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We're back, folks! The very popular Superhero/Supervillain RP set in Radio City has returned in it's third incarnation. Chock full of the same superpowered goodness you've grown to love. Things aren't too different, besides that fact that this is a reboot, so characters are subject to much change, and there are plenty of new additions.

Radio City is a large urban city somewhere on the east coast of the United States. It is a breeding ground for superheroes, supervillains, and all kinds of things in-between. This RP is going to be action-packed, silly, refrential, emotional, and at least 6 kinds of awesome. Hopefully more.

The rules are what you would expect. No Godmodding, Always refer to the Discussion thread or the GM when unsure of something, etc. etc.

This RP places a great deal of emphasis on choice and actually doing things. There is a big city for you to explore and be apart of and shape.

  • Name:
  • Sex:
  • Alias: (If applicable)
  • Age:
  • Appearance: (An image is preferred but not necessary.)
  • Character Alignment: (Lawful Good, etc.)
  • Occupation:
  • Personality:
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: (If applicable)
  • Background: (What was their life like leading up to the RP? Can be a secret if you so desire.)

  • Vigil, played by daltar
  • Sheathe, played by Starbound2
  • Muse, played by Starbound2
  • Mustang, played by desdendelle
  • Stalwart, played by Taco
  • Dr. Gabriel Hassan, played by Hourai Rabbit
  • James Wells, played by Starbound2
  • The Mad Mr. Madarch, played by wikkit
  • STAR PALADIN, played by Slendid Suit
  • Bombshell, played by Saturn
  • Gum-girl, played by Saturn
  • Blue Wolf, played by TCD

  • The Thespian, Starbound2
  • Multiplayer, Taco
  • Professor Holocaust, played by Taco
  • Ghetto Ghost, played by Hourai Rabbit
  • The Dollmaker, played by Starbound2
  • Corner, played by wikkit
  • The Knight Clubber, played by Slendid Suit
  • Darktail, played by Saturn
  • Wendigo, played by TCD
  • Taya Sommelier, played by Bassetete
  • Dorothy, played by daltar

  • The Black Orchid, played by desdendelle
  • Doll, played by Starbound2
  • Bernard Scrathe, played by Slendid Suit
  • The Birdman of Radio City, played by wikkit
  • Jethro "Jet" Kane, played by Nman
  • Sophie, played by daltar
  • Rosette, played by daltar

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Hmmm, interest shown, but why must we have one villain and one hero each? What if we only want to have one character? *has a lot of characters he's currently running in other R Ps*

Also, what super scale are we talking here?
I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

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3 Saturn29th Jul 2012 11:40:39 PM from On The Rings Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
I will allow you to have one character if that character is particularly interesting and you are willing to actually contribute.

Actually consider that ruling more of a strict suggestion and encouragement.

Super Weight 3 is typically what to shoot for.
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Murasaki Shizuka
  • Name: Cassandra Tal
  • Sex: Female
  • Alias: Sheathe
  • Age: 37
  • Appearance: A tall, brown skinned woman with an athletic yet curvy figure, Cassandra is more than capable of drawing looks her way. As a civilian, she prefers wearing fine but not extravagant dresses that show off her figure. As Sheathe, she wears a black, form-fitting suit (like a ninja) with gaps that exposure her bare navel and lower back and a mask that completely covers her face, save for her eyes.
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Occupation: Bachelorette
  • Personality: Cassandra is an adventurous, risk-taking woman who is not afraid to flaunt her interests. Flirtatious and teasing, she is nonetheless warm and friendly with those who get to know her. As her Sheathe persona, her personality inverts and she becomes a cold and calculating person, though even this is just an extension of her desire to enjoy herself while fighting crime.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: If Cassandra casts an enchantment on an implement of death and then contains said implement within her body, other objects of that sort can't harm her. For instance, she has an enchanted bullet in her thigh that serves to render her immune to bullets. Similarly, the swords and daggers she carries are also enchanted.
    • As a civilian, Cassandra carries mace and a taser in her purse and a knife and pistol strapped around her ankle. As Sheathe, she carries around a pair of katana, and has a belt that carries two pistols, some magazines, a flash grenade, a smoke grenade, a dagger, and a miniature first aid kit carrying a needle of paralytic poison and a needle of truth serum.
  • Background: The daughter of two wealthy Adventurer Archaeologists, she inherited their money and vast collection of artifacts after their death. While selling away some of said artifacts, she happened upon a scroll that gave her her powers. She used said powers to become a world renowned assassin before retiring in Radio City, becoming a superheroine in her spare time. Her identity is guarded by a small staff of deeply loyal, well trained maids that manage and protect her mansion and by her personal physician, Dr. Hart.

