The Comprehensive Ptitle List (needs cut/redirect checking):

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Here is a list of all the ptitles ever created.

What we should do is go through and see #1. which ones haves been cut, and #2. which ones have more than ten inbounds.

If a ptitle has ten or less inbounds and hasn't been cut, then it should be cut. If a ptitle has more than ten inbounds and has been cut, then it should be restored.
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I retitled the thread so people (hopefully) don't confuse it with the other one.
There's a major issue to deal with regarding this thread.

Now that the Inbound checker is only going back to Jan 1, 2012 (after the phaseout of ptitles), does that mean we're going to cut every ptitle now? Or if not, can we get the former inbound list so we can determine whether or not to preserve?
I would like to think that the ultimate goal is to, eventually, remove all evidence that TV Tropes ever even had a ptitle system. Although, with the self-demonstrating version page for BRIAN BLESSED, that might be a bit of a hard task - which, I believe, is the sole ptitle page that remains (aside from the redirects).

There are still some ptitle redirects that have more than ten inbounds, and can't be cut - but I think a vast majority of them can be cut, now.

I just went through the list, earlier today - and the ones marked as checked have been updated to reflect the new cut-off date for inbounds.

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That page is now separated into four pages, and I made the entire list of ptitles click-able links. It'll also be easy to see which pages are cut and which ones aren't.
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At the moment, I am working on a feature for my script to replace ptitle-links on pages I edit.

Now all I need would be a page which has ptitle links, so I could test it.
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