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I got a few cut in the J section.
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Finished up J and a good chunk of K. We're now sitting at 1550 wicks.

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I've been chipping away at the end of the "T" wicks, but it's reached the point that the last wicks alphabetically (besides TRS Wick Cleaning) are those with names beginning with "The"... of which there are several hundred. Somehow, I suspect they'll be the last to go.

EDIT: Finished off the "K" wicks as well. Down to 1493 now, although that includes a few archives.

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I'll start hacking away at some pages.

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55 Tarlonniel4th Dec 2012 05:38:09 AM from Metropolis , Relationship Status: Tweaking my holographic boyfriend
Heh, despite all efforts, someone added an It Gets Worse entry last night (which has been zapped). [lol]
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Well, sadly, adding a trope to the Permanent Red Link Club won't completely stop people from adding wicks - Did Not Do The Research was perma-redlinked nearly three months ago and still new wicks keep appearing every couple of days, apparently added by people who did not... well, you know. (In fact, a new one appeared just this morning, in a Sandbox for the YKTTW for "Apathy Index". If wicking to it at all is a Self-Demonstrating Wick, wicking to it from a sandbox for "Apathy Index" is a Self-Demonstrating Wick Fractal...)

Short version: even after the last of the wicks to both It Gets Worse and It Got Worse are removed, we'll need to check periodically for new ones added by people who not only didn't know about the rename but, apparently, didn't notice the redlink in their new edits.

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Meh, they're redlinks. If You Know What I Mean didn't go down in one night. People will eventually get the hint when all their edits become redlinks.
I'd generally guess that it's not a problem with people not getting the hint, but with disagreeing with the policy. At least, as long as there's a mention in the top of the page.

BTW, what did Did Not Do The Research become? The page is entirely blank, not telling you what the new trope is. I may not disagree with the policy (although I really thought sinkholes added to the humor of the site), but if I can't figure out what the new link should be, I'm likely to just link the old on that I remember and count on one of you to fix it.
59 SeptimusHeap4th Dec 2012 01:42:46 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Did Not Do The Research wicks needs to be deleted.
Did Not Do The Research didn't "become" anything. It was deleted altogether, and Fast Eddie has made it very clear that it's never coming back. New wicks are summarily deleted (since I deleted nearly ~4000 of the old wicks myself, I've personally checked for new wicks at least once a day since then), especially if they are formatted as entries in trope lists (it was never a trope, it was an index - and that was part of the reason why it was deleted, rampant misuse).

Back on the subject of It Got Worse, someone took care of the "L" wicks earlier today, and the first few "M" wicks. The number of wicks is now... 1337. Insert your own "leet" reference here (or better yet, don't).

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61 ShadowHog4th Dec 2012 02:46:36 PM from Earth , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
I thought Did Not Do The Research split off into the less-inflammatory Artistic License - <Subject>?

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That was already a separate index. (I'm starting to wish I hadn't mentioned it, as it is beside the point of this thread.)

So, back on topic, the number of It Got Worse wicks continues to decrease - as I write, "M" and "S" are both being tackled. Someone also zapped a few of the later alphabet "The" wicks, so the list is gradually being chipped away from both ends. I wonder where they'll meet in the middle?

EDITED TO ADD: The "M" wicks are finished, leaving just six letters - N, O, P, R, S, and T - and 1185 wicks.

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63 Tarlonniel4th Dec 2012 08:58:49 PM from Metropolis , Relationship Status: Tweaking my holographic boyfriend
Eliminated the Os. Under 1000 now.
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I've been working my way up the list of "The" wicks, so the only letters remaining are N, P, R, S, and Ta-Theg. (Oh, and some archives, but, well, nothing to be done about those.) Under 730 left now.

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65 Doryna5th Dec 2012 12:27:39 AM from North Carolina , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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Wow, this is awesomely fast. I wish I'd said something sooner.

About to hit 700. Woot!
Less than 700 now; the "N" wicks are gone (except for a locked page; the edit request has been submitted). Just P, R, S, and Ta-Theg to go now.

(I suspect that the "meeting in the middle" of the first and last remaining wicks alphabetically will happen somewhere under "S"; there are far and away more of those than there are "P" or "R" or, now, even "T" wicks.)
The remaining "T" wicks have been polished off - just Po-Pu, R, and S to go now, and they're being worked on as I write. We're fast nearing the 400 mark - one final push and we may finish this today!

EDIT: Down to the Se-St wicks now, and less than 200 to go!

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68 SeptimusHeap5th Dec 2012 12:22:19 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Aaaand ... hit mlsmithca - it's done![awesome]
And that's that! Just seven archives and two administrative pages (Pothole Magnet, Permanent Red Link Club). Huzzah!

EDIT: Not just de-wick ninja'd by Septimus, post ninja'd as well! :)

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70 Willbyr5th Dec 2012 12:55:53 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Awesome work, everyone. [awesome]
Ha! Looks like I get the final one! wink

You may want to check your inboxes. wink
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You've done that crazy fast, guys! -cookies for the hard-working wikiers- Those badges are well earned, assuming Lu just sent you some.

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73 tdgoodrich15th Dec 2012 02:02:58 PM from Atlanta , Relationship Status: Californicating
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I don't feel like I contributed that much, but thanks, Lu.
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74 ShadowHog5th Dec 2012 02:25:52 PM from Earth , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
Probably contributed more than I did; I only did, like, six of that several-thousand. :P
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Awesome. I'd buy a round for the house, if we were all at a bar. And if I drank.

At any rate, congratulations all around!

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