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Toa of Anarchy
Throughout the ages, there have passed the tales of great heroes. Powerful and valiant warriors, such as the mighty Thor of norse mythos, or the incredible Hercules of greek legends. Many tales have been told of their amazing powers, daring feats, and courageous adventures across the world. And for as long as there have been songs of heroes, so have there been whispers of villains. Tricksters, masterminds, beasts of ultimate destruction, clashing against paragons of justice for the fate of mankind. For centuries, these feats have been retold, but over the centuries, man has come to regard them as little more than myth.

That is, until the early years of the twentieth century, when all the known world came to blows. The magnitude of these wars wold be etched in the mind of generations to come. When came the second act of the great wars, more terrible even than the last, the human race needed heroes more than ever. So it was that in the hour of need, strange men rose to power. The honourable Captain of America, the mysterious Sub-Mariner, and the glorious Justice Society led the charge and gave hope to the western hemisphere. Even as their enemies brought forth mighty oppressors of their own, they would not surrender, and in the end they triumphed. But now the countries had no need for heroes. As suddenly as their appeared, the heroes faded away, and in time, almost became myths of their own.

In the years that followed, generations rose and fell, and paradigms gradually shifted. But as the world churned and boiled, something new and fearful rose from the deep. Ordinary boys and girls, born to ordinary families, began to develop extraordinary abilities. These little children were unknown to most of the world at first, but over the decades made their presence felt through feats of destruction. These strange beings became known to the world as Mutants, and were ever shunned and feared for their unknown skills and sometimes twisted appearance. In this time of strangeness and uncertainty, it wouldn't be hard to overlook less direct bizarreness. For instance, an meteor shower coming down in a small Kansas town.

Now, it is near the beginning of a new decade. What mutants can be found are either walking destructive objects, or hideous freaks locked away in slums, and have been cemented in the public consciousness as such. A scientist named Reed Richards has theorised that the cause is a strange chemical found in space, and has requested a trip to orbit to investigate. But as if the prospect of mutants were not enough, there have been reports of strange instances occurring across the Eastern Seaboard; of people in colourful costumes with bizarre abilities appearing and vanishing without a trace. The country is divided now, between suspicion of these beings and praising of their efforts, but one question is on the minds of many...

Could it be, that after all this time, a new age of superheroes is on the rise?


Because I barely learned my lesson the last couple of times, here's a new RP, specially dedicated to comic book superhero fans.

The Premise: The Marvel and DC universes have been rebooted, to become the exact same universe. Characters, locations and concepts are replaced and merged where necessary.

The Location: New York City, which in this world has been described has having the best and worst of Metropolis and Gotham, its neighbours. That is to say, it can be gritty and crime-filled at night, but bright and entrepreneuring by day, and has plenty of scientific marvels to match the realistic drudgery.

Characters: This being a crossover RP of sorts, players are required to select a pre-existing character to play. This means no fandom characters, and really, just about any character trait you can think of has in all likelihood been covered. However, this being a reboot world, you may reboot and reinvent your character however you see fit. I recommend you check out this guy, this guy and these guys for demonstrations of a reboot done right. Also, be careful that your character isn't already taken. Check the other Sign-Up threads (included below) or ask around to see if a character's being used, OR if that character can't be picked up by someone else.

  • Name: (Superhero identity)
  • Real Name: (Civilian identity)
  • Gender: (Male/Female)
  • Age: (Doesn't have to be exact. Could be just "Late 20's" or "Teenager")
  • Appearance: (A description is fine, but pictures are preferred.)
  • Alignment: (Good, Evil, or Anti-Hero/Villain)
  • Personality: (How they act around people)
  • Powers and Abilities: (Pretty self explanatory. No ridiculously overpowered superheroes or supervillains, and no completely invulnerable ones either. At least make them feel pain.)
  • Weapons and Equipment: (Same as above)
  • Origin: (If you like, this can happen during the RP itself)

If you like, I MAY allow a small team of superheroes. But this group must be reasonably small in number, and so cohesive and suited to each other they are almost one entity. These instances will be taken on a case-by-case basis, though members of teams such as the Fantastic Four or Metal Men are not unwelcome.

Note: As the GM, I, and any co-G Ms I may enlist, reserve the right to select characters as NP Cs. If you were hoping to play that character at some point, then I apologise in advance. BUT, I may see fit to pass the character onto a successor, or at the very least, you might be able to play an Expy of said character.

All that aside, general rules of conduct apply. No godmodding, no autohitting, no meta knowledge, and no generally being an arsehole. Hope you enjoy!

