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The Best Caster Servant
Sign Ups!

Day 0: The Beginning of the Holy Grail War

The war to find one worthy of the Holy Grail. A war to find who is worthy enough to have the legendary, omnipotent wish granting device. The rules, this time, were different. The classes, usually seven in number, had shifted. Multiple classes and a number beyond seven Servants. This grail was different, and a single Servant had been summoned to keep the rules of the war in place.

The Servant itself summoned by the pure Grail by the class of Ruler. The strongest of Servant classes known. Its only purpose is to maintain order and to help out Masters in need. Also, to offer refuge to those who request safety from the Church. This is Jeanne's only purpose here. Once the victor is decided, she is the one who delivers the Grail to the supposed victor.

Now, with the war beginning, she only waits in solitude. The young warrior kneels at the altar, praying to the sky above for a war befitting of him.

The Grail had already chosen those worthy to fight.

They would fight, and die for their prize. Or they would live to see another day. Or perhaps they flee from the fight, unworthy after all? This was the essence of the Holy Grail War.

A battle for a single wish.

It had begun.
Time of Day: Night — 11:36 PM
Jessica Harway — Harway Manor — Redrock Town

The young magus had created the red magical circle in her basement with its overly intricate design of runic patterns and spider-web like cracks. The lettering on the outside of the ring was illegible, but Jessica paid no mind. Once finished, she stood up and stretched her arms into the air. "Now then, it's time."

A deep breath. Jessica pulled her hand up and opened her palm. The magus closed her eyes to focus. She concentrated on the circle before her, on the Servant she would soon summon to aid her in the coming battle.

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg." the words flew forth from her lips. The circle came to life with a vibrant, red glow.

" The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate." red electricity arced from the surface and traced along the surface of the magic sigil.

"Shut, fill!" Jessica repeated in rapid, up to five times.

"Repeat every five times! Simply, shatter once filled!" the circle branches out, almost as if it was a tree taking root.

"—I announce..." the electricity that once danced around the circle now becomes rampant. It flies through out the air, touching the walls and the ceiling.

"Yourself is under me, my fate is in your sword!" the lightning stopped.

"In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, THEN ANSWER!" the ground shook.

"Here is my oath, I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead! I am the one who lays out all evil of the world of the dead! You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of BALANCE—- !"

And it was done.

The ritual completed in a burst of light.

Bridget Brunhild — Brunhild Residence — Archwood City

"Ah.. Victor, don't drag me around like that!" the young girl was on her way to her room when her seeing-eye dog, Victor, dragged her off and toward the basement. It smelled something down in the deep darkness. Was it fresh? Old? The dog didn't know, it just caught wind of it was they passed by. "Victor!" she called out at the dog again.

"RUFF!" it barked and then leaped forward. Bridget was pulled a little too violently and she fell forward.

"A-ahh!" the young, frail girl collapsed onto the ground with her hands out. Her goal was to stop herself from falling face first into the ground but that plan utterly failed.


The red fluid dripped from her palm and onto the ground.

"Ahh..! Victor, you mutt.. you..." Bridget crawled forward, on all fours, and began reaching around for something to support herself. Although, there was something strange. A large, circular something right there in front of her. It had engravings and strange symbols all around it, but she couldn't see it. "Victor!" she called again before her bloody palm fell onto the symbol.

"Ah, if you won't help me Victor, maybe someone else will!"

And then... by complete accident, the circle began to glow.

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Wes Downgate, Downgate Apartment Complex, Archwood City

Wes sat outside, looking at the stars from the third story of his family’s apartment. The lights of the city below were just as bright, but they didn’t hold the same romanticism, the same fantasy, so they were inferior in his eyes.

He closed his eyes. So it was tonight, huh? The circle was drawn, everything was ready. And Paul and father were just finishing getting dressed up. Best appearances, you understand. Only appropriate for an occasion like this.

He sat out on the terrace, overlooking the summoning circle beneath the night sky. In the light of the moon, the circle’s intricate design seemed to glow, casting lunar radiance off its many patterns and swirls. Wes almost reached down to touch it, curious as to what kind of ink could glow so brilliantly, but withdrew, remembering it was his father who’d made the circle. He probably didn’t want to know what it was drawn in. All he knew was that it looked beautiful. And setting all other things aside, that was good enough for him.

