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>>The trope name doesn't refer to the character being ambiguously dead in one work, but rather that they're clearly alive in one work and clearly dead in the other<<

The problem being that Schrödinger's Cat, or at least the wiki snowclone thereof, refers to the former.

Y'know, and actually it doesn't. Most of the Schrodinger snowclones are talking about video game tropes where a player's decision retroactively changes the universe so it was always that way.

You can't lie on a Schrödinger's Question because the answer becomes true. A Schrödinger's Gun is a plot element that has an ambiguous meaning, so that the author can use it as supporting evidence for many possible outcomes later (see the movie Clue for an example), at which point that interpretation of it becomes true. A Schrödinger's Butterfly is ambiguity about whether the characters have actually escaped from the Lotus-Eater Machine. In each case it's a question left open, to be answered at a later date. Same thing here — Schrödinger's Cast members are indeterminately alive or dead because they have different fates in different works, and there's no answer for what they really are until the works resychronize (or give up).

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I think the problem is not directly that this does not link to our other Schrödinger tropes; rather that "indeterminate state of alive or dead" is wrong. (As the description mentions, the original work may have them in such a state but the adaptation has a clear answer.) This is a potential problem that arises from one type of adaptation divergence (and not, correctly speaking a trope, instead the possible solutions are tropes).

No name comes to mind, but I think a change would help because it does not match the actual thought experiment or our narrower use in a class of tropes.

Another issue here is that it needs a supertrope, since character deaths are not the only possible divergence.

Also, the examples need attention. Fullmetal Alchemist does not belong, it's a different continuity from very early on.
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