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Needs Help: Eye Scream
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Needs Help: Eye Scream get usage counts

Current image doesn't really evoke shudders. Perhaps a screenshot from this video? It's a cow's eye, but it really makes you uncomfortable, doesn't it? Don't even need special effects.

Current image:

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edited 20th Jun '12 1:23:21 AM by rodneyAnonymous

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I know that I find it quite enough and don't really want something more "illustrative". I can't watch the video just yet, but I'll see about doing so later.
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We used to have a screenshot from An Andalusian Dog. It was removed because it was deemed too nasty.
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I don't get it, what's wrong with the current image?

There's clearly a power drill next to somebody's eyeball. That shit is gonna hurt. Seems wince-worthy enough to me.

EDIT: After watching the video, I'm even more certain that using an image from it is a bad idea. There aren't really any clear shots that aren't horribly graphic. Also, Jesus.

edited 20th Jun '12 1:42:24 AM by Scardoll

In uffish thought
I've watched that video now. Nononononononono. Please don't use an image from it. The current is fine.
 7 Willbyr, Wed, 20th Jun '12 4:15:11 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
The current is more than fine, and since the suggestion is something that we've already overturned in favor of the current, I'm locking this.

edited 20th Jun '12 4:17:04 AM by Willbyr

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