Current List of Characters



Middle Ground

Reserved Characters

  • Superboy by God of Awesome
  • Krypto by luckybreak 91

Current Heroic NPCs

  • Spider-Man
  • Fantastic Four
  • The Original X-Men
  • Wonder Woman (Artemis)
  • Doctor Fate
  • Agent Coulson
  • Iron Man
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Moon Knight

Main Thread, Discussion Thread

Sign-Up for Lighter and Wackier Spinoff Game

Sign-up for Grittier, Villain-Centric Spinoff Game

Sign-up for a Spinoff Game of Cosmic Proportions

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Aww, son of a bitch
Fuck yes let's do this.

Yeah, I totally didn't crib some of this from Sullen's old Age of Absalom RP. Nope, not in the slightest, no sirree.
  • Name: Spider-man
  • Real Name: Peter Parker
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Appearance: In costume. Out of costume.
  • Alignment: Good
  • Personality: Ever since the death of his Uncle Ben, Peter Parker has never forgotten that with great power there must also come great responsibility; he does not hesitate to help those in need, even when the inhabitants of New York fear and hate their self-appointed protector. Peter is characterized by his indomitable will; no matter what sort of curveballs life throws his way, no matter the hardships he is forced to endure, Peter takes his licks and never gives up. Despite all that he has lost, Spider-Man has never lost his sense of humour; unless the situation is deadly serious, he will always be ready with a string of quips and corny jokes to frustrate his enemies (and occasionally, his allies) into surrender or defeat.
  • Powers and Abilities: Spider-man, true to his name, possesses all the powers of a theoretical man-sized spider. His strength far exceeds human norms, allowing him to lift and throw cars with almost no trouble at all. His agility, too, has been increased, and in conjunction with his almost preternatural "Spider Sense", he's capable of dodging almost any attack thrown at him. In addition, Spider-man is capable of clinging to almost any solid surface with only his hands on feet, allowing him to climb on walls and ceilings, among other such things.
  • Weapons and Equipment: While he himself lacks the ability to produce webbing as a spider can, Spider-man's wrist-mounted web shooters more than make up for that deficiency. The shooters run off of a cartridge based system, with each web cartridge holding several meters of compacted artificial webbing inside. The triggers are specially designed to avoid accidental firing, such as when he grabs something or makes a fist. These webs have a variety of uses, from nets to swing-lines to snares.
  • Origin: Orphaned at an early age and taken in by his elderly aunt and uncle, Peter Parkerís formative years were hardly ideal; frail, bookish and not of an athletic persuasion, the young Parker was frequently picked on and ostracized by his peers. All this changed, however, when a freak accident at a scientific demonstration he was attending one day saw him get bitten by an irradiated spideróand rather than come down with a case of radiation poisoning as might have been expected, the spiderís venom instead altered and changed his genetic code, granting Peter abilities and powers far beyond those of an ordinary human.
    • At first, Peter sought to exploit his newfound powers for his own profit and swiftly developed a narcissistic streak; however, when his uncle was senselessly gunned down by a burglar and he realized that the murderer was a thief he could have stopped earlier that very day, Peter learned a harsh lesson: with great power, there must also come great responsibility. Thus was Spider-Man born.
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Bitch pills
Okay, I just cobbled this together from every source I have, but what the hell, it's a party. (Also, if you ever want to be totally creeped out, go to Youtube and look up the Extremis motion comic. EWW.)

Name: Iron Man

Real Name: Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark

Gender: Male

Age: Early 30s

Appearance: Dear GOD finding a picture that isn't RDJ.

Alignment: Good, though leaning towards Anti-Hero on bad days.

Personality: Tony's not your classic Jerk with a Heart of Gold. (More like a heart of vibranium, really.) He honestly means well, and wants to help people, to save the world, and make everything better. However, he's doing all this while also being a heavy-drinking, womanizing, know-it-all with a guilt complex, serious Daddy issues, and a hard lone wolf mentality. Tony lives larger than life in every aspect...works hard, plays hard, and loves hard (and has a disturbing habit of ending up naked while doing any of it)...occasionally all at the same time. Most people would end up thinking he's just a spoiled, sarcastic rich boy who built himself a suit of armor to play superhero if they knew about it...but if someone is able to get past the defensive front, Tony is just a guy trying to make the world a better place.

