6th Mar 2014 11:43:24 AM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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What are you jealous of, if you don't mind me asking?

...Huh, deja vu.
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23 Gaon6th Mar 2014 12:11:02 PM from Grim Up North , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
I have said in another thread I feel Leverage should have done more storyarcs. The whole Moreau thing was cool, wish they did more on that style. An example is Ian Blackpoole, the man responsible for the death of Nate Ford's son, was used too little. Another example is the Similar Squad we saw in one episode, which never appeared again.

I also never liked Sterling. He doesn't feel clever to me, he feels precognitive. I was never able to see him going "oh, Nate is thinking of this, I must do this to counter him" or any simple pathway of logic in his actions (like I could see in Nate's plans), he just seemed to inexplicably know stuff.

24 Prime_of_Perfection6th Mar 2014 12:20:26 PM , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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I've been listening to the DVD commentary since this was one of my favorite shows of all time and it seems more they were focused around character arcs than story arcs. Such as Season 2 being Nate rebuilding himself now that he's past Blackpoole and trying to find who he is while walking this line and so forth.

To note, I actually do agree though with regards to story arcs. That's actually why Season 4 is actually my favorite. While Season 3's arc was nice, a majority of it leaned more heavily towards season's end, not that I minded much. Season 4 it had a nice progressive build throughout and brought so many elements back well.
Like I said, I'm jealous because I would love to experience the show for the first time again...especially the third season. Which I loved mostly on the merit of the single episodes. "The Inside Job", "The Scheherazade Job", "The Studio Job", "The San Lorenzo Job" and especially "The Rashomon Job" are all easily top twenty episodes for me, and there is not one single one I didn't like...even "The Reunion Job" was a lot of fun, and I normally hate the typical High School episodes.

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