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Not Tropeworthy: Hospital Hottie get usage counts

Is anyone interested in helping to cut out the bad examples?

So like 90% of the examples?

I think we have two tropes here— Medical Personnel Are Attractive (which is of course in-universe) and Hollywood Appropriate Dress. The latter is also part of Hot Scientist and probably several other tropes.

Alright the example section looks clean. I had to move a bunch of examples to the discussion page.

 30 Trope Eater, Sun, 18th Nov '12 2:52:29 PM from the depths of Hell
That One Troper
I don't remember ever seeing this as a trope. "People in-universe find medical personnel attractive." That's more of a trope than "Medical personnel who I personally find attractive, " but isn't this really just "Medical personnel who happen to be attractive, "? Medical personnel are sometimes attractive, both in the MeatSpace and fiction. Being medical personnel doesn't make them any more attractive.
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Ecce Homo Superior
This is a trope. Handsome male doctors tend to be a popular love interest in romance novels. Pretty/sexy nurses show up in many types of works as love interests or for fanservice (there's a reason that the trope namer for Hello, Nurse! is a nurse, after all). The beautiful nurse who nurses the hero back to health has shown up in enough war stories to be considered a cliché.

This is a trope in the same way that Good-Looking Privates is a trope: there's an expectation in a lot of fiction that doctors will be handsome and dignified, that nurses will be hot (and, more often than not, skimpily uniformed), that soldiers will be dashing. It's not just a case of "occupation holder who happens to be hot".

edited 18th Nov '12 2:57:49 PM by DoktorvonEurotrash

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 32 Trope Eater, Sun, 18th Nov '12 3:20:52 PM from the depths of Hell
That One Troper
[up]In that case, we should probably alter the description and/or definition to reflect that. A trope isn't "Medical personnel are attractive, " a trope is "Medical personnel are attractive BECAUSE lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..."
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[up][up] Good-Looking Privates is about in-story acknowledgement that the person is better looking in a military uniform.

Ecce Homo Superior
[up]Then this one should be about in-story acknowledgement that being a doctor or a nurse makes someone attractive in a way that, say, being a hospital receptionist or cleaner doesn't.
(it's David Bowie)
 35 lu 127, Mon, 7th Jan '13 3:35:26 AM from the Forest of Thorns Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
Since the cleanup is done, Imma lock this. We can revisit the general problem with attraction tropes in a concentrated special efforts thread.
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