  • Name: Ial Lesson
  • Sex: Male
  • Alias: The Thespian
  • Age: 38
  • Appearance: A man of lean but athletic appearance who always dresses sharply. Short brown hair and grey eyes. As the Thespian, he wears a pearl white tuxedo with an equally white comedy mask and bowl hat, with splatters of red on his suit, mask, and gloves for an element of intimidation. The mask's eyes and mouth are completely blacked out, obscuring his facial features, and is atop of a black covering that goes all around his head.
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Occupation: Media mogul and mob boss
  • Personality: As a civilian, Ial acts aloof and talks in an overly formal, flowery manner. He acts like he's above it all and has a massive ego, but he knows how to be friendly and even amicable to his colleagues. But when he dons his white mask, any warmth that he could express disappears, a pragmatic and ruthless crime lord who would stop at nothing to further his own agendas. He is manipulative and joyfully so as a villain, seeing people as nothing other than tools for the sake of amusement.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons:
    • Ial has a total awareness of the 4th wall. So aside from knowing that he's a fictional character, he can also read other people's posts (and by extension, character's thoughts). As a trade in, his physical prowess isn't extraordinary. In addition, he has several restrictions:
      • He is prohibited from revealing another character's secret identity or overtly hinting at it.
      • He is prohibited from attacking characters when they are unconscious or residing at home.
      • (Additional rules may apply as per the GM's discretion.)
    • As the Thespian, there is a bulletproof jacket beneath his shirt, and he carries a pistol and a knife in his inner pockets. He also carries a cane with him at all times, which doubles as either a sword, a taser, a speargun, a one time use shotgun, or a grappling hook, depending on which one he takes with him. Finally, the mask he wears contains a voice disguiser that deepens and distorts his words.
  • Background: The son of an entertainment entrepreneur, Ial initially rejected his father's wishes to become his heir, instead studying physics, wanting to discover the secrets and truths of the universe. However, during an internship at one of Radio City's top facilities, the young man was caught in an accident caused by a malfunctioning experiment and saw more than he bargained for - the artificiality of the universe's, and his own, existence. After his rehabilitation from temporary madness, he told his father that he had changed his mind, beginning to study drama, media, business, all to his father's happiness. He started to see the patterns, the plots, all the world's story. But stories have endings... and as such, he told himself that if the world he lived in was a story, he would cause its greatest conflicts, and keep reality going.
    • After his father's death, Ial inherited his theater, his radio station, his fortune. And then he expanded, using his resources and knowledge to obtain newspapers, a television, movie and television production companies... all to gain huge media power. During this process, Ial also made a series of behind the scenes transactions, using whatever means he could to land cash to his new Thespian alias without it being traced back to him. From there, the new criminal began to act, becoming an informant for a crime family before backstabbing, blackmailing, and outright killing his way to the top. He embedded his men in the construction industry, the shipping industry, the tech and arms industries, establishing control over the black market of weapons, drugs, and other goods in certain parts of the city... becoming one of the most notorious crime lords, a "man who sees everything" wanted by the police. All while separating his two personas and two lives apart... after all, Ial didn't need the cash the Thespian made, and vice versa. He didn't become a criminal to topple his media rivals. He did it to become the greatest villain of the city. And the Thespian won't stop spreading his influence until he has all of Radio City under his thumb.

  • Name: Aria Melody
  • Sex: Female
  • Alias: Muse
  • Age: 22
  • Appearance: A cute redhead with shoulder length hair and blue eyes, wearing a pair of glasses. As a civvie, she mostly wears very casual clothes, just grabbing a shirt and some shorts, pants, or skirt to go out in as long as it's not outright ridiculous. As her "hero" identity Muse, she puts on a pair of contacts so she can see before donning a pair of goggles and a white lab coat. She is well aware this doesn't fit the look of a muse, and is still working on getting a better costume.
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Occupation: Special effects technician and theater actress
  • Personality: Fun loving and thrill seeking, she sees heroism as less a lifestyle or job, more of a hobby. In all honesty, she'd rather be a villain, but she doesn't want the cops busting her chops, so she'll take the action oriented role that doesn't involve going to jail. Tends not to take things too seriously.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Unlike her previous incarnation, this Aria has absolutely no powers. What she does have is a super-genius brain, which she uses to construct a vast quantity of gadgets which she both uses and is totally willing to sell to other heroes at totally not gouging their wallets, no siree. Is currently trying to make gauntlets that make non-organic matter explode, but so far the only things they can make explode are... themselves. Her goggles do have a mapping and radar system, nightvision and infrared, and the ability to abruptly flash a bright light, temporarily blinding whoever they were pointed at. And she has a shotgun that shoots a burst of electricity in front of her, stunning who it hits.
  • Background: Fresh out of college, the hobbyist techie joined the Lesson Theater because she didn't want to turn her passion into a job; where's the fun in that? Being friends with the owner of the Mana Bar, a hang out for the technologically savvy of Radio City, he set her up to have a little warehouse nearby where she could build stuff. Seeing all the excitement going on all the time in a supervillain city, she wanted to join in the action - and maybe make some bucks on the side selling much needed equipment to fellow aspiring heroes. No, it's not a job, she's doing that for fun.

Yarg, still got three more profiles to submit. (THUD) Tomorrow...

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Sort-of interest, and a question. As what, exactly, do twins count? One character? Separate?

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All accepted, Starbound. Welcome back.

As for twins, it really depends...Do they have different powers? Do they have different characterizations that are significant? In those cases, I would say, different sheets.

But if they are twins with the same power, and similar personalities are such, then one sheet would work.
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Uhm... Well, I'll post the signup. One good twin, the other's neutral. Let's see...
  • Name: Her designation is Subject 1138-a, but only her sister knows that.
  • Sex: female.
  • Alias: The Black Orchid.
  • Age: Twenty-ish.
  • Appearance: I am the hand of justice.
  • Alignment: True Neutral.
  • Occupation: Assasin. Sort of.
  • Personality: Subject 1138-a is a reserved girl. She does not talk much, and when she does she tends to be extremely laconic. She is, in a sense, a religious fanatic, and questioning her beliefs is the only way to get any emotional response out of her (anger, followed by her attacking the person who dared question her).
  • Powers/Posessions:
    • Subject 1138-a is a Plant Person. This confers several useful abilities: Talking to Plants, a Healing Factor, and not really needing to eat or sleep (she still needs to drink, in a sense).
    • When exposed to sunlight, she can move superhumanly fast.
    • The armour in her picture, and a matching, hooded cloak and mask. They have all been magically enchanted to quieten her step and help her conceal herself.
    • A pair of ornate daggers. They, too, are magical: one has a necromantic charm that drains life and heals the wielder, and the other is enchanted in such a way that once thrown, if it misses its target, will return to the thrower. They are also magically strengthened.
  • Background: Subject 1138-a and her twin sister, Subject 1138-b, were taken from their parents at birth by a cabal of sorceror-scientists. That cabal tried to manufacture the ultimate weapon, and to do that experimented on quite a lot of babies. 1138-a was magically crossed with a black orchid (hence her alias), and trained as an assassin. However, when she was sixteen years old, she and her sister killed the guards assigned to them and escaped, making their way to Radio City. 1138-a took the alias of The Black Orchid and swore that she will keep the balance — the girls' adoptive father among the cabal was a religious fanatic, and some of his beliefs rubbed off her.

