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 1 Yuanchosaan, Mon, 23rd Jul '12 7:38:57 PM from Australia Relationship Status:
antic disposition
Swedish series (both of them). BBC series. All welcome here, though I've only watched the BBC series. I'm up to the last episode of the second series, which is currently showing on the ABC. I don't think I've ever watched a more depressing show, but it's really quite good. Kenneth Branagh's acting is fantastic as always.

Thoughts on whether the Swedish version is worth watching and how it compares to the BBC one? I only picked up the BBC one because I spotted Ken Branagh in the ABC iView picture, so I'm not sure if I want to watch the same stories with a different actor.
"Doctor Who means never having to say you're kidding." - Bocaj
 2 TParadox, Mon, 23rd Jul '12 10:27:25 PM Relationship Status: In another castle
I'm mainly familiar with Wallander as "the promo in front of the Sherlock DVD with the guy agonizing about whether it's okay to use a gun" (something that actually you'd expect more of coming out of a country with strict gun control and guns in drama) and "that series that demonstrated the effectiveness of the format the BBC ordered Sherlock in".

edited 23rd Jul '12 10:27:47 PM by TParadox

 3 Yuanchosaan, Mon, 23rd Jul '12 10:32:22 PM from Australia Relationship Status:
antic disposition
Wallander's problem isn't with gun use itself. He's okay with carrying and using one until he kills someone with one in self-defence.
"Doctor Who means never having to say you're kidding." - Bocaj
 4 TParadox, Wed, 25th Jul '12 8:23:54 PM Relationship Status: In another castle
Yeah, it's about the power of life and death as conferred by wielding a gun, but the main thing I remember is a few quick cuts of wingeing about how nobody should have that power.
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