Powers and Abilities/Weapons and Equipment: I put these together since they're basically the same. Tony is a superintelligent genius, capable of inventing technology light-years ahead of the competition and single-handedly revolutionizing nearly any field he enters. He's a definite Determinator who has to be practically dead before he drops and has survived more than he rightly should have. Tony wears what he refers to as an arc reactor in his chest, a source of clean-burning energy fueling an electromagnet protecting his heart, and uses it to power his Iron Man armor, a suit of combat armor which has repulsor rays (concussion blasts) mounted in the palms and chest, jets in the boots and back to allow flight, enhances his strength and speed, and offers him protection from bullets and heavy impact. The visor of his helmet carries a HUD which allows him to seek out targets, analyze his environment, and give warnings of incoming danger when it is located. Outside of his armor, Tony is a fairly weak hand-to-hand combatant, but since he is constantly tinkering and upgrading, he has spare armors stored in facilities around the world, which he can summon to himself when necessary, given enough time to allow them to come to him.

Origin: Tony was always an obvious genius and mechanical prodigy, taking after his father, Howard Stark. He was groomed from birth to take over the family business, Stark Industries, a weapons and technology development system, and after the loss of his parents as a teenager, did so without a thought when he was of age. A couple years later, while presenting his latest missile upgrades in Afghanistan, Tony's convoy was attacked and he was severely injured with shrapnel caused by his own weaponry. His life was saved in something of a last-ditch effort via installment of an electromagnet to keep metal shards from ripping apart his heart, and he was held prisoner with another inventor, Ho Yinsen, who helped Tony create the arc reactor to save his life, and the prototype Iron Man armor that was to help them escape, if Yinsen had not been killed by a stray bullet in the attempt. Upon returning home, eyes open to the horrors of war for the first time, Tony immediately shut down his weapons division and made it his life's mission to improve peaceful technology, while working himself to bring peace to the world via steadily new and improving Iron Man armor.

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Oh, reserving Joker. Definitely.
Toa of Anarchy
Both Spidey and Stark: Accepted. Joker reservation: Duly noted.

Here's hoping that we get to see some more DC super characters to balance the scales
Are we allowed to play as small super-groups? If so, then I might join as the Fantastic Four.

If not, then I'll probably go with Batman.

EDIT: Also, don't expect to see a full sign-up sheet until Sunday or so; I'm just reserving these characters.

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Toa of Anarchy
As long as you can provide a good reason for playing as the whole group, rather than simply going for the Human Torch and/or the Thing.

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8 GameGuruGG9th Jul 2012 02:51:12 PM from Castlevania Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Vampire Hunter
Hey, I'm here... I'm going to PM Lizard about my character idea first before signing up.
Can I take Superman, or is he too broken.
TV Tropes Powers. Activate!!!!!
  • Name: P-Cat, The Penitent Puss and Devil Dinosaur!
    *Real Name: Niels, Devil Dinosaur
    *Gender: Both Male
    *Age: 6 & 4
    *Appearance: Here's Niels both Out and In his suit. Devil Dinosaur looks like this.
    *Alignment: Angsty Good & Reluctantly Good
  • Personality: Niels is quite energetic, enjoys chasing lasers and having his tummy rubbed. His mood is quite dampened when he has to wear his costume, however. More often than not, he would rather be sleeping than off fighting crime. Devil Dinosaur carries a need for the finer things in life, and has an extreme hatred of the "Monkeys" that seem to rule the world today. He manages to deal with this hatred in order to make his ends meet.

  • Powers: Niels is able to manipulate kinetic energy in a variety of manners, ranging from launching blasts to knock targets off their feet, and deflecting even the mightiest of blows. His weakness is that he cannot focus when cans are being opened. DD's a billionaire playboy who can throw about money as much as he can throw about his huge saurian body, and often carries a Desert Eagle in his stubby arms. He's also a bit of a drunk, and weak to resist its great charms. Together, THEY FIGHT CRIME!*

  • Origin: Devil Dinosaur is one of the slightly rare breeds of Superhero that we would call "Talking Super-Animals". Being the result of a bizarre genetic manipulation experiment run by two stoned-out-of-their-mind scientists, DD is the combination of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, 28 celebrities ranging from Donald Trump to Sean Connery, and a vat of Red Dye #40. He immediately walked up to the men involved, gave them a good look in the eye and told them that they would be sued. In what would eventually become the most lauded case ever to have a dinosaur act as his own attorney, DD failed to reach his goal of suing for 1 Milliard dollars and reached an out of court settlement of 7 Billion. How he managed to reach such a hefty agreement is out of our mind's reach. He then proceeded to actually make wise investments, and eventually bought a NY high-rise penthouse. After a devastating ninja assault on the penthouse*, he started to form A.N.I.M.A.L.*, a elite group of the greatest animal heroes the world over. However, he only has one member so far...

