Seventh Rapture: World's End:

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"More than happy to," Aruru replied. He withdrew the Crash Lance from inside its pocket, and pointed it at the newcomer. "So, do you want your asskicking rare, or well done?"
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That was when the attack smashed Mark, who flew a good few feet.

One would think he'd be injured by that, but the fighter simply stood back up, wiped the blood from his mouth and grinned like a shark.

"My turn."

Mark was encased in gold energy, and charged straight at Blode, the hunk of steel he called a sword ready to crush his opponent.
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Blode panted. The amount of Drives she used was beginning to take its toll on her. But she was certain (and Guan Yu agreed) that she could fight for some more time before having to retreat for the time being. The fact that another Fighter joined the battle was bad luck, nothing more.
Blode dodged Mark's obvious charge (the fact that Spirit of Guan Yu did not wear off yet helped), deciding to focus on him for the time being — after all, unless she had incredible regenerative qualities, Caroline's wounds pretty much put her out of the fight. She put some more distance between her and Mark, aimed, and fired.
"Fireblast," noted Guan Yu.
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Shachaliel sensed his foes were more of a threat than he had realized. He prepared an attack. Shachaliel sent a Glory Orb at Mark. Radiant vibrational energy flew toward the target.
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The fortune Aurelio kept referring into seemed to be disappearing. A fourth(!) Fighter had entered the fray, and worst of all, he appeared in the same roof as Aurelio. Aurelio's illusion had an effective range of three meters, and anyone inside that range could certainly see through what Aurelio's illusion, in addition to disappearing from sight of others (which would indicate to the others about Aurelio's presence). As this skill took about one quarter of all available area in the rooftop, having anyone else here on the rooftop at all was undesirable. Yet this newcomer was immediately engaged in a battle with another person, potentially causing a chaotic four-way battle.

Hence, Aurelio had two options, to join the fight, or to scram, studying the data he had collected so far. The rational, calm part of him suggested the latter option was more advantageous in the long-run.

Yet he could not miss this chance.

There, just several meters in front of him, stood one of the Fighters dressed in a suit, oblivious to his presence. If he could get a sneak attack in, it would end him in an instant. But he have to do so from a distance, as going melee would break his illusion.

If he had to launch a sure-kill ranged attack, there was only one option. To Aurelio, even this appeared really inappropriate, using a final attack as the first attack he made in this war. Aurelio grabbed his sword, entering battle stance.

"Well, kid. It's good to see you learn a thing or two from me, but isn't this a bit reckless?" The Dagda asked, a bit amused by Aurelio's decision.

"Watch, Dagda. May this power make you content." Aurelio replied. He muttered in near-silence, "Final Rapture," and the sword began glowing a bright, golden, even so, his illusion remained unbroken, and the glow was not seen by the others.

Just a moment away, this attack will launch with great speed almost imperceptible by human eye, leaving a trail of golden light, and should everything went as planned the Fighter before him would have his skull pierced.

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