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Up on Melancholy Hill.

A lone figure sighed a little bit as it slumped over the edge of the immense building it leaned on. It stared down at the hustle and the bustle of the big city below it, its eyes half lidded, swimming with boredom. Needless to say, it had nothing to do.

Flipping over onto its back, arms behind its head, it stared at the clear sky above, its eyes landing on a lone plane as it made its way across the sky, at an almost lazy pace. Ahhh, to fly, that would help the boredom that much was certain. but for now, nothing happened. Nothing exciting anyway. And it would appear that it would stay that way.

Hello, human

The voice was dark and cold, enough to send a shiver from the bottom of its spine to the top of its head. Eyes wide, it sat up and looked for the source of the voice, in an almost desperate attempt. What on earth could have such a DARK and EVIL tone?

Its eyes eventually met with a small, black figure. Something so small that could sound so evil, so dark almost seemed hilarious. Instead, he stared at it for a moment, eyes meeting yellow eyes. neither moving, neither faulting. Finally, the voice spoke again.

I sense a great power in you, human. A power i cannot sense in anyone else on this planet. A power, which has grabbed my attention. A chuckle. Yes, you will do quite nicely.

"W-What are you? What are you talking about?"

Oh my dear human, I suggest you take a nice, deep breath. For what I have to offer you is greatness. A break from the norm. A chance to really show the fellow humans your true powers; your skills if you will.

"I...Don't know...I...don't even know what you are..."

Another chuckle, this one raspier than the first. Just consider me a break from the monotony human. Join with me, and I will show you greatness, I will show you power, and I will show you things that no other humans has seen before...

The human stared for a moment, its mind reeling. What to do? It was bored, yes, but to do something with this...entity, this...beast? It gulped and prepared to answer, when suddenly a razor sharp claw pressed against its forehead. It lasted only a second, but to him it was an eternity, filled with visions of...things. Things that no human mind could comprehend, let alone describe, and he was sent reeling.

Hm hm hm... it chuckled. Humans are so adorable when they think they have free will in life...now come along, puppet...I have some plans for us...

In the heavens, far above the planet earth, there stood a kingdom, and in this Kingdom, there were warriors. Warriors assigned to protect the planet below. Warriors of great honor, strength, valor, heart. Warriors of greatness.

One of them sat in middle of the room, sitting in a lotus position. His eyes closed behind a pair of glasses, his hands on his knees, breathing calmly.

Breath in...breath out...breath in...breath out....breath in...breath out...clear my mind...not like this....stop thinking...bah...

He figured he'd have SOME time to meditate before his...ahem....team mates were to awaken, or show up at some age. And normally, when they woke up, there would be no peace anywhere.

Breath in, breath—


Ah, right on schedule. Alexander sighed and rose to his feet. Time to start the day it seemed.
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King of Lame-Style
THOOM, The sound resonated throughout the kingdom, loud enough to wake up the warrior of the dog; Jack. He yawned as he slowly sat up, and got off his bed. He stretched moved around, more for waking up purposes than exercise related. Then he ditched his his bed robes for something more decent, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, not bothering with shoes. He exited his room, and walked through the common room heading to the yards. Yet he stopped noticing a fellow warrior.

"Morning, Alex" He says in his usual calm manner
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THOOM. When the sound reached Lord Winterbottom, he had already awakened. "Ever heard of the early bird that catches the worm?", he mumbled to himself. "Punctuality is the politeness of kings. But then again this place is about as ignoble as that wretched middle class...Ah well...time to see what those indignified creatures that call themselves "warriors" are up to." With that words, he fetched his cane and headed to the yards.
THOOM. As the sound leaked into the pitch-dark room Zephyr slept in, he woke up and rolled over, falling off of his small bed. He groaned and stood up, then put on his glasses to shield his eyes and turned on a set of dim lights. He put on his normal clothes, in the basic form, and confirmed that he was still wearing his jewellery, as he had been sleeping wearing it. He walked out of his room and headed towards the yards.
THOOM. The sound jolted Eva out of her peaceful slumber. “Ugh, a quieter wake up call would be nice,” she grumbled. After a yawn and a stretch, she clambered out of her bed. Still half-asleep, she changed into some casual clothes, stumbling around a bit as she stuck her legs into her pants. Eva grabbed one of her hair ties, and blearily made her way to the yards, while swiftly pulling her hair back into its usual ponytail.
THOOM. The great sound reached the already awake Chanticleer, who was standing in the yard. He was startled by the great noise, and his bugle dropped out of his hands as he was about to play a song.

