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Proposal; Select an RP Moderator:

Here's the idea. We set up an RP area that people have to buy a badge/ticket to enter. No one who doesn't have the ticket can see the RP. Except the mod staff, of course. This is not a way to enable creepy RPs.

The concept is that people who are financially invested in the RP will be more solid players and some of the troll-esque behaviors will be thereby discouraged. Not all RP would be premium. Just those that elected to be pay-for-play.

What say you?

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 2 KSPAM, Tue, 3rd Jul '12 7:48:03 PM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
So, who chooses which R Ps are pay-to-play? The players? Is this sort of like RP insurance of some kind?
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 4 Fighteer, Tue, 3rd Jul '12 7:50:16 PM from the Time Vortex Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
It is necessary to discuss the problem that this feature is intended to address. RP's are supposed to be invitation only anyway, so the only way this improves anything is if it attracts a group of people who are willing to pony up some cash for the privilege of playing with each other away from anyone else's view.
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This isn't necessarily a good idea. I don't often post here but I feel a lot of the tension in R Ps is from people with different play styles and different age groups. Troll R Ps and entrances are fairly rare and it's more a matter of dedicated players who lack experience and sometimes maturity clashing with more experienced players. Creating a premium area I think would just motivate some of the people who are already here to start looking elsewhere.

Bloody Revolution
[up][up] I'm curious. Where did you get the idea that R Ps here are invitation only?

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"As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books... Someone who fought for what was right."
 7 Parable, Tue, 3rd Jul '12 8:14:06 PM from California Get RP Mod Relationship Status: In love with love
Many Faces
I don't think much will come of this. Most role plays are sign-up based, and players aren't invited but approved based on their character sheet. Only a few games are invite only.

Personally the more recent problems seem to me to have been the result of some people just being in different social groups, and friends being hostile to those who don't get along with their other friends.
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This pretty much makes an RP a closed circle. You can freely do that right now by just saying "signups closed, sorry".

 9 Stratofarius, Tue, 3rd Jul '12 9:51:12 PM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Trust me.
No, thank you.
 10 Kiri Ame, Tue, 3rd Jul '12 9:53:17 PM from a cruel and beautiful world Get RP Mod
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Speaking as someone who hung out in the RP forums for quite a long time, I can honestly say that I don't think this would really improve things. I mean, like everyone's said so far, the signup process exists to block that sort of thing; problems only really occur when someone is stubborn enough to try to contest the rules everyone else has agreed on, and people like that wouldn't really be deterred by having to pay any more than legitimately good players would be.

I honestly think the issue here isn't so much trolling as just what is basically bad sportsmanship, which isn't something that would be fixed by introducing pay-to-play R Ping.

So yeah, Parable and Fauxlosophie pretty much summed it up.

Honestly, if we're looking to improve the RP boards, then I'd say that the solution would just be to have a moderator presiding over it that is familiar with the conventions of R Ping and with TV Tropes' RP forum itself - someone who has the time to investigate hollers fully, and break bad patterns when they start to show up. I think the main problem so far has been that the moderators coming in to look at drama in the RP boards aren't really familiar with anything that's going on - once they do get the whole story, they can generally fix the actual problem, but getting to that stage often requires a lot of time and explanation.

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 11 Parable, Wed, 4th Jul '12 12:30:50 AM from California Get RP Mod Relationship Status: In love with love
Many Faces
"once they do get the whole story, they can generally fix the actual problem, but getting to that stage often requires a lot of time and explanation."

This I think sums up our problem, which is kinda similar to what happened with OTC. Arguments tended to flare up, probably between the same group of people, the R Ps can be very insulated from the rest of the forums, and people wait till forever to holler trouble.

Its not like this is a troubled board. How often do the mods need to sort something out here compared to the rest of the site? But small things tend to fester since they often end up personal until they explode.

I'm not that active a role-player and even I can be guilty of this. I notice I often play with the same people. 99% percent of the time we have no trouble. But it would certainly help if someone with more authority was known to keep watch over us. I know a lot of people who would feel happier knowing someone who was familiar with the ins and outs of the role playing section was there to sort out messes.
The flowershop gig wasn't enough to pay for my video games.
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I'd further support the move for a mod who's already integrated into the RP boards.

I think there's already one mod who RP's. Though one more couldn't hurt, I suppose.

Improvement of the RP boards would be making it so that they require less moderator attention, you see. The thing that is a little broken is that they are a waste of moderator time, especially since as far as we can tell the RP people are here for the RPs, not for the wiki.
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 15 Adannor, Wed, 4th Jul '12 1:49:56 AM from effin' belarus Get RP Mod
>especially since as far as we can tell the RP people are here for the R Ps, not for the wiki.

While some* people are here just for an entertaining sections of the forums (right column as a whole), I don't think generalisation holds true.

Anyway, premium rps don't help. At all. Most arguments start when people are already in games.
Premiums will be stillborn closed circle rps.

edited 4th Jul '12 1:51:19 AM by Adannor

 16 nrjxll, Wed, 4th Jul '12 2:42:29 AM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Not war
As someone who tends to study the internet roleplay phenomenon on various sites, there's only one benefit that I can see coming from this: helping wean TV Tropes away from Google ad revenue.

As far as dealing with actual RP problems, I can't see any possible way it helps. Apart from the question of whether this would actually crack down on trolls and drama if it worked, from what I can see these "premium" RPs would be for all intents and purposes identical to existing invitation-only closed-circle models, except that you have to pay to join them. Under those circumstances, I don't see why anyone would participate in the first place. It would be a futile exercise.