He let a small laugh escape him, and stared at the circle fondly. Heroic Spirits. Beings of great power, ascended from humanity into the realm of legend. They were basically demigods. He’d read about them since he was a kid, but to think they’d be summoning one, here of all places... to say little of it, the reality still boggled his mind. He’d get to meet a Servant! An actual hero, like Herakles or Cu Chulainn! These were mighty warriors, almost like gods that once walked amongst men, and in less than a half an hour, he’d get to meet one, talk with one! How cool was that? Not even cool, beyond cool!

He wondered what kinds of stories they’d have to tell, what they’d say. Would he know how to respond? Would they like him? He hoped so. He may not be the Master here, but for him, this was still a dream come true!

“I wonder what kind of hero you’ll be,” he said, reaching out to touch the circle as if he could talk to the Servant through it. “Will you be a great king? Or a warrior, a mighty knight atop a splendid steed? Maybe you’ll be a spellcaster.” He considered that for a moment. “No, I hope not. You’d probably hate me if that was the case,” he said, his voice tinged with a touch of something. Shame? Regret? He himself didn’t know.

“But I’m sure you’re going to be amazing no matter what.” Wes smiled wistfully as he ran his fingers across the circle.”I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I could be your Master.”

There are moments in time that could be called decisive turning points. Points in time where the road forks, and one decision could mean the difference between failure and a miracle. In retrospect, this was one of those points. As if responding to his wish, the circle began to glow intensely, blinding Wes. He panicked, hiding his eyes from the light with his arms. Had the circle been activated?

As it turned out, Wes should’ve braced himself, because the circle started to kick up enough wind to send him flying backwards into a wall. He collided with it, barely avoiding a blow to the head but slamming his back into the brick, sending a ripple of pain up his spine, one strong enough to mask the sting of the red mark carving itself into his hand. His heart was going into overtime, beating faster than was acceptable, or indeed, safe. He clutched it with his burning hand, wondering when this would stop.

The door behind him was forced open, and his father and brother struggled out onto the terrace against the wind. “What the hell happened?!” His father demanded harshly. “What did you do?!”

“I don’t know,” Wes said, struggling to speak clearly against the pain and the roaring of the wind. “It just activated. I didn’t do anything, I swear!”

“You lying little shit! Get away from my circle!” his brother threatened, but it was too late for that to make any kind of difference. The summoning had entered its final stage, and the light grew brighter and brighter, until all was obscured, and the rooftop terrace looked as if it had been bathed in the light of a hundred spotlights. Finally, everything, sound, wind, the ground itself, shook as if it intended to explode, pushing Wes flat against the wall, and almost stopping his heart.

No, he had to hold on. Even if it hurt, even if his father and brother would surely beat him for this, he had to see. He had to see what had been summoned. Summoning up the strength that remained in his clenched chest, he opened his eyes, and watched the clearing smoke.

Archer, Harway Manor, Redrock Town

The man in red took a breath. He felt the air chill his windpipe, felt his nostrils flare. The sensation of cold. It was awareness. So he was once again aware? Damn. That could only mean one thing. Either he'd be summoned to eliminate someone, or...

He turned to face the presence behind him, the young girl... no, young Master named Jessica. He sighed. "Great. Another kid with no idea what they're wrapped up in."

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Downgate Apartment Complex, Archwood City

In most circumstances, summoning a Servant was a dire and serious business. And doubtless, this particular summoning was direr than most, as something was going horrifically wrong.

....Of course, the serious atmosphere was broken when the (pink) smoke began to clear, a soft giggle was heard, and the dysfunctional family finally got a glimpse of the Servant that Wes had accidentally summoned.

She was a fox girl. A pink haired fox girl. A pink-haired well-endowed fox girl with a grin on her face. She took one look at Wes and spoke: "You're my Master, right? I'm Caster! Nice to meet you, Goshujin-Samaaa~!"
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To most, the figure that answered Bridget's summons would have been intimidating: tall, armoured... and completely inscrutable. From head to toe, he was enshrouded in a dull fog that hid form and identity, as well as echoed and distorted his voice. To Bridget, it was just his voice that was warped and even then...

