Rename (alt titles 8/29): Hollywood Light Bulb

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I support Photoflood Lighting as the new name.

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I'm the person that created this Trope because I see it frequently, but at the time I couldn't remember many specific examples so I figured by sticking it out here the Wiki Magic would do its thing. Anyway I picked the name because everything in the Hollywood Style category begins with Hollywood and this struck me as an element of Hollywood style.
Wouldn't the proposed name Hollywood Darkness require a trope merge, not a mere rename?
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Alternative Titles: Hollywood Light Bulb
29th Aug '12 12:04:27 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
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