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Have a look at this Trope Repair Shop thread Look over it, and see if a special effort is a better option for that. (basically, trying to change an index of tropes, and some of them have other issues).

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[up]There is a crowner there that asks to decide all the issues individually.
How do I rename this thread, or should I start a new one?
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[up]With a holler.
Here's my opening post from that thread. I thought "3" might be the least controversial to fix; that turned out not to be the case. Maybe we should start with "5"?

Many of our snowclones are bad, but Hollywood Style offers a special blend of problems.

Hollywood Style means several different things (more on that later), but the general definition I get from it is: things that are portrayed differently in fiction from how they are in real life. Okay. I'm sure all of those are tropes. But don't an enormous proportion of our tropes fall under that definition? Including all our Artistic License tropes, all of our Did Not Do The Research tropes and a great many others besides?

More importantly, we shouldn't just define a trope as "the way Hollywood portrays this thing." We need to state what that way IS. Else we get tropes like Hollywood Light Bulb. (What is a Hollywood Light Bulb? Click to find out!)

And as the Hollywood Style page description states (in fact, the only thing that it states), these tropes aren't about American movies, or America in general, or movies in general. They're about media in general, like all our tropes, leaving "Hollywood" a poor adjective for them.

I suggest going through all the pages and recategorizing or renaming as necessary.

I see the index/snowclone presently covering these different, distinct concepts:

1) Comparatively X. (Hollywood Dateless, Hollywood Homely, Hollywood Nerd type II, Hollywood Old, Hollywood Pudgy) With these tropes, an element wouldn't qualify as X in real life, but it does in fiction because of how it compares with unrealistic media standards. This is what I originally thought Hollywood X to mean.

2) Exaggerated X or Stereotypical X (Hollywood Atheist, Hollywood Autism, Hollywood California, Hollywood Jehovah's Witness, Hollywood New England, Hollywood Mid-Life Crisis, Hollywood Nerd type I, Hollywood Nuns, Hollywood Tourette's, Hollywood Voodoo) With these tropes, the element would certainly qualify as X in real life, if it existed, but it would be an extreme example. These tropes are based on stereotypes and misconceptions to the point of inaccuracy. This is the complete opposite of "1." With many tropes, such as Hollywood Atheist, X has several stereotypes, and it's unclear to which "Hollywood X" refers. In some, including Hollywood Atheist again, the trope refers to more than one of these conflicting stereotypes, which shouldn't belong on the same page at all.

3) Did Not Do The Research On Subject X or Unrealistic Treatment Of X (Hollywood Costuming, Hollywood Evolution, Hollywood History, Hollywood Law, Hollywood Sailing, Hollywood Science, Hollywood Psych, Hollywood Sex, Hollywood Tactics) With these tropes, the media portray a broad topic in an inaccurate way, presumably using a variety of tropes. I do not think these are useful pages when they collect examples, but they work best as supertropes to DNDTR tropes. After all, not all media portray science (or geography, or law) the same incorrect way to the point where we can label a single portrayal as "the way Hollywood does it." Many of these names are also particularly ambiguous ("Hollywood Costuming" sounds like "costumes in movies" instead of "inaccurate costuming"; "Hollywood Economics" sounds something akin to "Hollywood Accounting."

4) DNDTR/unrealistic portrayal of specific element X (Hollywood CB, Hollywood Density, Hollywood Encryption, Hollywood Excorcism, Hollywood Genetics, Hollywood Hacking, Hollywood Heart Attack, Hollywood Skydiving) These are narrower than "3" but have similar problems. Some may work as tropes, some may be supertropes. All could use descriptive names.

5) Specific DNDTR or Acceptable Breaks from Reality tropes (As Long as It Sounds Foreign, Hollywood Acid, Hollywood Chameleon, Hollywood Drowning, Hollywood Driving, Hollywood Fire, Hollywood Giftwrap, Hollywood Healing, Hollywood Light Bulb, Hollywood Mirage. Hollywood Satanism, Hollywood Silencer, Hollywood Spelling, Hollywood Torches) These are all valid tropes, but we must assign each clear names rather than vague "Hollywood" ones.

6) List of items in category X that appear in media (Common Hollywood Sex Traits, Hollywood Board Games, , Hollywood Personality Disorders) Here, if it's an index, the "Hollywood" is just superfluous, right?

7) X as portrayed on screen (Hollywood Restraining Order) These aren't necessary inaccurate. They're just there.

8) Way Media Convey X (Hollywood Darkness, Hollywood Tone-Deaf) The alternative may be realistic but unclear.

9) Hollywood Business Tropes (Hollywood Accounting, Hollywood Hype Machine, Hollywood Thin) These tropes are actually about Hollywood - about the real-life media industry, not about fictional portrayal.

10) Tropes about the fictional portrayal of Hollywood (Horrible Hollywood, Writers Suck)

11) Stereotype Indexes (Hollywood Atlas, Hollywood Dress Code)

Fixed pages

Currently in TRS:

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Thank you for renaming this. Still no room to add anything in TRS. Any way to reserve a spot there? ( I have an idea, but there might be an easier way)
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[up]Yes. Finishing up done TRS threads: These here
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I see the Awesomeness.
Hollywood Sytle is kind of a clusterfuck. I believe our general rule of thumb was that Hollywood Style was a consistent form of Did Not Do Research that was trackable.
As in, #5? Okay, but those all deserve clearer names. To start with, there's now a thread open for Hollywood Lighting.
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Closing as stale.
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