"Are you my Master?" the Servant questioned, kneeling down to be on a level with the girl once she sat up or in some other way pulled herself up. Already, it seemed that this wasn't a conventional summoning... no matter; so long as the contract was made he would fight to win his Master the grail.
Elsewhere in the city, a bespectacled female had just completed the ritual and was winding up the bandages once again. Hopefully... hopefully, she would gain a strong Servant. She had only heard of this through rumour but upon confirming its existence... she wanted the Grail. As much as could be achieved with such a powerful wish-granting device, Rachel had but one desire for it and failure was not an option, at all. She had to win. If she didn't...

Well, that wasn't an option. So... hopefully, a strong Servant.
Walking the path of heaven, ruling over all...
Same High-class Hotel Room, Archwood City

"Strong" is... Such a subjective term, isn't it? Would you be able to call this strong? Huddled in a foetal position before Rachel lay a young girl, her pale skin almost as white as her hair. She was clothed in a manner highly inappropriate for her apparent young age; she seemed to be clad in skimpy black lingerie, something that was rather unexpected for such a young girl, let alone a Heroic Spirit.

...Was she really a Heroic Spirit? She didn't look particularly heroic, her tiny frame quivering in fear at her new surroundings. Opening her eyes, revealing them to be a pale, almost lifeless grey, she turned a terrified gaze towards her summoner and, through trembling lips, muttered...

"Are... Are y-y-you... Are you our... Our M-m-m..."

"...Are you our Mother?"
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Rachel opened and closed her mouth a few times like some sort of fish. She... she had just summoned a little girl, of all things, and was now being asked if she was her mother? Despite the blatant falsehood, the magus replied in the affirmative; hoping that the girl had just confused 'Master' and 'Mother'. Still... she needed to dress this child in better clothing. Turning away from the little girl for a minute, the blood magus searched through her suitcase, ignoring the insistent pull on her weak circuits. Almost none of this stuff could realistically be worn by a little girl, even long enough to buy clothing, but...

"Here, put this on... Caster?" the woman guessed, turning and handing Jack a t-shirt that had shrunk in the wash. there... that ought to work as a sort of dress until she could take the Servant shopping for more clothes, "If... if you need more prana than I can provide, tell me. I have... a better way of giving it to you."

Even if it was a weak Servant... she'd still have to lose a lot of blood for her.
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Wes, Downgate Apartment Complex, Archwood City

It was hard to tell which one of them threw the first stone, but after a long moment of silence, the summoning's first response was a resounding, "What."

Finally getting himself together, Paul shook his head, shouting angrily, "No no no no no. It's me. I'm your Master. Not him, me! It's supposed to be me!"

Those words struck Wes out of his stupor. He took a slow glance at Tamamo, then down to his right hand. Emblazoned on it was a red mark, a three-part stylized circle. He looked back up at Tamamo, with a look of dawning, possibly ecstatic, comprehension. "Me?"

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High-class Hotel Room, Archwood City

"Th-thank you, mother..." The small girl whimpered, before pulling the t-shirt on. After some initial struggle, not to mention some confusion as to what goes in which hole, she eventually got it on right. It hung rather loosely to her despite it already being rather small; the girl was unhealthily thin, after all.

"We... W-we will try n-not to be a... A s-s-strain on you, m-mother," she said, almost bashfully averting her gaze from Rachel. "We... B-b-berserker promises y-you."
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Who are you calling short?!
Best Caster ever

The fox girl ignored the ranting Paul and smiled at Wes.

"Yes,you. Silly!"

She giggled and proceeded to help the Master to his feet.

"I'll do my best to win the Grail for you, my dear Master~!"

Apologies to Moerin for using the trademarked tilde.

She began scrutinizing Wes.

"Hmmm. Not bad. You're kinda cute, Goshujin-Sama..."

And with that, all hell broke loose.

Mike, Jones Manor, Archwood City

The "Honest Killer" whistled to himself as he prepared the summoning circle.

Mike was using the blood of the latest "Liar" he had caught. A corrupt cop.

Well, at least the bastard would have some use.

