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1 dmysta300019th Jun 2012 08:33:00 PM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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Coming to to the US as a PSN only download this November. (It will also be compatible with Move)

This is all I've ever wanted from you Capcom. gringringringringringringringringringringringringringringringringringrin

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Really? You don't want Okami 2, Viewtiful Joe 3, Devil May Cry 5, God Hand 2, Mega Man Legends 3, Mega Man 12, Mega Man X 9, Mega Man ZX 3, Street Fighter 5, Darkstalkers 4, Rival Schools 3, Capcom vs SNK 3, Capcom vs Sega, Capcom vs Kellogs, Capcom vs Nintendo, Capcom vs Atlus, Dead Rising 3, Ghosts and Goblins 3 or Gargoyle Quest 4?
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3 Lionheart019th Jun 2012 09:42:43 PM , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
[up][up]All I ever wanted too. waii
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[up][up]Mega Man 12? There isn't even an 11 yet.

Still, if there's any content that's not in the PS2 version, then WANT.
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Whoops. I still want a MM XI, though.
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I've seen this before. Everyone squeals "Yay!!!!!" - then no one actually BUYS it.

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Why would I write that?
People buy it, it just turns out there's not that many people who wanted it in the first place. I mean, all the sites, all the threads, all the people who say they want it equate to what, a few hundred? Maybe less? That's just not enough. You gotta pull hundreds of thousands AT LEAST to be considered any kind of success.
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On the other hand, if you're a fan of the series and own a PS3, what do you care who else buys it? tongue
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9 Enlong19th Jun 2012 11:27:35 PM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
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I'm probably just going to buy the Wii version.

Maaaaaybe get this version so my roommate can play it, but I dunno.

And yeah, all I want is Viewtiful Joe 3. What is the origin of the Black V-Watch? What is that evil castle? What is the third threat?
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So yeah, I already own this game. This ISN'T everything I ever wanted from Capcom. THEY ALREADY CANCELLED THAT ONE. Though I wouldn't mind it if this succeeded and managed to spawn Okami 2.
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11 Enlong19th Jun 2012 11:39:24 PM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
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How good is the Wii port, by the way? Whatever the motion controls are like, I think I'll be fine, unless they're monumentally bad. I'm generally fine with Wii controls.
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[up] As much as I wanted to like the Wii port of Ōkami, the normal attack waggle on the Wiimote is very unreliable to the point where Amaterasu will often just stand there doing nothing and get hit for it. The only way to reliably attack at that point is Power Slash, and that costs ink.

I should emphasize that I never had that problem in the PS2 version of Okami or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which uses the exact same Wiimote accelerometer waggle input for standard attacks. I was always able to attack exactly when I wanted to.

While this HD port sounds interesting, I still don't have a PS3. I'll add it to the list of reasons to get a PS3, though (chief among them being the Yakuza series).

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13 Kayeka19th Jun 2012 11:44:12 PM from Amsterdam , Relationship Status: Brony
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[up][up]Wii controls are passable. Buttons are still better.

The biggest problem with the Wii is that they had to make subtle changes to the graphics to account for the difference in hardware. Because of this, the game has gone from having 'OMG, AWESOME!' looks to merely 'Oooh, pretty.'

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It was some sort of filter that did that.

Given that the HD release supports Move, I'd assume this is based off the Wii version. Still, it should be a fairly simple matter to just slap the filter back on.

I dunno. PSN, right? I beefed up my hard drive a couple of months ago, so I don't see why I shouldn't get it.
15 Enlong19th Jun 2012 11:54:07 PM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
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Eh, I'll get it anyway. Those problems don't sound like anything I can't deal with, and I am increasingly feeling like this is a game I should not miss out on.
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I have the Wii version and the only waggle problem I've ever had is that I sometimes dodge left instead of right. Combat didn't suffer for me at all.

Though crossing names off the bounty list can be frustrating until you figure it out.
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17 JimmyTMalice20th Jun 2012 04:53:29 AM from Ironforge , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Okami was pretty great, but I played the PS2 version only recently and I don't see the need to buy the HD version too. All I can say is that they'd better get rid of Blockhead. That guy is freaking impossible to kill, especially in his later appearances where he has an absurd amount of weak points you have to hit dead on.

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18 Demongodofchaos220th Jun 2012 05:38:27 AM from Reality , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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If I could get some kind of discount due to already owning the PS2 version I'd think about it. Otherwise I don't think the HD upgrade is worth buying the same game twice.
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Well, at least it's only 20 bucks, so people who do want to get the new version (or people who missed out on the original) don't have to pay a crazy amount for a game that's been released twice.

As for the Wii version, I had issues using Glavies, but Rosaries were really easy to use, and those shield weapons weren't too bad if you had a nice rhythm. Dodging could be a pain though.

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21 Psyclone20th Jun 2012 10:30:33 AM from Somewhere else
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Yay! Didn't have a chance to play the original. Looking forward to this!
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22 Enlong20th Jun 2012 10:37:29 AM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
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I only wish that I had known about it earlier. Clover deserved my money.
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23 TracerBullet20th Jun 2012 05:27:42 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley
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As utterly GLORIOUS as that trailer looked, I had the impeccable timing to have just beaten the PS2 version like two weeks ago. So unless if Capcom pulls something totally out of left field for this release like importing PS2 save data, I think I'll keep my 20 bucks and ability to New Game +.

Now, if a Vita version somehow winds up becoming a thing, I might just go a little nuts and buy this game for a third time. (Need to figure out what on earth to do with that Wii copy lying around, though.)
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24 Lightflame20th Jun 2012 05:53:47 PM from where you can't find me , Relationship Status: Drowning in your pond, hoping you'll notice me
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I'd get this version if I had a PS3. I already have the Wii version. And Ōkamiden. Oh Kurow, you are one totally awesome dude.

Anyway, this looks neat, but I'm not getting a PS3 until Kingdom Hearts III. But this adds another reason to get one.
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