  • Name: She is designated Subject 1138-b, but, again, only her sister knows that. Her customers know her as 'Lutecia'.
  • Sex: female.
  • Alias: Hawkeye.
  • Age: She is a few minutes older than her sister (see above).
  • Appearance: So what if she looks like a loli version of a certain Servant?
  • Alignment: Neutral Good.
  • Occupation: While she isn't busy saving the innocent, 1138-b manages a small tea shop. She does not hide the fact that she's a superhero.
  • Personality: Kind and friendly. She might be slightly inattentive at times, but she wants to help everyone in need she meets. She enjoys being around people.
    She is also fiercely protective of her little sister, supporting her economically and hiding her, even fighting by her side if the situation demands it.
  • Powers:
  • Background: See above. While 1138-a became an outlaw, 1138-b settled down.

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  • Name: Rick Johansen
  • Sex: M
  • Alias: Multiplayer
  • Age: 23
  • Appearance: Rick is a short, skinny, stereotypical nerd. He's not out of shape given his occupation, but he won't be winning any fistfights. When out on a job, he typically wears a black turtleneck, balaclava, and bulletproof vest.
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Occupation: Terrorist / Almighty Janitor
  • Personality: Multiplayer believes that he is, on some level, smarter or at least more competent than everyone around him. He uses his crimes, which are generally bomb threats taking place at the same time as bank robberies, street brawls, and supervillain duels, as a way to prove this. He's bitter about losses, and always weasels a way to claim he 'won' in the end. He has a love of videogames of practically any sort, preferring games on the more hardcore and difficult end of the spectrum.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Multiplayer can duplicate himself. By holding out his hand, another Rick will form from his hand, built from first a hand materializing and then building itself from nothing; Rick assumes he has access to some fleshy pocket dimension to prevent violation of the Law of Conservation of Matter. If distracted from the act, the body falls apart and disintegrates, forcing Rick to start over. These clones are controlled through a decentralized hivemind, with each clone cognizant of everything the others see. The most Rick has ever been able to have at any one time caps at around fifteen; afterwards he seems to run out of biomass for it. He also possesses ten large combat knives; he's not particularly good at a close-up fight with them, but he can hit a stationary target with a thrown knife and can competently stab someone who doesn't see it coming or is mostly defenseless.
  • Background: Rick was once a low-level Janitor at a nuclear power plant; he took this job because he believed that he didn't need to prove to anyone that he was smart by having a high-level job that utilized his intellect or anything. Basically, he was enamored with Good Will Hunting, but completely missed the point. However, one day, in some sort of attempt at smacking down Rick for his cockiness, the plant's Fusion Reactor exploded with Rick directly next to it. However, all that happened then was that Rick dusted himself off, stared at the massive crater surrounding him, and casually walked it off, heading home without incident. The next day he woke up in bed next to himself, to his horror. He figured it was the insanity of radiation sickness setting in or something, until he realized that he was both Ricks simultaneously. He knew about Radio City, their superheroes and stuff, and realized this was his chance to become better than even that! He would in turn conquer each and every super powered person in the city, so that they would have to concede how awesome he was, personally!

  • Name: John Sanderssen
  • Sex: M
  • Alias: Stalwart
  • Age: 38
  • Appearance: As a civilian, John stands at around 5'6". He looks rather familiar to many geeks. When the entire suit of armor is on, Stalwart somehow grows to be almost 7 feet tall. The armor itself is fluted armor with a sallet.
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Occupation: Curator/Stalwart Defender Of Radio City
  • Personality: John refuses to let evil prevail. Even as a curator he was noted for donating loads of his own personal time and money to help the Radio City Museum stay afloat. As Stalwart, he is not a ham, but is definitely resolute in his beliefs: if you are a criminal, you will go to jail; if you try to kill him, you will be piked. Then taken to the hospital. Then jail. Supervillains are only deserving of his pity; those lost children who have immersed themselves in solipsistic fantasies to avoid having to have real morals. Their rehabilitation is possible, just hard, but letting them fall into the clutches of the mundane law would be no good. He lets them off with a warning the first time, and progressively more difficult-to-recover-from injuries. Not permanent ones, but stuff like a broken wrist or a hamstringing to keep them out of the fight, at least for a little while.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: John possesses the Armor of The Stalwart, a mysterious suit of armor that was brought into the museum one night. When he puts on the armor—which seems much too big for him, he gains the powers of Stalwart. The inside of his armor emits a bright white light, completely concealing the wearer; if the visor is flipped up, the light can blind someone for several minutes at close range or serve as a powerful light, searing away smoke and other illusions. The light also helps in that it basically means that Stalwart doesn't have any eyes. The armor itself is extraordinarily tough, having demonstrated in the past to withstand shells from a tank and get up a little bit later—not that that battle with Tankmando was easy or anything. This same endurance translates to strength; the upper limits of Stalwart's strength has been, with some strain, throwing a sedan twenty feet. The armor also came with a pike and tower shield. The pike itself isn't much, just very sharp and unbreakable; modern combat armor can resist it. The pike is primarily a mode of transport, as by winding back and "throwing" it while still hanging onto it Stalwart can effectively fly. However, the piece de resistance is his shield: If Stalwart declares his battle cry, NOT ONE STEP BACK!, he can place his shield in front of himself and lock in place. He cannot move except forward, very very slowly, but becomes more or less impossible to knock around; the area in a ten-foot cone behind him is similarly protected with his shield, ensuring protection from blastwaves and the like. He has one crippling weakness, though: should any part of his armor in any way get knocked from his body, he will lose his powers and the armor will just become an entirely-too-large and obsolete suit of medieval armor.
  • Background: John was almost his entire life connected to the Radio City Museum. He was an intern there while he studied his double major of Anthropology and Modern Superheroic History and lived with a distant relative of his, Jeff. He was a tour guide when he graduated as opposed to being a teacher, because the Museum was short-handed, but then as time went on because he loved giving tours. When the Supervillains started targeting his Museum, John himself spotted the museum money to upgrade the security. It was only inevitable that he became the Curator once the previous one retired. However, with his escalating responsibility came the escalating threat from progressively more powerful supervillains. Then one day a suit of armor came in from England, the Armor of the Stalwart. Legend told that this was worn by a nameless knight, identified by anthropologists as perhaps one of the first Superheroes. During one late night filing papers, John once again had to deal with a break-in; however, the silent alarm was cut. Resigning himself to writing more checks, he heard a voice: the armor. A force compelled him, dragged him into the armor as the crooks were escaping. Stalwart, still unsure of his powers, beat up the two crooks and left them tied up in front of the police office. A voice in John's head, presumably the armor itself, told John his duty: either he would defend the city, or the armor would be bought by a collector in a few weeks and he could go back to a life of mild heroics and Nice Deeds, as opposed to the Good Deeds of Stalwart. That was eight years ago, and John has been Stalwart ever since.