Anyway, premium rps don't help. At all. Most arguments start when people are already in games.

Also, this. I don't participate in RPs on TV Tropes (or, really, anywhere), but from what I've observed, short of outright and accordingly easily-spotted trolls, most RP problems spring up mid-game.

 17 troydenite, Wed, 4th Jul '12 4:03:32 AM from Somewhere South Get RP Mod Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Just here to give my two cents on the matter. Personally, I think that such a move would force many perfectly civil, pleasant roleplayers to leave, simply because of the fact that they would be either unwilling or unable to pay for participating in what was once a completely free system.

If the system does work, then RPs might become premium en masse, including existing ones - the number of free forums would slowly dwindle to the point of becoming non-existent.

I don't have a credit card, being sixteen, and I'm not planning on convincing my parents to shell out money (no matter how small an amount) for something that really isn't that important - in their eyes, at least. Many of the tropers I've come across on the RP forums are of a similar age, and might have similar problems - but even apart from that, the fact remains that the addition of a 'premium feature' might very well prove counter-productive to its intended goal by barring those members who wish to contribute and have every qualification to do so from the roleplays that they wish to join. Indeed, it might be their only motivation for coming to this site in the first place.

Surely there must be a better way.

edited 4th Jul '12 4:09:01 AM by troydenite

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 18 The Malignancy, Wed, 4th Jul '12 4:25:55 AM from the land of sheep and steel mills. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
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There's a huge problem here, and it's this. The people who are sensible, the people who are the best writers, or have the best ideas, or even just the ability to keep their heads for a few minutes without feeling the need to show how wacky and individual they are, those aren't the sort of people who are going to be willing to pay money for the ability to enter a roleplay on the internet.

More dedicated to the medium =/= better. Especially in this case, because it's an extremely flawed medium. All this is going to is lead to an influx of overly emotional writers with no idea of how to get a handle on their self-indulgence. It'll be free justification for every self-absorbed idiot that takes the gospel of just having fun u guise as the most serious business ever departed unto mankind, those who treat is as a golden excuse that will make any stupid little idea that pops into their heads worthwhile, the people that genuinely force themselves to believe that a crossover RP about Batman working detective with Stripperella has genuine artistic merit.

So much like the RP section as it is right now, but more expensive.

You'd most likely be increasing your revenue, which is undoubtedly a good thing, but you wouldn't really be cleaning up the more troublesome moderation aspects. It's the emotionally indulgent drama queens that are likeliest to pay to want to stay in their super special RPs.

edited 4th Jul '12 4:35:29 AM by TheMalignancy

 19 Adannor, Wed, 4th Jul '12 4:27:38 AM from effin' belarus Get RP Mod
Also I have a suspicion that if somebody have shelled out real money to access an RP, they'll be MORE inclined to argue if it stops being to their satisfaction.

edited 4th Jul '12 5:34:49 AM by Adannor

 20 strawberryflavored, Wed, 4th Jul '12 5:32:18 AM from Virginia Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
You spin me right round...
Yeah, whereas with other RPs, all you've invested is time. But with RPs you have to pay to play in, people are more likely to argue that the RP was a waste of their money or that they're not getting what they paid for out of it.

edited 4th Jul '12 5:33:13 AM by strawberryflavored

 21 Totemic Hero, Wed, 4th Jul '12 5:58:43 AM from the next level Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Abstaining
Spit taker
Is it me, or is everyone missing the bit about this being an opt-in feature? (In short, GMs who don't want their RP to be pay-to-play can just go on with life as usual.)
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 22 Adannor, Wed, 4th Jul '12 6:03:18 AM from effin' belarus Get RP Mod
^I don't think I see such overt point-missing here, but I did see it in other places. But it's waaay far below "everyone".

I see that it's opt-in clearly, and I'm not saying that this implementation will make RP section Ruined Forever, but that it will simply not fulfil the expectations, go unnoticed and unused.

 23 Justa Username, Wed, 4th Jul '12 6:24:19 AM from Melbourne, Australia Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Mu
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Yeah, I have to admit, the play to pay idea isn't really that good for this medium.

Play-by-Post Games are notorious for just suddenly dying for whatever reason. Heck, the average life expectancy for an RP is about three months. So you pay money for something likely to be short lived...

Really, this would be a waste of effort to implement and the resources are better focused on other issues currently plaguing TV Tropes.

edited 4th Jul '12 6:28:09 AM by JustaUsername

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 24 Adannor, Wed, 4th Jul '12 6:27:51 AM from effin' belarus Get RP Mod
>Play By Post Games are notorious for taking a long time for new posts so in a worst case scenario, people will be paying for something they post in once a week.

Post once a week or come after a night to see 5-10 new pages in there :D

>Really, this would be a waste of effort to implement and the resources are better focused on other issues currently plaguing TV Tropes.

Yep, my opinion exactly.

 25 Mr AHR, Wed, 4th Jul '12 7:41:00 AM from ಠ_ಠ Get RP Mod Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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I also suspect a lot of roleplayers would have no way TO pay, and thus even if they wanted to participate, could not.

Wiki Development: RP Moderator Nominations
5th Jul '12 3:26:16 PM
At issue:
Selecting an RP person to moderate RP behavior so that RP drama does not spill out into the rest of the forum/wiki.
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