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LMFAO Is A Parody Band
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LMFAO Is A Parody Band:

 1 Danniiee, Thu, 21st Jun '12 3:04:51 PM from    THE DEPTHS OF HELL   
Just think about it...their product placement (Ciroc, Patron, etc.) is REALLY blatant, to the point where they could be making a point about product placement and the corruption of the music industry. Their gratuitous swearing MUST be self-reflexive.

Their nightclubbing antics (looking for a hottie to bone, going to 'tha club, ' meeting models)are so darn ridiculous and stereotypical of dance music, there's NO way they can be serious.

I believe they started out as a parody band and wanted to make things really obvious (see the song 'Shots'), but then they realised that they could build an empire on creating stereotypical dance music.

It makes more sense the more you think about it :)
Well, they are an awesome Parody Band
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