  • Name: Jeff Sanderssen
  • Sex: M
  • Alias: Professor Holocaust
  • Age: 20
  • Appearance: Jeff is a skeevy-looking, skinny and tall neckbeard. He has dirty-blonde hair, and his upper arms and face are covered in burns of varying severities. His costume is a dark orange trenchcoat—it doesn't fit him particularly well—with a flame pattern on it—just flat red sewn on by hand—and mirrored shades—bought for like 5 bucks at the dollar store. The only mildly "competent" part of his wardrobe is the bulletproof vest he wears under the trenchcoat.
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Occupation: Arsonist, hitman... he destroys shit for a living.
  • Personality: Jeff is a childish Blood Knight, basically. He likes fighting and destroying things, a lot, he hates people who think they're awesome, but hides any hatred under a very thick layer of pure apathy. If he's paid and the job's nice he'll do it.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Jeff has a gift for the construction of weaponry centered around fire. His main weapons are The Holocaust Cannons, a pair of massive yellow tubes mounted on his arms; the cannons extend back from his elbows about three feet and forward one foot, with a grip being on the side closest to Jeff's body, completely covering the outer sides of his arms. The Cannons can fire either a stream of concentrated flame or a burst of slightly more violent fire. He also carries a standard loadout of explosives: five fire grenades and five triggered firebombs, which can either be triggered remotely or set up on a timer.
  • Background: Look, Jeff's not a very complicated dude. He at one point was just an engineer, normal dude except that his job sucked. He had to go check out this big-ass building, check all the points on the building where it could wreck. And then it collapsed on top of him, because somebody didn't want to waste time with a rescue team! However, something happened while Jeff was buried under the rubble and the wreckage, something that tampered with his mind. The designs for destructive weaponry, fire and destruction danced through his head. He pulled himself out of the wreckage and went home. When the company sued him for workplace incompetence, he burned the building down, faked his own death, and never looked back; he ran away and went abroad, studying with the greatest minds of Supervillainy to learn to control his newfound knowledge. A year later he returned to Radio City as Professor Holocaust, outfitted with his signature weaponry and ready to kill shit. He made a name for himself quickly, and now he stalks the streets, taking money and lives whenever the fuck he feels like it because goddammit what's a guy gonna do when that's your talent, eh? He currently lives in a fairly nice pad over on the upper east side, though considering his distant relative John just moved out he'll probably move to a nicer single-bedroom apartment. Eventually.

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Sounds fun, I'll bite.

  • Name: Mike Saxena
  • Sex: Male
  • Alias: Dr. Gabriel Hassan
  • Age: 25
  • Appearance: A young Indian man with short, slightly spiked up black hair and a bit of beard growth due to lack of shaving, and brown eyes. Wears a motley civilian ensemble of a suit from an up-market retailer, old hiking boots, a wine-coloured shirt, and a brown tie. The doctor disguises himself with a trenchcoat and fedora, the ensemble of shady detectives everywhere. Oh yeah, and a high-powered glamour that prevents people and machines from recording his face while in his superhero persona.
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Occupation: Occult Analyst
  • Personality: A quiet professional who smiles where appropriate and laughs at every joke. However, he does exhibit some odd speech patterns on occasion, possibly as a side effect of the artifact in his possession. Generally does not like to talk about family as it is still a sore subject with them that he did not become an accountant like they wanted.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Mike owns a spellbook called the Arc Codex that is at least partially sentient and reputed to have been written by a wizard from the Apophis Galaxy. In spite of its Lovecraftian origins, the book does not seem to have driven him insane yet and has, in fact, given him significant magical powers and the ability to cast any spell written inside, provided that he can find it (it doesn't have an index), he can complete the incantation, and he has enough spiritual strength to draw upon. If he doesn't, it starts eating into his physical strength and can potentially kill him. As a side benefit, the Codex grants Mike an extensive array of occult knowledge.
  • Background: Born Vishwanathsing Saxena, Mike decided to start using his playground nickname soon after he realized that his birth name was completely unpronounceable to most Americans he talked to. Mike is the son of two immigrants who were both successful professionals in India but fled after angering a particularly hardline Pakistani politician. Although he studied Finance at college to please his parents, Mike spent a lot of his free time among the many weird, esoteric, and artsy movements of Radio City, eventually coming into possession of the Arc Codex after a drunken bender that he otherwise had no recollection of.
  • Mike regained consciousness almost two weeks later and, having missed almost all of his finals, was in serious trouble. His parents pulled him out of college and ordered him to return home but, feeling embarassed, ashamed, and frustrated he stormed off. For the next six months he worked odd jobs, ranging from magical parlor tricks to private investigating before he was headhunted by a small private security startup named Braeburn Risk Suppression. Braeburn specialized in "extra-normal" situations and was looking to expand its non-existent occult department. A desperate Mike accepted the job offer and was given a suitably non-descript alias, Dr. Gabriel Hassan, for such a sensitive position. Okay, maybe it was just a little racist. But it didn't matter. Mike had an income and got to do a little superhero-ing on the side.

I submit the spoilered part for extra review, since I thought that it might potentially be offensive.