"What the? Was that Alex...? I thought he'd appreciate a traditional reveille, but I guess military tradition is too formal for him. Disappointing."

Chanticleer placed his bugle on a marble pedestal, and waited, knowing the others would assemble in the yard or the main room.

"And good morning to you," Rhiannon murmured, turning the next page to finish the chapter before relinquishing her curled-up position and standing. She was already dressed—leggings, light sweater, her hair braided into a leather thong. Flat boots this time; heels weren't suited to training. As she headed for the door onto the hallway she paused, as always, to skim her fingertips along the sharp edge of the silver athame mounted on the wall. It was a sort of luck-ritual; the blade had always served her well and never failed to bring everyone safely home. With a secret little smile she made her way to the yards.
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"Whuzat?" A pair of eyes peaked out from beneath the dark covers of a large round bed in a rather messy room. A male voice grumbled, "Morning? Fug that. I'm sleeping in."

Pulling the covers back over his head, Simon tried to return to sleep, only for a loud grumbling noise to fill the room.

"Ugh. Stupid stomach. Fine, fine."

Simon half walked, half crawled from the bed, dragging the covers with him. He grubbed around for a few minutes for some clothes, then finally threw the covers back towards the bed. Dressed in jeans and a bluish tank top, he began his usual morning ritual of stretching and grumbling about having to get up.

"Now, where to get some grub.." Simon muttered as he began wandering out of his room.
Up on Melancholy Hill.
"Good morning, Jack." Alex said with a sigh as he rose to his feet, his eyes closing as he cracked his neck. Meditation often left him stiff, it probably wasn't a good thing it did. "I trust you heard the noise too?" It would have been impossible to NOT hear it, he realized after he spoke and shook his head. "Either way, come along. If that sound was heard, it can only mean our colleagues are up and about. Let's head down to the yards, shall we?" He asked with a small smile, walking out of the room and making his way to the outside.
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Jack nodded "I was thinking of going either way, the yards are so nice this time of the year"

He said. He sincerely thought this, having large expanses of peaceful and quiet forests and plains to read and rest, even if it interfered with his training. But that sound wasn't like the regular wake-up call. Wondering what could be special about today he walked outside, following Alex, to meet with the rest of the warriors at the yards.
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Up on Melancholy Hill.
"Greetings, my comrades!" Alex exclaimed upon seeing the small group of his fellow warriors gathered out in the yards. Well, okay, SOME of them were out there. He was sure more than a few of them were out grabbing some food or something of the like. He instead decided to work with what he had in front of him. "Good morning to you all. To whomever caused that rather impressive noise a few moments ago, thank you for being a more effective alarm clock than anything we could have to offer. To whom do I have to thank for that?" Surely ONE of them had to make that noise, right?
Chanticleer looked confused.

"The noise wasn't you, Alexander? Then what was it?"
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THOOM! No less of a sound would pierce the drunken slumber of Langston. Enthusiastic as he was to start the day, he immediately rolled backwards from his position on his poor, courageous bed, and lept up onto his feet in a swift motion that made the room tremble.

"At this point, I think this sound was made just for me!" He bellowed. He quickly fit himself into his usual apparel; a metal studded kilt for decency (which he sometimes disregarded, to the horror of many), and thick meteoric plating for his massive gut, arms, and shins.

"Annnnd you!" He grabbed a monstrously thick wood-and-metal club. Fully prepared, and nowhere near starving, he sprinted out towards the courtyard with frightening speed, leaving noticeable indents on the ground behind him.

"All righty then!" He said, arriving. "What's the fun today?"

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Up on Melancholy Hill.
He cast a look to Chanticleer. "It was not you? Or...you? any of you?" He paused, then chuckled. "A boom of that volition must have come from-"

His sentence interrupted, before the small group was the chosen of the boar. Rowdy, and a bit on the over energetic side, Alexander would lie if having him around was boring. So much energy in such a large body. Clearing his throat, he turned.

"Good morning to you as well, Langston." he said to his large companion. "Perhaps it was you that made the noise that awoke us all?"
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"If I'd fallen off the bed, I'd tell you." Langston said, smiling. "I was in a sleep two degrees from death itself, I'm sure!"

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Instrument of Destruction and Rebirth

Blake was jolted awake by the loud noise. He groaned and pulled himself up out of the bed. The noise had already given him a splitting headache.

"I am definitely not a morning person." he muttered as he dressed himself in a white t-shirt and shorts. He tried his best to make his bed-head look manufactured, and as a result walked into the yards as Langston was roaring at Alex in his traditionally loud voice.

"Just as hammy as ever, that Langston." Blake thought to himself as he reached the group of fellow warriors.

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