Continuing his song, Mike finished the circle.

"All right! Let's do this! Time to SAVE THE WORLD! Oh, and maybe screw with people along the way."

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"I would rather that you put a strain on my body than some other Master's Servant got chance to kill me," Rachel replied, checking how much money was on her person and grabbing some paper towels. Give Berserker—which was, honestly, a relief; it meant she hadn't just summoned the most useless Servant ever—some blood and then go shopping for clothes. That was a plan; it might not be a good one but it was certainly a plan.

Grabbing the paper towels, the magus moved over to Jack again and started unwrapping the bandages around her left arm, "Berserker, I want you to drink my blood. I... can't supply you as well in the normal fashion, so we have to make up for it like this, okay?"
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Wes, Downgate Apartment Complex, Archwood City

And before Wes could get a full appreciation of the fact he'd summoned a Servant (a Servant!), he was promptly smothered by his new companion's hug, in what seemed the most awkward way possible. Namely, with his face sandwiched between her breasts. Held tight, his face went red. Why did she have to be so goddamn tall?

His head was spinning. Him Master Servant girl angry father stars Paul fox soft. So soft. With just enough wiggle room to see his disbelieving family over Tamamo's shoulder, Wes snapped back to reality a little, and focused.

"Ummmmmm, C-Caster?" he choked out, still kind of smothered and very much embarrassed, "Could you... let go?" He wiggled a little, trying to indicate he was uncomfortable. "Just a little?"

Norin Downgate sighed, his son Wes and the Servant he'd summoned sitting at the far end of the table. "Well, seeing as their doesn't appear to be much else we can do, I suppose I leave this family's chances for the Grail in your hands. You and that Servant of yours," he said, pinching his temple. "We'll be keeping an eye on you, making sure you don't do anything stupid. I'm not going to forfeit the Grail just because of something like this. Do I make myself clear?"

Deeming Wes' silence acceptable, he rose from his chair. "Alright then. I leave you to it."

"But-" Paul protested, but he was cut short.

"Come along Paul, it's too dangerous here now. We should leave, lest we get caught in the crossfire." Before leaving through the private elevator, he turned back to glare at Wes. Unlike his brother's smoldering hatred, his stare was meaningless. Without emotional inflection. Just pure intimidation in a glance. Carrying both Paul and his father, the door closed.

We sighed, turning awkwardly to Tamamo. "Sorry... about that."
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Tammy and Master

Tamamo was still glaring at the door.

"They were so mean to you, Goshujin-Sama!"

With a huff, the Servant began spouting rather creative insults for her Master's family. Then she turned back to Wes.

"So,Goshujin-Sama! Seems like those...pigs don't trust you much. We'll definitely prove them wrong with the power of LOVE! RIGHT?! So, uh....what's the plan?"
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Wes, Downgate Apartment Complex, Archwood City

"That's just them." Although he certainly didn't mind someone taking a bite out of them for once, that was for certain.

"And uhhh... plan..." That's right. He was a Master now. Him. "Well, to be honest, it wasn't the plan for things to turn out this way. Paul was the one who was supposed to summon you, not me. So the plan we had is out the window, I guess. We're gonna have to start from scratch."

He pondered this. Well, approaching things from his usual perspective, history had shown that in the face of an unknown enemy, the one who charged in to face them usually was not the victor. No, a successful tactic in facing a new threat was to fortify one's own defenses, and prepare for the coming attack, launching an assault once the enemy's capacity had been determined. In this regard, their work was already done. The apartment complex was a verifiable mage fortress, riddled with traps and entirely sealed off from normal entry by anyone but a magus. They had strong, fortified walls. So the best thing to do from here was...

He scratched his head, laughing a little awkwardly. "Well, I think it would be best if we got to know each other a little better before making a plan, right?" He offered out a hand. "I'm Wes. Wes Downgate."