  • Name: None
  • Sex: Multiple
  • Alias: Ghetto Ghost
  • Age: Variable
  • Appearance: A purple-ish seething mass of angry souls in the style of the Ex Nihilo sculpture or the monster from the remake of House on Haunted Hill, although it can really morph into whatever form it feels like.
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Occupation: Spirit of Destruction
  • Personality: It is an insane, alien, and unknowable entity that is capable of immense cruelty as well as surprising compassion, particularly if it encounters an innocent or a victim of violent crime. Occasionally, one of the souls will assert dominance over the others, but only for the briefest of moments.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: As a gestalt spiritual entity, the Ghost possesses all the skills and knowledge that its composite souls had in life. It has superhuman strength, flight, the ability to conjure and project hellfire, shapeshifting abilities, and can phase through walls.
  • Background: The Ghost is a gestalt spiritual entity composed of the souls of at least 100 victims of an occult serial killer. He was attempting to perform a ritual that would make him into an unstoppable supernatural being but was tracked down by the police with the help of a cabal of mages. The mages attempted to apprehend the killer at the height of the ritual but their timing was off by a mere fraction of a second and the magical explosion caused the Ghost to break free of the ritual bindings. Without a controlling will, it lashed out and killed everything in the vicinity. It primarily haunts the poorer areas of Radio City where it is drawn to scenes of violence, but it can occasionally be bargained with by powerful villains, usually in exchange for more souls.

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Great characters so far everyone. All accepted. There are a few people I know for sure will be signing up, so we'll wait for them and a few more to at least start. But the sign ups will be open indefinitely.

I'll post my characters sometime soon.

I'll make a full list sorted by Heroes, Villains, and Neutrals after we have everyone.
11 Starbound230th Jul 2012 06:30:03 PM from Imaizumi Ward, Kyoen Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Murasaki Shizuka
  • Name: Doll
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 0 (was created about a month ago); looks to be in her mid 20s
  • Appearance: A beautiful woman with wavy, shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. Currently she wears a simple sky blue dress that was given to her by James.
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Occupation: n/a
  • Personality: Quiet and introverted; she finds it hard to open up to most people.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Doll's body cannot be torn, cut, burned, punctured, or such in anyway, nor can she fall ill or the like. However, she can still feel pain and will pass out if her body experiences enough of it. She also has no "grounding" ability, so a strong enough force can send her flying.
  • Background: Created by the hands of an abusive and demented dollmaker, the nameless woman was imbued with knowledge but no memories, leaving her to believe she was amnesiac. Treated inhumanly by her mad creator (who saw her only as a toy for his own amusement), after a week of abuse, she lashed out with a loose pipe from his basement and leaving him injured, made her escape. In order to find her identity, she asked for the help of a simple detective by the name of James Wells. In the weeks that followed, the two of them became close. After an incident where a thief tried to rob them at knife point but the blade would not penetrate the woman's skin, she let him know all she knew. Some days after, they ran into the Dollmaker...

  • Name: James Wells
  • Sex: Male
  • Alias: The Detective (or at least, that's what people call him)
  • Age: 26
  • Appearance: An ordinary looking fellow with raven hair and brown eyes. Got an average height and an average build, and usually seen wearing a brown trenchcoat and fedora. A little athletic. Just a bit.
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Occupation: Private investigator
  • Personality: Friendly, charismatic, and always ready to help someone, the detective still comes off as a little bit of a goof. Regardless, he's always eager to lend a helping hand and he can focus hard on something when he puts his mind to it. An optimist.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Observant, has investigative skills as per his job. Good reflexes due to living a dangerous life in a dangerous city. Also a bit lucky when it comes to not getting hurt, but it's nothing supernatural. Aside from his favorite hat, James also carries a pistol and a small notepad.
  • Background: An ordinary guy who's led a pretty uneventful life; married his high school sweetheart when they graduated from college. Set up shop as a private eye while his wife became a lawyer. Always dreamed of being a hardboiled detective despite his pleasant demeanor not fitting that image. Though, despite living in a superhero city, business wasn't very interesting. Then he got a case about an amnesiac woman, and got more than he bargained for.

  • Name: n/a
  • Sex: Male
  • Alias: The Dollmaker
  • Age: Unknown; beneath his prostheses, he appears to be in his mid to late 50s.
  • Appearance: Hunched over in his brown, raggedly coat, the Dollmaker has the visage of an old but ageless man with brown, untamed hair and dull eyes. His clothing beneath is equally as ragged as his coat, and his arms, left leg, and lower jaw are wooden prosthetics that are reminiscent of puppets, especially with six thick ropes hanging from the joints of those arms.
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Occupation: Toy maker
  • Personality: Twisted, demented, with an ignorance about how the world works that could only be called insane. The Dollmaker views the world around him significantly differently from how most others do - though he does have a touch of sadism in his personality, for the most part he genuinely believes whatever awful acts he does is for the good, and it is impossible to convince him otherwise. In a way, it just makes him that much more dangerous.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Despite his unwieldy form, the Dollmaker is capable of moving swiftly and quietly without tiring, allowing him to creep up on the unsuspecting. More noticeably, when he is in a given area, the inanimate objects nearby all behave... strangely. Playground equipment moving on their own, lights flickering on and off, toys moving of their own accord. This is not something he can consciously control, though it is still potentially dangerous to those nearby. Finally, no matter how mangled his body becomes, the Dollmaker can still use his abilities to replace his limbs with artificial parts - unless his heart is destroyed. Beneath his coat, he carries a wide array of tools that somehow do not slow him down - repair tools, surgical tools, whatever he feels like he needs to "fix" himself... and others.
  • Background: A mysterious toymaker from an era long since past, this odd man lives in an abandoned, condemned part of the city where he lived alone quietly. However, he grew lonely and made himself a living toy - Doll - in order to keep himself company. But because he saw her as nothing more than a toy, he felt he could do whatever he liked to her, leading Doll to rebel and escape his custody. Now venturing out from his tiny corner of the world into the bright and corrupt world of Radio City, he feels the need to save others - in his own twisted, demented way.
Eyes open wide / Feel your heart and its glowing / I'm welcome home, sweet home...
[Rejected characters redacted.]

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13 Saturn30th Jul 2012 07:45:20 PM from On The Rings Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Replica: Zero's ability to become intangible is too much I feel. The character is general might be a little OP. See if you can tone it down, please? And Infinity might be okay, but I'm not too sure about the power.

