Logical Fallacies:

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This isn't about that page itself. It's about the trope pages in the index (page itself might want some work though). There are too many tropes to take to TRS. Each article has any of the following:

  • Unusual/confusing format
  • Should be Useful Notes
  • No examples
  • Too Rare to Trope
  • Same as above, but more examples do exist
  • Too obscure/not thriving
  • Double-indexed to Logical Fallacies

The whole index could be a Useful Notes.

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Note that one of the "Logical Fallacies" indexes was actually You Fail Logic Forever. I fixed the double indexing issue; it's a known bug from when someone redirects an index without first changing the page type to indicate that the page is no longer an index. The solution is to temporarily break the redirect, save the page type as something other than "index" (and with the "does indexing" box unchecked), and then re-create the redirect.
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This whole section is something I've wanted to take a look at for a while. I'm probably going to be busy with other things for the next few days, but I'm glad this thread was started.
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"For examples of writers intentionally failing logic forever, see Insane Troll Logic and Chewbacca Defense." Should I cut that sentence because the tropes mentioned are in the index, or cut those tropes from this index? Also, does You Fail Logic Forever still exist (as a seperate page)? Artistic License Logic?

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