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Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate:

[up] Shall we offer sacrifices to the gods so they may grant us an alternative-route anime?

 102 Ultimately Subjective, Fri, 28th Sep '12 3:17:15 AM from Once, not long ago
Conceptually Frameworked
Bit of a rushed final act. Not terribly good last episode pacing, but it could have been saved had the closure been worthwhile. Which of course it wasn't, partly because of the pacing.

I'm marking it down for that.

Oh yeah, and those of you who were against a Chisato ending rejoice that this ending is about as final as turning your TV off for the night.
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 103 Another Duck, Sat, 29th Sep '12 2:42:00 AM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
I wasn't terribly impressed with the final episode either. Nothing really unexpected happened.

I did guess from very early (ep 1-2) that Yuuki and Satsuki would be working together after the election, though I don't think I mentioned it here. They seemed to be working together for most part anyway, even if they actually weren't. Technically.
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Not anime one
It could be better show if it went with different route, but it weren't your avarage spam harem either. If nothing else I will remember that.

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 105 Dorkus, Sat, 29th Sep '12 7:03:09 PM Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
I'll remember it's art style and election buildup.
Is it God Knows...?
 106 getchman, Sat, 29th Sep '12 7:53:31 PM from Cheshire, Ct
too much mood whiplash in the last two episodes considering the overall light mood the show had, but it was decent.

Just watched the final episode, which was unfortunately at a storytelling disadvantage due to the pacing of previous episodes. Still was a nice watch; Yuuki's speech was so narm it was actually touching.

Overall, Koi Choco is one of the better harem-slash-VN adaptations I've seen recently (a damn sight better than Hoshizora and Mashiro-Iro, at any rate), mostly because of the whole politics thing. The girls are certainly cute though not much is done with them.

To sum it up, three words: Satsuki route please.

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 108 Ultimately Subjective, Mon, 6th May '13 3:12:41 AM from Once, not long ago
Conceptually Frameworked
Episode 13, the OVA is out!

Mmmm. Delicious sweet food.

Basically it's some food porn wrapped up in the slice of life of the main plot without much conflict. Or indeed, most of the heroines :(.

It's a continuation of the main plot in case you were wondering whether they'd do another heroine.

Yeah, there aren't a great deal of compelling reasons to watch it, but if you like the series and don't mind almost pure slice of life you may enjoy it.

And the food did look nice.
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 109 Another Duck, Tue, 7th May '13 10:28:21 AM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
I think the winner would be Satsuki. She graciously accepted defeat, and thus saved Yuuki the trouble of having to pick between two girls, which probably made him a lot happier than all three desserts put together.
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Episode 13:

Food Porn is right.

Rather glad that Satsuki was in it. Never knew how much she liked sweets. I do have to admit that I liked Chisato in this episode.

It's kinda weird that they would introduce four new girls instead of the heroines we knew about. Could they have been "secret heroines" in the visual novel? Or maybe characters from a related VN?

[up] Satsuki should have won even Oojima's heart. :P

 111 getchman, Thu, 9th May '13 8:38:44 AM from Cheshire, Ct
those 4 girls had brief appearances in several episodes. They are the main characters in their own visual novel in which Chistao and Satsuki occasionally pop up

[up] They have their own VN? A spinoff of this one? Please tell me the title if you know, thanks!

Now that you mention it, I do recall those girls. Guess they're not new after all.

 113 getchman, Thu, 9th May '13 2:42:11 PM from Cheshire, Ct
dont think it's a spin off. the title is: Ima Sugu Oniichan ni Imouto da tte Iitai! or I Want to Say to my Older Brother That I'm His Younger Sister Now!

Ah, a different VN in the same universe.

Just finished watching the series sans the 13th.

Don't really understand the hate for Chisato. I mean, I don't think the characters are the most groundbreaking archetypes but they're likable enough. I guess my main issues are that it did seem to shove in character arcs pretty quickly(oh this person has familiy issues, this person has trauma, this person has bullying). They're not really touched upon well.

Also, the role of the Public Safety Commision seemed to just be brushed off as "Oh there this Good faction, and this rival evil faction". Not much about the disproportionate power they wield in the first place

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 116 Another Duck, Fri, 9th May '14 9:11:57 AM from Stockholm Relationship Status: Chocolate!
No, the other one.
From what I remember, she was an okay character written very badly. Not so much hate as there just being many better parts of the series.
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 117 Ultimately Subjective, Fri, 9th May '14 3:31:53 PM from Once, not long ago
Conceptually Frameworked
I didn't hate her. In my opinion no one was written very well in this show anyway. It's more that people will always have their shipping wars.
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