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Wizard Basement
Every now and again on the retweets I see, there's occasionally one or two people of the hardcore activist variety who say things like, and I quote:

"@theferocity I'm no longer interested in helping straight people cope with the reality of queer bodies. We're here, we're queer, we'll shank you"

Tweets like this make me very nervous to say anything about an issue online, because Twitter profiles such as these imply that some of the LGBT community have given up being allies of even the well meaning straight people who haven't figured out how to help in any particular sense of able to solve a problem.

When I see retweets of things like "@Lorata Sometimes when I see nerds being all misogynistic and self congratulatory I picture Mr. Rogers giving them a sad, disappointed look #nolie" I become rather anxious about how people like myself who barely leave their homes considering they're isolated enough from society that not only is publicly persecuting women, ethnic groups and the LGBT community offline incredibly difficult enough that creating things in our bedrooms is one of the few respites society offers us to stop us going crazy, but in addition to this people like myself have very little to gain from being intentional bigots since a lot of people like me who are anxiety ridden and terrified enough of their personal demons that keep them from thriving they turn to online communication as a surrogate for real people who often forget to help them in real life...

I'm left nervous about going on Twitter at all sometimes because I'm terrified people like the above Tweeters will jump on a statement I make and make me out to be some kind of inhuman monster when the reality is closer to me being only as threatening as the Disney version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame who's just as isolated in his little tower but not really wanting society to revile him more than it does considering years of crippling self esteem and lack of social connections lead him to a life of making artistic shit in his attic as a consolation prize for having very few reliable friends in life.

I love Twitter's ability to share short statements around, but when people can't see the whole life story that tells people where you're coming from in 140 characters it's frustrating when you feel your fumbling social skills trying to reach out to people could just make people's perceptions of you even worse.

I haven't had a particularly fun three months in this year of my life, and I don't imagine a lot of people on Twitter can see the potential nervous breakdown stressors going on in the background that make me so twitchy when I'm trying to find any real way to respond to things that appear in my Twitter timeline like the above.

Twitter can get pretty intense sometimes, and when a lot of the time your online companions are your only solace in an isolated part of the world where nobody flesh and blood deigns to talk to you often, the stakes are a bit higher for people like me over this crap than normal people who make friends super easy in far more populated countries than Australia might imagine.

Could somebody tell me if all the internet is intense and ragey about stuff I have no idea or experience in how to solve in a meaningful way, I don't want to be a monster, and I certainly don't want to be a Judge Frollo when I'm finding it tough being an internet era Quasimodo without the ugliness as it is. Surely not all of Twitter, or the internet's like this, right?
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I'm not sure if this thread should be here, or in Yack Fest.

I'll let you [up] decide. I'll pop in later to see if you've posted about your preference.
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I'm not sure what the opening sentences has to do with the rest of this. :/ But well, I'm kinda like those people...So I guess I can't understand why that would make you feel bad. But I can understand being nervous about talking to people. I've been afraid of strangers since I was a kid, and it's only gotten worse. So as I lost my friends back when I was like 12-ish, I never got any new ones. I just couldn't adjust. Medication just exacerbated the problem, and made me agoraphobic (BTW it's horrible idea to give powerful drugs to minors.) I'm just too afraid, I have nobody there and I never even learned how to deal with this. I can't approach strangers...These days I lack the motivation to do anything at all, really. Not sure why.
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Dunno if this'll help, but, no, the entire Internet is not like that. It's hard to find places where it's not sometimes, though. That is to say, intense. It's just my opinion, but you don't have to solve all of these other peoples' problems. Sometimes, people don't want to be helped out of pride. They'll obsess on the negative and lash out at people that try to help them, dragging them down with them.

If Twitter is stressing you out this much, then maybe you should take a break. If you're scared of being misinterpreted as an "inhuman monster", then you probably shouldn't talk about whatever issues might set people off, or develop some kind of coping mechanism for the kind of people that would judge you.
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I have noticed that there isn't really any place left on the internet where I can go and just talk about normal shit without people bringing their personal issues everywhere. I've never even had a desire to fuck with Twitter though, it just looks like a den of social justice crusaders who have had the abyss look back into them.

I'm one of the last people someone could call homophobic, at least anybody who knows about my living situation would know that, but I'm really fucking tired of not being able to go 5 pages in a thread somewhere without sexuality being trumpeted around. Twitter is infamous for this type of shit.
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6 Chalkos4th Jul 2012 05:55:01 PM from The Internets
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I avoid Tumblr for that reason. I agree with many, even most, of the positions taken by the amalgamated Tumblr community, but the whiff of self-righteous zeal is just too much for me. Confrontation scares me off. Give me mild-mannered, polite concordance or debate any day.
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Seriously. I've got plenty of liberal leanings, but the crusader types with the excess zeal just piss me off.
The AR-15 is responsible for 95% of all deaths each year. The rest of the deaths are from obesity and drone strikes.
Oh My
I use tumblr for a Buddhism blog but I tend to avoid looking through it and following people because of that. Things like reblogs of lists of "Things to do when you start tumblr" having things like "If you're homophobic just leave now" bother me. No I don't like homophobia and no I don't care for people bugging me about not being straight and cisgendered. However I don't really feel the need to aggressively assault homophobes and tell them to fuck off or else I'll start tumblr harassing them.

I do hope I avoid coming off as self righteous. It's more that I have things I want to talk about but with no real audience to do so save in a crappy blog. You know without people going " do know that I know nothing about your religion thing and these conversations all sound the same to me?" So like a journal I guess with the desire that it helps someone in some form. I like sharing information.

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Oh God, Tumblr is the worst when it comes to Social Justice crusader. You make one mistake, and they jump on you like vicious vultures, or something. Heck, they do the same even amongst themselves.

That said, I do have an unhealthy obsession with Tumblr!Social Justice for this very reason, so I often stalk their tags. It's a guilty pleasure of sorts, though I still try to avoid them whenever possible.

@OP: Not all of the Internet is like that all the time. It's just that there's always people who'll get offended or defensive regarding issues that are important to them. People like that are everywhere, so the best you can do is be politely, and avoid setting them off. On the Internet, it's just like IRL, where politics are a touchy subject that is best not discussed at all.

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Crap like this is one reason why I stay away from Twitter*. As for tumblr, I just see that as a lazier version of a blog website.
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Twitter, like every other mega-community, have several sides to it. One side are the top trends that often leak of sexism, racism, current news concerning celebrates, and such.

My Twitter stream is full of authors and other writers who at least hold a degree of civility. Explode, and you have your reputation in the publishing industry on the line.

It's all about choosing what crowds to follow. When it comes to the causal side though, trend carefully.

Wizard Basement
You guys are rather helpful in helping me understand this, since one of my goals is being a successful published author I don't want to offend people right out the gate, and I'm far more cautious over my Twitter public image than most people who aren't planning to become some kind of national treasure in their respective country.

I'm just a bit lost sometimes when I'm trying to reach out to people. 140 characters sometimes isn't enough to explain a complicated issue.
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Keep a blog or something, rarely post about controversial issues, and if/when you do, post an unassuming snippet on twitter with a link to a full version elsewhere.
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