Everyone else, accepted.
  • Name: N/A *
  • Sex: N/A *
  • Alias: The Magic Mushroom, The Fabulous Fungus, Spore Spammer, Amazing Amanita, you name it. If it fits and it is alliterative, he'll call himself that. He had one name suggested to him, however, that he seems to like the most: The Mad Mr. Madarch.
  • Age: Eh, he'll remember it eventually.
  • Appearance: When standing perfectly straight, he looks like a 9-foot tall mushroom. His lower half can split into a very large amount of individual tentacle-like thingeys, all connecting into the cap. He wears an robe-esque piece of clothing, jade green and with the feel and appearance of silk. It splits off at four parts up to the collar, allowing him more maneuverability while contorting about.
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Occupation: He makes a little bit of money performing as a street magician in one of the busier parks in town.
  • Personality: Madarch is quite personable, to the point of gregariousness. He often will attempt polite conversation with the villains he meets (even if said villain is about to place him in a cage full of ravenous Kangaroo/Koala Hybrids), and holds little ill will for the majority of people in the world. If he has free time not spent "sleeping", he'll often walk about town and simply talk to random strangers.
  • Powers: Madarch is a master illusionist, or as he likes to call himself, "A Distraction Expert". He can create hallucinations on an impressive scale, project his voice from miles away and instill fear in the hearts of men. Madarch rarely wants to resort to that, however. He can also, on a person-to-person basis, inflict imaginary pain in extreme amounts; he really never likes doing that. All illusions provided by him are only temporary, and the memory of them usually lasts about an hour tops. He is also able to climb about with his adhesive tentacles, and can fit into tight spaces. He has a weakness, in that his fungi-form body is rather fragile. It burns easily, tears easily, and cannot take a beating. Heck, he can't even last for extended periods of time in overly hot weather! He can regrow damage, provided he is given a dark, warm and humid place to rest for a while. Lastly, you don't want to eat him. Bad idea.
  • Backstory: According to himself, this is how his race sprung forth: A long while into the future, humanity will dabble in instantaneous transportation between any two points in the universe. One experiment was performed on a colony of Amanita Muscaria. They managed to lose it, and the mushrooms were grievously lost. Or so they thought! Turns out, they had managed to go along ways back in time and to a completely different galaxy, far away from human civilization. And they thrived on the planet they appeared on, eventually somehow becoming sentient. Eventually, they managed to forge a small empire based on advanced Magitek. They found out, through a very roundabout way how they were formed and who did it. This majority of their race looked to Mankind as their god-like creators, and after a short religious war all of their race thought so. So, an intrepid group of scholars looked into getting to meet these guys in person. Madarch managed, through means he won't explain to us, to get to present day Earth. He found out that Man isn't exactly God-Caliber material yet, and that he won't be making the return trip home anytime soon. So, Superheroics are more of a way to pass by the time and show his gratitude toward these newfound allies. He enjoys it all, and is content with the mess he's landed himself into.

  • Name: Maria
  • Sex: Female
  • Alias: Corner *
  • Age: Stopped aging at about 30-ish
  • Appearance: Corner looks, at a distance, like a gloomily and heavily dressed woman. A heavy, dark grey sweatshirt with hood seemingly always obscuring the face, a scarf hiding the mouth, sweat pants and what not. Normal, but monochrome. Her face, providing you unmask her, is a bit different. Her eyes are two large black voids, more akin to holes torn into the face. Light does not shine into them, and one cannot feel anything while reaching in to them. Her mouth is similar, except more grotesquely wrong in appearance. It is much wider than the average human mouth, and able to open a good hand-breadths wide. Her skin is grey, and she appears emaciated to the point of bones being plainly visible under her skin.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Occupation: Former Cultist
  • Personality: More along the lines of Possessed. She has little personality to speak of, the majority of it being hungry and cold, stuff along those lines. Enjoys similarly dark, warm and moist places like Madarch does.
  • Powers: Has a sort of "Selective Notability", Slender Man style. If she doesn't want you to notice her, all but men of stronger minds will not. Doing things like picking up objects, standing right in front of others, talking or touching people will break the masquerade, allowing her to be noticed with ease. She has above-human agility and durability, able to take a good amount of pain without being visibly affected and jumping over walls to evade pursuers.
  • Background: Maria, last name not important to her or her "employer", was once a budding cultist of a nameless god. Long Story Short, she managed to get in a lot more contact with this god than most people would want to. She became a sort of servant for him, with one command only: Consume the Magic of the world in preparation for his arrival. Eat magic artifacts, eat magic users, eat the very magic that lives in the air. She, not exactly one to be able to resist an elder god, submitted. Now she roams about the world, doing as her god commands.

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No need. Sign ups are indefinite. This is a freeform RP where anyone can join with new characters at anytime!
No, I just accidentally pressed the Send button with only half a character sheet down.

I may make a couple more, if Ideas spring to mind.
Freelance Worrywart
Hi, couple of submissions:

* Name: Starr Paladin
  • Sex: Male
  • Alias: STAR PALADIN!!!
  • Age: 40
  • Appearance: A 6' 4'' powerhouse of a man with a the chest proportions of a fridge. Has buzz-cut green hair and green eyes, a chin that puts Bruce Campbell to shame. When out of costume, he can usually be seen wearing... actually, lets not go into that. In costume, he wears traditional spandex in green and gold colours, with a flowing gold cape. A spectral green visor, not unlike that of a knight appears over his face. This serves to make his normall booming voice almost ear-bleedingly echoing.
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Good, to the max.
  • Occupation: Super Hero. I think we can all see where this character is going.
  • Personality: Boisterous Bruiser doesn't begin to cover it. Starr is friendly to a fault, immensely trusting in others and their moral character and is romantic to the core. He tends to speak at the top of his voice even when he doesn't mean to, and if told to quiet down he'll only be able to manage it until his blood starts pumping. He is inherently civil and chivalrous, working on a code of honour in all his dealings. He has a fondness for young children, and delights in entertaining them. He never swears.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: More or less your standard Flying Brick. However, he is also able to percieve emotions as auras on a coloured spectrum. Love appears as the colour green.
  • Background: In a distant galaxy, their is a civilisation called the Leutians. A hyper-advanced race, they are capable of wonderous feats of both technology and civilisation and have made their solar system a virtual utopia. But they recognise that not all peoples of the universe are so... enlightened. In an effort to protect those that could not be protected, they founded the Star Paladins. At an early age, strong and promising children are taken from the servant class (can't have a utopia without servants!) and are taken to a secret Fortress Monastery, where they are trained in the ways of the order. Their names are wiped from the records, and replaced with the name Starr Paladin. Then, once their training is complete, there are issued with Oan-Ray treatment, exposure to a certain light that grants them their powers. After that, they are sent through hyper-space to defend a certain region of space, after being put in contact with the local Cleric Superior.
    Unfortunately for Starr, there is no such Cleric near the Sol System. He is flying blind, completely alone and light-years from anything he recognises as home. He has decided to make the best of his situation and is working out of Radio City, defending the weak and innocent in any way he can.


