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My issue with BBT's stereotyping is that this idea of intelligent people as socially inept, arrogant and out of touch elitists is a consistent reason that people who prefer reading or non physical based pursuits get ostracized and picked on and all the men of BBT fall into this a lot. Frankly it's a bit insulting to intelligent people who have the interests of the BBT guys to see them reduced to caricatures a bit because they often have to deal with people thinking negatively about them for the their brain power. Personally I find Amy Ferra Fowler and Bernadette are more well rounded than the guys and the episodes I enjoy most tend to focus on them.

Another thing that gives me mixed feelings is Sheldon. I've met a guy who was a lot like Sheldon (down to the symptoms of Aspergers and ADHD) just not quite as smart and he was nowhere near as funny as Sheldon is supposed to seem. He was difficult to be around at the best of times.

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The only reason it's offensive is because it's centered on one subculture. All sitcom characters since Seinfeld have behaved the same way.
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Big Bang Theory has a healthy and relatable amount of geek humour in it, but it's also tempered by a heavy heaping of humour at the expense of geeks.

But this is a derail.

I did not expect to like How I Met Your Mother, but I enjoy it a lot, though I don't keep up. Admittedly, I watch almost entirely because of NPH's OTT-ness as Barney, and the rest of the crew, while fine and serviceable examples of their character archetypes, are a little bit cookie-cutter.
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To the Urban Dictionary!

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it's the fact that somehow, people think actual geeks see this as geek humor.

Some of us do...

I agree that a lot of the references are annoyingly shallow, though. For example, at one point, they seriously wonder where Superman gets his powers at night. Because apparently not even a super-geek like Sheldon knows that Superman's cells are the ultimate batteries that can hold their "charge" for a very long time. That one bugged me.

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I still see a lot of things in iCarly that make it hard to watch. I find it so interesting how fundamentally different it is from Victorious. I have a feeling Dan likes Victorious more. I'm not surprised iCarly is in its last season.
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[up]Most of what I've seen of iCarly in its earlier days, probably Season 1, and I didn't think it was bad. I saw Victorious at a cousin's and was surprised at how watchable it was.

Either way, even a bad iCarly episode seems more watchable than nearly any Disney sitcom.
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Yeah, I agree with that. Dan Schneider has a self-aware sense of humor that you don't see a lot of on Nickelodeon. Cartoon Network has had it for years but, you know.

Namely, the Victorious episodes "April Fools Blank" and "The Breakfast Bunch" really show off the writing and acting.
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Why I like iCarly can be summed up in two words: Sam Puckett. I loves me a good amusing sociopath.
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the vampire diaries . when i had first saw the promo forthe first seadon, i had thought it would end up as another twlight clone. but after i had watched the maraton of the first ten episodes, i was hooked. It helped that ian, A.K.A Boone from Lost was on.
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Where can i find a woman like that?
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Suits, a friend of mine got me in, and i liked it.

Also, i have to nitpick here, but The Big Bang Theory had a live audience, no Canned Laughter, it may be annoying, but it's real.
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Big Bang Theory. Mostly because I hate the laugh track, hate the stereotypes, hate sitcoms, and yet I can't help but watch it and enjoy it, provided the endings aren't too awkward.
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The Big Bang Theory had a live audience, no Canned Laughter, it may be annoying, but it's real.

I hate the laugh track

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I downloaded the first episode of Glee out of boredom, but soon I found myself hooked. The first episodes were funny, and Sue captured my heart with her cartoonish villain traits. However, as seasons went by, I found that I was keeping up with the show as more of a habit than anything else. There weren't any genuinely funny moments anymore, some plotlines seemed to exist only for the purpose of inserting a famous song in, and some other plotlines were being reused (seriously, Quinn in a wheel chair?). Not even Jane Lynch was enough to keep me entertained. I quit watching shortly after the beggining of season three.
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I hate laugh tracks in general, live audience or canned. I'll grant that it's less grating in some shows than others.

But, given the choice? Begone!
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I only started watching Buffy when I had to study it for English. I am ever grateful. Doctor Who I was baguely interested in but kind of "meh". Carnivale looked bleak and weird, and Miranda looked cheesy and try hard.

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Laura: Point is, hate the laughter.
This is an old example but I remember when I was about nine, my mom told me that I should watch a new show called Ghostwriter because she read in the newspaper that it was supposed to really good. This made me think that it was one of those boring and educational things that parents like because it's "good" but kids don't. I caught it on tv a few weeks later and fell in love with it. It was my favorite show until it cancelled.
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I'd heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I was in high school, but it really sounded like one of those tween-friendly shows for adolescent girls. Like Sailor Moon but live-action.

I actually only wound up watching an episode by accident. I was flipping channels one day because I was bored and there was this show on. It was an episode in the fifth season, and I was about halfway through it before I caught Buffy's name and realized, "Wait, is THIS Buffy the Vampire Slayer?"

I've been addicted to it ever since.
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I want to say Gilmore Girls. It was all chatter with people talking way too fast, with a premise that didn't exactly interest me. I only noticed it because WB constantly advertised it. But something about the chatter was just entertaining to watch.
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I didn't expect myself to warm to Community mainly because I took issue with the initially rather negative depiction of greendale and by extension community colleges in general.
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The Walking Dead. I normally don't like Zombie Apocalypse stuff because they get too depressing, but that show has managed to make it compelling without it just being, "they're all gonna die anyway it doesn't matter".
Monday Mornings. I can enjoy a good Medical Drama on occasion, but the last one I watched was House, and not even the whole run. I admit I watched MM only because it has Jamie Bamber in it. What really pushed me to get into it was when I heard Ioan Gruffudd guest-starred in one episode. Horatio and Archie together again? I had to see it, if only just for the nostalgia.

I didn't expect much, but I fell sticky icky in love with it and got attached. And now I hear it's more than likely to get cancelled. Hollywood sometimes gives you nice things and then takes them away from you. Come on, Marcellus Wallace as a nice and cool doctor? I want more! Now I'm dealing with my grief by entry pimping the page and I'm seriously considering Sending Stuff to Save the Show. When did I become a scary fan girl? Did TV Tropes finally ruin my life?

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