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Well, according to the trope's main page, the owners of the DMoS pages have finally given everyone permission to use emphasis again, though only for a few words at a time (not for entire phrases or sentences). With that, I'm going to restore any bold or italicized text back where it belongs (not to where it doesn't), but I'm gonna need help.

For one thing, I do not wish to deal with Spongebob Squarepants or any other Nicktoons, since they are something I avoid like the plague. That means that someone else will more than likely be in charge of certain individual examples in the Western Animation main page, such as for Hey Arnold! or All Grown Up!.

Plus, there are also locked pages, such as for That Guy with the Glasses, which will be up to a moderator to take care of for obvious reasons.

Anyone with me on this?

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I'm pretty sure that was a unilateral changenote , not an official one. Don't go adding any emphasis to the pages until we get confirmation one way or another.

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No, we don't want asscaps or Bold Inflation. Somebody who can't express themselves without shouting pulled that new 'ruling' out of their ass.

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[up] Fast Eddie is completely awesome as always.

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