    * Name: Arthur Snowden
  • Sex: Male
  • Alias: The Knight Clubber
  • Age: 35
  • Appearance: Out of costume - a pasty-faced, unimpressive blond man with watery brown eyes and a scar that stretches from his bottom lip to the nape of his neck. He often dresses in expensively cut business suits. He speaks with an RP British accent. In costume: A large, hooded figure in flowing brown robes that conceal most of his body. All that can be seen from the hood are a pair of blazing red eyes. Strapped over the robe is a series of blue utility belts that contain all manner of gadgets and weapons. He carries an enormous mace.
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Occupation: Robotics mogul/Super Villain
  • Personality: A bit on the obsessive side. He has a strange fixation on medieval history, and sees many things in terms of the chivalric romances and arthurian legends associated with the period. He sees himself as a robber baron, taking from the unjustly rich to benefit himself. Is more than a little clinical in his approach to life, seeing people around him as objects more than humans. Can be incredibly petty if things aren't going his way.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: A powered suit of armour, that grants him a greater protection from conventional weaponry, and his mace. The mace is built from a hyper-dense alloy and is laced with a series of concussion devices, so that it causes localised explosions on anything it makes contact with.
  • Background: Arthur is a self-made man. He has clawed himself out of poverty with a little technical genius, business acumen and ruthlessness and at the early age of twenty was the head of Britain's major robotics company. However he was loathed and despised by many of his competitors, as well as a large proportion of his workers and after a few willing turncoats divulged information on him, his factory was subject to a massive sabotage, stopping the company in its tracks. Due to some "evidence" that the police found in the smoking wreckage, Arthur was convicted of criminal negligence, mass property damage and a long list of other felonies. He was sent to Wormwood Scrubs to sweat out his remaining years.\\ This broke him.
    Arthur was driven to brink of insanity by rage and depression, and the only thing that brought him back were his books. He started to weave tales of knights and barons everywhere, even within the walls of the prison. That's when it hit him; of course! He had to escape and become the greatest robber-king the world had ever known! In secret, he carefully constructed his armor, hiding it in pieces around the prsion whilst he worked. Until one day, he put it on and escaped for good. He is currently living in the states under an assumed name, and his old tactis have already resurfaced, landing him a comfortable secret identity as the head of a small bot-construction firm.

    And finally...

    * Name: Bernard Scrathe
  • Sex: Male
  • Alias: N/A
  • Age: N/A *
  • Appearance: Fuzzy. The area around Bernard looks like a heat haze, and this in turn affects how he appears. He's actually a young-looking guy of indeterminate origin with black-ish hair and eyes that change through a variety of colours daily. Sometimes he has a beard, but is usually clean shaven. He dresses in a brown waste-jacket, worn off-black trousers and a cream undershirt. He has a leather gun holster with a revolver dangling from his hip and a heavy bracer-like device on his wrist.
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Occupation: N/A
  • Personality: A bit of a cynic, Bernard doesn't expect any favours and doesn't give them out. He's used to the world crapping on him and is always prepared for the worst. He seems to cycle through a series of emotional states, from gloomy weariness to energetic enthusiasm and everything in between, rarely settling for a few hours. His "default" personality, the one that appears most consistently is unflappably calm, and often fairly snarky. He is inherently selfish and will only help or hinder someboy if he can see a way that it will be of benefit to him.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: The bracer is actually a Chrononautilus Time-Hopper, a device built for travel through time and space. However, it is currently broken (possibly beyond repair) and cannot function in this way. In its damaged state, it can provide Bernard with small dimensional hops and localised Bullet Time. His revolver is only ever loaded with a single bullet that, as a quirk of the 'Nautilus' malfunction, always reappears in the chamber after it is fired.
    Due to the nature of the 'Nautilus, all Bernard's gear undergoes frighteningly fast deterioration, and must be left "plugged in" to a room filled with clocks every 24 hours (sometimes less) or it will wear away into dust.
  • Background: Due to his constant movement through time his memories of his past are fairly nonsensical and disparate. He remembers being brought up in a fishing village (or did he bring someone up in a fishing village?), being born/conceived in a thunderstorm and working for X years in some sort of clock shop. The only fixed memory is that of finding the 'Nautilus. He was alone in some sort of space-station, being pursued by creatures with shadowy faces. He had no choice and used the watch to escape to Mesopotamia durin Hammurabi's rule. Everything after that is more than a little... odd. He has been adventuring through time possibly for millenia to the point that he remembers the lives of historical figures far better than his own. Bernard is being stalked by near-infinite copies of himself from various timelines. They have tried to kill him a number of times, but have never succeeded. He's not entirely sure why, but after a failed interrogation he learned that he needs to be stopped before he makes an all-important decision, and that the decision will take place in Radio City. Figuring that the only way to stop Himself is by doing just that, he has travelled to Radio City in a desperate attempt to find out what he needs to do before he can become the death of himself.

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18 Saturn31st Jul 2012 05:21:20 AM from On The Rings Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Wikkit, All accepted but take away Corner's ability to eat infinite matter. I like the characters a lot otherwise. Interesting choices.