  • Niels was born of a freak demon-summoning accident, where instead of using the cat as a host body, the demon* managed to get subdued and became the lesser personality. Niels gained the ability to manipulate kinetic energy n' stuff. How? Well, have you ever created a demon cat accidentally? There's a lot of things that can go wrong. After getting sent to Kitty-Jail for killing his demon worshiping owner, he was released on bail by DD for the purposes of joining A.N.I.M.A.L.

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Toa of Anarchy
[up][up]Too broken, I'm afraid. That said, there is an absolute PLETHORA of Superman-alikes to choose from.

Any particular qualities of Supes you want to hang onto? Powers? Personality? Because I could find a good match if you want.

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[up]Him and Spider-man are my favorite superhero's. Ill make a character sheet for Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle, later.

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TV Tropes Powers. Activate!!!!!
Toa of Anarchy
Certainly, luckybreak!

wikkit: Even to a guy like me, that's kinda pushing the boundaries for outlandishness. How do you propose to introduce the Devil Dinosaur to New York?

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14 UdtheImp9th Jul 2012 03:10:24 PM from Stamford, CT Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
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@Strat's reservation of the Joker:


Oh well. I'll probably think of something else. Or possibly wait until guys like Larfleeze and Atrocitus can be played.

@wikkit: Uh...........WHICH company are they from?

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[up] Both are from Marvel. One is the pet cat of Speedball/Penance, and the other is the giant sidekick of Moon-Boy who once fought Godzilla.

[up][up] His intro involves him raising the ire of the Kingpin after managing to let his personal greyhound, Jerry Lewis Stockholm Dinosaur, win by a landslide in what was supposed to be a fixed race. After that Niels is called in after the Big K attacks DD with a giant robotic replica of a pepsi bottle*

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Toa of Anarchy
Ud: I've checked. Devil Dinosaur is Marvel all right. But as the world as it currently is, with society still getting to grips with mutants, I don't think it likely that a red T-Rex can own a high-rise flat in New York. In Metropolis, maybe, but not New York.

On the matter of Larfleeze, if I could just have a quick word...
17 UdtheImp9th Jul 2012 03:18:34 PM from Stamford, CT Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
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Sure. PM me.

I'm thinking that the setting of the RP will be before the introduction of intergalactic forces coming to Earth and Larfleeze is still safely* tucked away in Okaara anyway.

"Well before, I did it with reckless abandon. Now I can't control myself!" ~ Jesse Cox, 2014
[up][up] Fine. He bought out an old Secret Sewer-Based Missile Bunker from the government for a pretty penny. It's now called The Dino Cave.

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Toa of Anarchy
wikkit: I'll think about it. It's still pretty cartoony, but hey, this is a superhero RP for chrissakes. I'll let you know my eventual decision.

Ud: 'course, if you're still interested in the Joker, there's many an expy for him, if you'd like to see some examples.
20 UdtheImp9th Jul 2012 03:36:30 PM from Stamford, CT Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
Screw the Lion!
I may go for the Green Goblin, but I don't think I can do Norman Osborn when he goes into his Lawful and Neutral Evil modes well.
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A Forbidden Rendezvous
Hm, I might be interested. I'm not terribly knowledgeable about superheroes, though: are there any lower-profile girls? Off the top of my head, I might try a teen Storm reboot, but I'm unsure. Ideally I'd like a quiet heroine.
22 PaulieRomanov9th Jul 2012 06:44:18 PM from Roanoke Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
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Actually, I had an idea. The Burglar, from the first issue of Spider-Man. Only this time, he will have a name and backstory.

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23 GameGuruGG9th Jul 2012 08:53:46 PM from Castlevania Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Well, I am planning on using a Teen Rogue here. (BTW, reserving Rogue. No backsies!)
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Screw the Lion!
Okay. I've decided. Since I can reinvent and reboot any character I like, and since I can wait until Larfleeze to become playable, I have chosen to play as.........

  • Name: Rocket Raccoon
  • Real Name: Same
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Take a picture, it'll last longer.....
  • Age: Unknown, possible mid-30s
  • Alignment: Anti-hero
  • Personality: The rough and tumble soldiers with year of combat experience and takes no trash talk from anybody, no matter how intimidating. He's also stubborn at times, especially when it comes to beating down badguys, and will not back down from a fight until either he's unconscious or the other guy's a bleeding mass of broken bones. He has a hair trigger temper as well, most prominent when you equate his size with weakness, or your making fun of his species to his face. However, to those who get to know him and those who earns his trust, Rocket is a loyal friend who is willing to go into the Depths of Hell to drag you out of it. He has a strong sense of justice as well, and has a soft spot for both children and non-aware animals. Those who hurt either tend to end up having their faces scratches out........

