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I was searching and was surprised there was no DayZ topic yet, since it's so popular. For those who don't know, DayZ is a mod for ARMA II that turns the game into a massive, open world hardcore zombie apocalypse survival game. After hearing lots about it and having all my friends obsessing about it, I just bought it about 5 minutes ago. So does any one have some beginner tips or any good stories?

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Haven't played much since the most recent updates but I can offer some quick advice.

1: You will die. Get over it.

2: Have friends to play with or you will die a lot more.

3: Survival means killing people before they kill you.

4: The only people who play at night are those with NV Gs and those looking for NV Gs.

5: DayZ heaven is having a small grouping of tents, a car and the equipment to fix it and hunt animals in the middle of nowhere.

My two DayZ buddies have drifted off into other games so I haven't played much recently. I've got a few stories to share that I'll be editing in after I'm done doing this.

I was looting a building looking for supplies when I hear footsteps, I make my way to the stairs when I hear gunshots. As I turn to the small hallway with the stairs a guy is there and pops me once or twice, I go down. He takes point on the second floor while his buddy at the top of the stairway starts taking shots at the zeds pouring into the building.

Now something you need to know is that getting shot isn't instant game over all the time. Sometimes you can go into shock where you've got a certain amount of time down before you can start moving/controlling your character again. These guys are clearly new because they don't check to make sure I'm dead, instead focusing on the zombies. My timer runs out and I regain consciousness. I tag my assailant four/five times with my rifle and crawl over to the stairs and tag his partner once or twice before he shoots me dead. With any luck I wounded him enough that he fell unconscious soon after and was eaten by zombies.

The moral being don't shoot people in towns and attract the zombie horde. Alternatively shoot people dead then deal with the zombie horde.

[down] Night vision goggles.

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What the heck is a NVG?
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Night Vision Goggles.
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I was going to ask if this was worth playing if you didn't like the original game. Then I realized I'm confusing ARMA with Alliance Of Valiant Arms.

So, how is the core game? I prefer shooters like STALKER or Battlefield 2 then Call of Duty.

How is DayZ play? I enjoy Left 4 Dead but begrudge the fast zombies and More Dakka, I'd rather have slow zombie hordes and a tight supply of ammo.

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So zombie behavior has been changed significantly. If you break sight with a zombie he goes into a search mode and eventually fucks off if he doesn't detect you. This means that it's now possible to actually run away.

The next big thing is that you now spawn with fuck all. a flashlight and a bit of pain meds. The upside is that weapon spawning seems to be up. I came across five weapons in one sweep of cherno.

Enjoying my current run. I've got an AK, a 1911 and an alice backpack loaded with cooked food and ammo. If I can find a tent to store the more valuable goodies I'll eventually just run into town with my AK and go on a rampage. at the very least It'll be fun and if I'm lucky I'll kill someone with something good on them.
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[up][up] Fast zombies, but the ammo supply is indeed tight. You need to eat and drink too. (For the record, I haven't actually played Day Z, but I've been hounding people who have)

[up] That's good news! If there was one thing that was keeping me from playing Day Z it's that you can't opt to run away. I also like how you spawn with a flashlight and pain meds. Gotta try this out sometime.
This thread needs more posts.

I'll be getting DayZ today or tomorrow, once I can manage to get Arm A 2 off of Steam.
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I've watched vids of this game. Because apparently no one on Youtube can do anything else.

Is the movement really as stiff as it looks?
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It's not so bad once you get used to it.

The thing that'll take a awhile to get used to is your inventory. You have two. Interaction between the two and any loot piles is...troublesome. Also it seems that putting a weapon into your backpack deletes it from existence. Same with picking up a weapon before dropping your old one (sometimes).
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[up]Since it's an alpha, those sorts of things tend to happen unintentionally. Maybe those bugs will be patched out someday.
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Alright, it seems I've got this working, finally. I am now an esteemed killer of eight zombies with a hatchet, because I was too stupid to realize that I didn't pick up some Makarov bullets off a corpse that had the same pistol that I took.

Anyone want to play? Even though I don't know how that all works. I have a semi-decent mic, at the very least.
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[up]I'm up for some DayZ if you're still wondering.
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How should we get this teamup working, then?
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I have Skype and Steam, eviipaladin on both.
"Evii is right though" -Saturn

"I want an Evii plushie." -Starbound2

"Oh god, we have awakened the Evii." -Teh Stanman
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Just gonna say, stealing the SUV a hacker spawned into the game is good shit. Crashing it because an obstacle suddenly spawned into existence in front of you when you're doing ninety-seven is not. Somehow surviving with a fair bit of dumb luck and the help of a shockingly helpful man from Denmark is again. And then my buddy came and picked me up in his freaking city bus.
Should've checked the list.
I did some boat-hopping earlier, when I realized that I was not near Cherno or Elektro, but instead waaaaay on the Northeast coast away from everything important.

Why does it have to be so difficult to refuel boats?

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What do you really do with them, anyway?
Should've checked the list.
You avoid running through Elektro and Cherno, and they're a lot faster and easier to get than cars. Plenty spawn on the east coast, and it makes travel very simple, even without much fuel. It only takes a few jerry cans to fill up a whole fishing boat.
Can I play Arma II (and by extension DayZ) on my laptop? It has a Intel Core i3-330M processor and an intel HD graphics package along with 3GB DDR 3... I really want to play but I don't wanna spend money on something I can't play!
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That should be more than enough to run it; you won't get up to the highest settings, but there shouldn't be much lag at all. The only real lag that comes into play with Arma 2 is server-based, and that's just a part of multiplayer with pretty much any game.

Make sure you get Arma 2: Combined Operations, though, since that includes Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, which is also needed to play DayZ. All the other DLC stuffs, though, are optional.

edit: <= system requirements, exact specs.

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22 honorius31st Jul 2012 05:56:10 PM from The Netherlands
Is it as bad as vanilla Arma II with the framerate?
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I'm watching these videos of this group of Brits playing, and man they're a bunch of raging cunts. Going around killing people just for the fuck of it.
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When you play in the more high-ball areas of Chernarus, you either get noobs, assholes, or people who used to be nice but have now realized they can't trust anyone.

I think that DayZ may have spawned one of the most ruthless playerbases ever.
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Yeah, all the more reason to stick to Black Ops zombies.
"That went about as well as I expected."

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