Needs Help: Protected By A Child

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This trope really could use some reworking. There's definitely a valid trope here, but it's muddied beneath the poorly written Example as a Thesis description. It basically passes the trope off as an overly specific version of Go Through Me. Also, the YKTTW for this trope only has 5 replies, indicating that it was rush-launched. That seems to be the main problem here: the trope simply wasn't cooked enough.
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Ravenous Sophovore
It's got plenty of examples and it looks like it was cross-wicked at launch. I think just re-working the description is all that's needed here.

At it's core, the trope seems to be "character can't bring himself to kill another character because a) a child would witness it or b) a child would have to be harmed to do so."
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