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1 Explosivo259th Jul 2012 05:05:17 PM from Beach City , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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What was the first fanfic you've ever read? Mine was either Flora Reinhold and the Puzzle Contraption (a professor Layton fic by Layton Super Fan, though she has changed her penname) or If At First We Dream (a World of Quest fic by Book Junkie, a friend of mine from Fanpop)
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2 gwonbush9th Jul 2012 05:45:52 PM , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Kyon: Big Damn Hero
3 AshlynNyx9th Jul 2012 05:58:47 PM from In Dreams , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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My first was a (rather boring, looking back) Super Smash Bros. story about the characters going to an amusment park.
4 Komodin9th Jul 2012 06:42:21 PM from Windy Hill Zone , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
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Chaos Control, a Sonic the Hedgehog/The Powerpuff Girls crossover.

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5 Immi9th Jul 2012 07:00:09 PM , Relationship Status: I know
A Rurouni Kenshin fanfic. I was eight, so which exact one came first is a little fuzzy.
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A Total Drama Island - Kingdom Hearts crossover where Ezekiel was the keyblade wielder, when I was 18. I liked so much that it hooked me into fanfiction, and I even decided to write a fic like this (with Heather as an anti-heroic keyblade wielder that slowly learns to be heroic, for the curious, here, though I consider some aspects an Old Shame because I had no idea how to write fiction when I started, today I'm much better).
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7 Spirit9th Jul 2012 08:58:14 PM from America , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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Some Aria fic. Can't remember which.

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Probably a Ranma ˝-Dragon Ball (pre-Z) Fusion Fic with Akane playing Bulma and Ranma playing Goku.
9 TwoGunAngel10th Jul 2012 01:00:45 AM , Relationship Status: Singularity
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My first real delving into fanfiction was for the Highlander fandom, as I was a big fan of the TV series at the time. The primary fics that I read were Original Flavor fics, or fics that played out like a regular episode of the series, complete with sword duel at the end. I don't know which archive I first found these fics on, or which fic I first read (it was so damned long ago, back before I found

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I have no idea. Probably a Sailor Moon fanfic way back before FanFiction.Net.
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11 Explosivo2510th Jul 2012 06:21:45 AM from Beach City , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Still got a ways to go.
[up]x4 Yay, a fellow total drama fanfic fan! I also recommend Total Drama Ultima, a mass crossover.

I still have a printout of Flora Reinhold and the Puzzle Contraption stashed somewhere in my room. There's a fricking corset ad on top of the page (lol just noticed)
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12 Willbyr10th Jul 2012 03:36:12 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up][up] I also read Total Drama Ultima, it's a script fic, but I managed to enjoy, especially the last part where everyone goes dimension-hopping.
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A continuation fic of History's Strongest Deciple, Kenichi!, then a crossover fic of how Johnny (Ed, Edd n Eddy) became Nny. Soon I became addicted to fanfics. I'm thinking of doing a couple myself.

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15 Durazno11th Jul 2012 02:27:06 AM from Academia , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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The first one I read was probably a Transformers story.

The earliest I remember, and this is because it left such an impression on me, was a disturbing little number called "Teenage Wasteland," where the Sailor Senshi were all messily killed by some monster before some other character (I think it was a crossover, or maybe it was the little pink-haired kid?) managed to kill it and sadly cremated Usagi and Mamoru.
It was probably either Lord of Swords by LightningHunter, a Naruto/Final Fantasy X crossover where Auron and Kakashi were both the trainers for Team Seven, a fair bit of Sasuke and Sakura bashing, and (I suppose in order to raise the competency of Team Seven's genin) Naruto had a fraternal twin sister who was very much the Blue Oni to Naruto's Red, while being a hardcore red to Sasuke's Blue. Also, Auron was even more badass in canon, partly because he's a Lightning Bruiser on Guy's level, and partly because he had moves that he didn't in canon (like being able to disperse his body into a cloud of pyreflies and teleport before then re-forming himself). The fic was actually pretty damn good, despite the hackneyed premise. Sadly, it's been Unpersoned some years ago due to being an Old Shame.... Note that this is what really got me into anime.

The other possible first fic I ever read (recommended to me by my girlfriend), Links, was something like Crisis on Infinite Earths... with The Legend of Zelda. I haven't had time to go back, re-read, and finish it, but it's very epic. Captures the feel of the average Zelda game perfectly. Some of the Links are heroes, some are villains, each one has a different personality. It's very well-written as well, and I cannot stress enough how good it is.
17 SapphireBlue12th Jul 2012 06:21:56 AM from California , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
I started reading fanfics when I frequented, and that was around sixth grade. With that in mind, it was almost certainly a Pokemon fanfic, but I have no idea which one.
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Neverwhere fanfiction. I remember I'd actually read the fanfic before the actual story so I didn't understand a thing. I don't think I even knew what fanfiction was at the time. I only realized it'd been a Neverwhere fanfic after I read the original story years later.
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19 MrMallard14th Jul 2012 07:51:03 PM from Australia, mate
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Who here remembers TRsRockin? There was a fanfiction about Missingno and L, and there was an original Pokemon as well as an appearence by Entei.
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20 UmLovely14th Jul 2012 08:19:21 PM from 2814 , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
The Darkness Grows
21 SapphireBlue15th Jul 2012 07:45:51 AM from California , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
[up][up] I remember that site!

The glitch section was fascinating.
22 greatpikminfan26th Jul 2012 08:08:24 PM from falling down stairs
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The Super Homer Saga, a Simpsons fan fic where Homer becomes a superhero. I still haven't finished reading it. I probably should sometime soon....

Outside of, there were also a few Pikmin stories I saw on some message boards.
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23 LargoQuagmire26th Jul 2012 10:10:22 PM , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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My friend's InuYasha Miroku-Sango fic. We loved it at the time. Looking back, it was probably terrible, much like my early Shaman King fics that were the first things that friend read. We've gotten better.
24 ithinkabouttrees4th Aug 2012 12:06:28 AM from A dark and damp place
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I made a point not to read fanfiction for a very long time due to my VERY stickler view on canon and how it's there for a reason, but I had a friend link me to Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which I was instantly hooked on because of the fact that it didn't mess with canon exactly, it only twisted one element of a story to make an entirely new universe.

And then I delved deeper into fanfiction, and now I write it. Go figure.
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25 sabrina_diamond12th Aug 2012 11:02:29 PM from inside my own belly... , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Pokémon Master was my first introduction to fanfics in the 90's and was at the peak of Pokemon's heyday, so a fanfic with this much canon content, Darker and Edgier and maturity put into it was... rather unbelievable for its time.

It was over five years ago that I vowed to be the best writer ever because of Ace's legacy.

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