He also doesn't like dogs so much. He likes cats though.

  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Normal Raccoon abilities: Has the same heightened senses of smell, hearing, sight, and touch like normal raccoons as well as the ability to see in the dark
    • Super Strength: When compared to normal raccoon. He possesses human Olympian athlete level strength, allowing him to carry some of his heavier equipment and take down large opponents.
    • Durability: He is more durable than even most regular humans, being able to take a bit more damage.
    • Super Human Agility
    • Digging: So good at digging through soft ground it almost like he can teleport
    • Military Tactical Genius
    • Martial Arts Training
    • Extensive Weapons Expertise: Has vast knowledge on the use and maintenance of almost all types of weapons with the skill to match, but has a preference for guns and high explosives. He also a very skilled marksman and an expert at trap laying
    • Expert Pilot: Able to fly almost any air based vehicle, spacecraft, and sea craft with usually little training and experience. Hasn't quite grasped land based vehicles though.......
    • Tail Spinning: Can spin his tail at high speeds for a few second to hover and glide over long distance, though he has to jump from a high point in order for this ability to be useful.
    • Impersonation: Able to act like a normal Earth raccoon in order to keep cover. This works every time despite his uniform being a dead giveaway, and for some reason people only noticed AFTER he starts talking.

  • Weapons and Equipment:
    • Normal Weapons: He carries around with him a pair of laser pistol with him, which are his primary weapons, various grenades, and a laser edged combat knife for close quarters fighting.
    • Trap Beacons: Carries a large supply of ball bearing like devices that, when deployed, creates momentary hard light holograms that replicate actual traps with startling accuracy, mostly laser traps, falling boulders, log traps, electrified net traps, and bear traps.
    • Rocket Skates: Specially Rocket boots that allows him to fly in the air at high speeds and can be used to soften long falls.

  • Origin: Rocket Raccoon is a member of a race of genetically altered wildlife that was given both bipedal movement and sapience to become workers of their planet turned insane asylum by advanced robots who were the original caretakers up until their creators left the planet and isolated it from the rest of the galaxy (long story, don't ask). Rocket himself was formerly the head of the planet's security bureau, protecting the inhabitants not only from threats of invaders but also acted as the head of police on the planet as well. He was also the hero of the planet's greatest civil conflict, the Toy Wars, a massive conflict between the corrupt CE Os of two rival toy companies that sold toys to the humanoid charges of the animals, affectionately called "Loonies", and both of whom wished to obtain the planet's Holy relic, Gideon's Bible, the psychiatric diary containing all the knowledge and finding by the planet's original inhabitants, called the "Shrinks." Rocket managed to stop the plans of both sides, even after they teamed up to kill off the raccoon. After the war, Rocket and his friend presented the Bible to the robots, whom still provided the animals with the equipment and materials needed for their jobs, and the head robot used the knowledge and power gained from the relic to create device that managed to permanently cure the mental ailments of humanoid charges. The former Loonies, forever grateful for their years of services, offered Rocket, his people, and all the robots to be their assistants and entertainers as they planned their future.

While some stayed behind, most of the animals and robots decided to leave their home planet and explore the universe, forging their own destinies. Rocket Raccoon himself decided to become a bounty hunter and mercenary, and quickly built up a reputation as one of the best and most efficient, making him somewhat of a rival to the infamous Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo. His latest commission though takes him to some backwater blue planet by the completely "original and imaginative" name of Earth. Normally Rocket would not think twice about turning down a commission like that, but it came directly from the Guardians of the Universe, the Leaders of the Green Lantern Corp, and under the recommendation of Green Lantern Chip Squirrel, a friend of Rocket. He also became interested when the Oans directly told him the details of this mission.........
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Toa of Anarchy
Ichigo: Quiet, in what way? The Cassandra Cain version of Batgirl was trained to read and communicate with only body language, so doesn't really speak at all.

Paulie: ...interesting...If you can give an up-to-scratch profile, I might consider it. I don't blame you if you end up merging it with another character though.

Ud: The concept of that character is almost as ridiculous as the dinosaur, but since you've stated he can blend in... I'm going to say Accepted.

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