Slendid Suit, also accepted but one thing. I'm a little worried about Bernard's dimension jumps and Bullet Time. And also the fact that he basically has infinite bullets. He seems overpowered.
Freelance Worrywart
Okay. Have you got any suggested ways I could limit him a little more?
E.G. Time limit on the bullet time, bullet returns but is more and more deteriorated, that sort of thing?
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20 Saturn31st Jul 2012 05:43:40 AM from On The Rings Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
I'd say both of those would be good. Maybe it has to recharge after a bunch of uses?
Freelance Worrywart
I'd be happy with the recharge thing. If I applied that to all his gear it would also provide some unity to the character and some phlebotinum consistency :D
Sound okay?
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22 Saturn31st Jul 2012 05:59:31 AM from On The Rings Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Sounds good to me.
Freelance Worrywart
Okay, added a little on to the end of his gear, to the effect of recharging it all.
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24 Saturn31st Jul 2012 07:26:52 AM from On The Rings Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
  • Name: Unknown
  • Sex: Female
  • Alias: Darktail
  • Age: 22
  • Appearance: Mrrrroww~
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Occupation: Supervillainess
  • Personality: Darktail's personality is one of the things she is known for. She has all the qualities you would expect of a cat. Playful, mysterious, distant, cunning and conniving. She is always thinking about what she can get out of others and how she can manipulate them to her liking. She has a distinct moral code to never kill, but stealing is a passion of her's. She loves money and jewels and owning things that did not belong to her. Her most well known aspect is her seduction.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: All the abilities of a cat.
    • Feline Communication: She can talk to all manner of felines, and if they like her, they may help her. All cats are different.
    • Powerful Fangs: Strong enough to easily chew through bone.
    • Flexible and Lithe
    • Prehensile tail
    • Nine Lives: She can die nine times.
    • Retractable Claws
    • Silent Footsteps
    • Temperature Tolerance: She will show no discomfort in rise of heat until around 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Retention: She can survive on a diet of just meat, with no water needed. She could even use seawater as replenishment.
    • Increased Vision: She has excellent vision in the dark and can see at only one-sixth the light level required for human vision.
    • Increased Hearing: She can hear much higher frequencies, and sounds that are farther away.
    • Increased Smell: Fourteen times stronger than a humans.
    • Whiskers: Coming out of the pores of Darktail's hands and feet are small vibrissae (whiskers). These whiskers are directly connected to a part of Darktail's brain that receives information from them. It is similar to the part of the brain that receives visual information, and allows it to create a sort of 3D Map of the area. Slowly, with each step, Darktail registers her surrounds more efficiently than just what her eyesight does. Vibrissae aid sensation and navigation. They have numerous nerve endings at their base, which gives Darktail extraordinarily detailed information about nearby air movements and objects with which they make physical contact. They enable her to know that she is near obstacles without needing to see them. Being exposed to magnets weakens this ability greatly.
    • Righting Reflex: Will always land on her feet, given she has enough time from the fall to do so.
    • Sense of Balance: Her balance is much stronger than that of the average humans.
    • Metabolic Sense: Due to her highly acute senses, she has a cat's intuition that allows her to sense the emotions of others through increased heart rate, and slight changes in body language. As such, she can tell when someone is lying. She can detect the presence of someone standing behind her through sheer sense of air pressure and body heat.
    • Thief Gear: She has an assortment of tools to assist her. She has hooks that can shoot out of her wristbands for swinging and escapes. She has an assortment of small bombs, including explosives, flash bombs, and smoke bombs.

  • Background: Completely unknown. She makes a living stealing during the night.

  • Name: Jessica Jersey
  • Sex: Female
  • Alias: Bombshell
  • Age: 36
  • Appearance: [1]
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Occupation: Mayor of Radio City
  • Personality: Bombshell is a mysterious character. For sure, she is a true hero, and stands up for the weak in everything she does. She has a strong sense of duty, and wants to protect the needs of the people. She can be kind of annoying though. She is a party-girl at heart, but she is very intelligent and sophisticated. These qualities show themselves in both her true identity and her superhero identity. She sleeps around. A lot. She's kind of famous for it. She's probably slept with more superheroes than any other person in the city.
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Bombshell has incredible super strength, especially in her punches. She uses her boxing gloves, Left Hook and Right Jab while she is superheroing.
  • Background: Jessica's father was a world famous boxer and when he died in the ring, she was left not only his boxing gloves, but his sense of justice and duty. She spent a few years in the ring herself, but never got to the level of popularity her father had. She eventually gained her super-strength and spent years fighting crime, but eventually decided to run for the position of mayor in Radio City, thinking that it would help her fight crime when she has to be a civilian. She didn't want to give up taking care of crime on the street level, and her identity as Bombshell is one of Radio City's most well-known and popular superhero identities.

  • Name: Hailey Bloughart
  • Sex: Female
  • Alias: Gum-girl
  • Age: 14
  • Appearance: Gum at me, bro!
  • Character Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Occupation: Student
  • Personality: Hailey is a charming young girl. She is friendly, personable, and talkative. She likes to crack jokes and is infinitely curious. Gum-girl is another story. She is grim, brooding and mysterious. Sure, she still cracks jokes and uses puns. But she is deadly serious in battle and uses rage to fuel her fighting passion. Gum-girl keeps to herself and doesn't let anyone in. As far as she is concerned, Hailey is a fake persona that she likes to indulge in, and helps to keep her secret identity a secret. She hates criminals with a passion, especially murders and rapists. She is not above killing at all, and because of that, added to the fact that it is a known fact that Gum-girl is most likely a minor, she is a strict vigilante and is wanted by the police and even some heroes. Her identity to the general public is currently a myth. She is a very firm believer in "An eye for an eye".
  • Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Gum-girl has the ability to create and control the substance of chewing gum, sweet and pink deliciousness. Most of the gum she makes is in a sticky state of seemingly been chewed. She can shoot it from her hands, and if she concentrates, she can turn her entire form into a gum like malleable substance for a short time. She can shoot hard, powerful balls of gum at her enemies, create long whips and ropes to use for swinging, and her gum is extremely sticky and difficult to get out of, or remove. A little known weakness her gum has is fire and intense heat.
  • Background: She doesn't know much about her origins, but she has been raised to believe that her parents were superheroes that were killed by a group of assassins. She currently lives in Radio City with one of her favorite teachers who sees her as a daughter. After she developed superpowers, she swore to become a masked vigilante that sees the opportunity for revenge in cleaning up crime. The persona of "Gum-girl" is currently a myth.

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