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The year is 28XX. Reploids and humans are living together in coexistence. Working together. Living together. Merely existing together. But sadly, all is not peaceful.

While the threat of Model W is gone, there are more who do not care for the peace amongst the species. So, to further their own plots, they intend to bring about chaos. Disorder. Disharmony.

But there is one group who can prevent all that. One group who is strong enough to prevent this plan from coming to fruition. one group...who can save the world.

They...are the Bio-Defense Squad.

The Bio-Defense Squad is something of the police of this world, combining the forces of Reploids and Humans to keep the world at peace and calm, by using the eight strongest fighters they have. Warriors blessed with the powers of the legendary Biometal. They may not seem powerful, but the six who use them are capable of saving the entire world, if need be. However, who are these six users?

That's for you to decide.

For the plot, you'll be taking control of a Human or a Reploid who is blessed with the strength of a Biometal. Who is this character? What's their history? Why were they chosen for the Biometal?

Let's find out.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender
  • Biometal Model:
  • Reploid or Human?:
  • Personality:
  • Appearance:
  • History:
  • Additional info

  • Name: Ashen Tyl.
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Biometal Mode: X
  • Reploid or Human: Human
  • Personality: The try hard one. He's a hard worker, but in the end he's always tripping over his own feet, especially on missions. He does mean well, and he's very sweet, it's just a matter of him being a massive klutz. Having a Bio-Metal, however, seems to make him a work hazard for everyone he works with.
  • Appearance: Almost always wearing his BDS suit and badge (Depicting a Bio-Metal (Unknown which one) over a pair of swords. His hair is short and blonde, his eyes are bright green, and he has a large, energy bullet shaped scar on the side of his head. (How he got it was testing the Biometal for the first time, and almost blew his own head off). With his Bio-Metal active, he looks almost like Megaman X.
  • History: The truest form of "Well Done, Son!" Guy. His father is the chief of the BDS, who has always seemed to look down at him ever since he was a teenager. Almost nothing Ashen did seemed to impress his father, so to show his worth he went to join the BDS. However, after failing test after test after test, he was prepared to give up hope...until a voice called out to him. Biometal X. Touching the Biometal gave him the full suit and powers, but no one knew why. The Bio-Metal, speaking to him, only told him that "Great things could come from him".
  • Additional Info: A very Strict Vegetarian.
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