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Misused (Single Prop Crowner 08/17/13): Early Bird Cameo get usage counts

9:3 in favour of the change. StarSword and I are prepared to do most of the grunt work on the execution. Anyone think we need more time?
Still new. Still learning. Asking questions and making mistakes.
I feel like it is too weak of a support for such a major action.

 128 Septimus Heap, Sun, 25th Aug '13 12:33:41 PM from Muggio Valley, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Puʻu ʻŌʻō
Yeah, 12 votes is not much.

13:4 in favour, now. Weird that we've attracted more votes today than in half a week. waii
Still new. Still learning. Asking questions and making mistakes.
 130 Willbyr, Sun, 25th Aug '13 6:51:55 PM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
With Mod Hat On
Calling for the proposed fixes.
 131 Septimus Heap, Thu, 26th Sep '13 2:43:44 AM from Muggio Valley, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Puʻu ʻŌʻō
So, has anyone a description for the new trope?

 132 StarSword, Fri, 27th Sep '13 10:52:56 AM from somewhere in deep space Relationship Status: In denial
SF-81A Black Knight
YKTTW is up. Here's what I've got for the current description:
The thing about adaptations and remakes is that they often have to tell the same basic story as the original work in a reduced span of time. Sometimes this leads to stuff being introduced relatively earlier than the original brought them into the picture. This can apply to characters, tech, plots, almost anything, but the basic principle is the same regardless.

This is easier to see when items are introduced in a different order than in the original: whichever item(s) appear first become examples of this trope. This is by no means required, however.

Compare <insert tropes here; I got nothing ATM>.
 133 Twentington, Fri, 11th Apr '14 3:30:18 PM from Somewhere Relationship Status: Desperate
Mustelidae = awesome
Is there anything else to do here? This has been gathering dust since September.
Windmill, windmill for the land / Is everybody in?

Uh, yes. In fact, absolutely nothing from the crowner's actually been done yet.

ETA: Although if we only got one of the three done, the first would obviously be the most important.

edited 11th Apr '14 6:02:16 PM by Leaper

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Single Proposition: Early Bird Cameo
16th Aug '13 3:37:01 PM
Vote up for yes, down for no.
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