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As soon as Mike had finished his circle... Nothing happened... For a few short moments before the circle suddenly began to spark and jolt with unearthly energies, a sign that it was starting to bend the laws of nature, time and space in a contested effort to bring the soul of a long-dead hero of yore and legend back into the land of the living. Seconds later, the center of the esoteric symbol soon began to glow like a faint light and then drew in Wind, Light and some loose pieces of rubbish lying around, tightly compressing the material much like the core of a star. 10 seconds later, the core of mana, wind and random junk violently shakes; signifying that the circle is in the final stages of it's prodigious task. And then... Mike's vision was completely overwhelmed by a searing, blinding light and that he would notice that he has been blown back quite violently by a powerful blast of wind.

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Who are you calling short?!

She giggled.

"Oh, wow. Such a charming Master!"

She giggled again, this time extending her hand and touching her Master's cheek.

"Unfortunately,Goshujin-Sama, I can't tell you my true name. All I'm going to say is that I'm your absurdly cute, amazingly lovable fox-wife. I'll protect you, Master. With this mirror."

She held out said mirror.

"Anyway. I'm Caster, so I can't really fight one-on-one. Seriously, that's bad for poor little me. Don't make me. Um...I excel at curses and stealing the enemy's prana...And! I can cook and clean better than anyone!"

Smooth Criminal

Mike didn't care that he was blown halfway across the room. His only thoughts: Hell YES!

He stood up, looking for the Servant he had summoned.

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Wes, Downgate Apartment Complex, Archwood City

Wes felt the warmth of her hand on his cheek, and was comforted by it somewhat. Like time, which had began to run at a frantic pace since the summoning, was finally slowing down some. Sure, some of her mannerisms were definitely... strange, but Wes felt it was probably best not to breathe too much into that. Point is, she certainly seemed like a very kind person. Beautiful as well. He supposed he'd gotten very lucky in those regards. Which is why he'd have to be careful about how he approached this next bit.

He smiled. "Thanks, Tamamo."

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The green-haired, serpent-tonged murderer would then hear the rattling of chainmail punctuated by the heavy steps of a man in armor coming from beyond the smoking remains of the magic circle, lo and behold; his servant came stepping out of the smokescreen: A six foot six tall man-shaped slab of iron and leather, holding a massive 14-foot long lance on it's right and carried himself with an air of authority, pride and martial prowess. The iron-clad giant looked around for a few moments before setting eyes on Mike, presumably his master as he sees no other person in the room then speaking in deep, Persian-accented baritone; making his authoritative stature all the greater.

"I ask of you, O noble mage; Are you my master?"

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Who are you calling short?!
One surprised Caster

She giggled as the Master responded.

Then, she comprehended what he just said.

She blinked. Then, with a scream of "EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH?!" the surprised Servant backpedaled rapidly.

"H-how did you find that out?!" she demanded.

An ecstatic troll

Mike saw the big hulking hunk of steel and grinned. Then he laughed.

"Oh, man. Man, you sound like some man-whore! And that lance! You compensating for something, bro?"

He laughed for a bit more.

"Yeah. I'm your Master. Call me Mike."

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The man of steel was silent in contemplation and minor surprise at Mike's brash and obnoxious greeting, the master who had summoned him was... Not a shining example of the wise and cultured Magi from during the days of his natural life; but he will endure the Green-haired man's distastefulness for the sake of his victory and wish, such is his pride and honor in being a Servant; in the truest sense of the word. After all, One must learn to obey before they can command.

"Very well master Mike. I now introduce myself as a Servant of the Rider Class, one that is unmatched in the art of mounted combat."

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Who are you calling short?!

The man tipped his hat in Rider's direction.

"Delicious. Name's Mike, magus and professional....vigilante. If you have any complaints, tell me up front. I simply hate lies. In fact, my wish is to eradicate all lies. That okay with you, Superman?"
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Rider was quite intrigued at the very least that his master was actually a very honest person despite his brashness; honesty is one of the most important qualities of the magi of the old days so the reaction was justified. The whole eradication of lies thing was taking it a bit too far though; but at it's core, it wasn't a bad wish in on itself.

"If you do say so master, Then I shall tell you that your behavior is severely unbecoming of a magi; as they were wise men and would have displayed far less vulgar speech with respect to their position in society as followers of Zarathustra"
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Who are you calling short?!

Mike laughed.

"Hey, this is me. I won't be changing who I am for you."
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A Forbidden Rendezvous
Breten Residence

Yuna took a deep breath. Somehow, she was finally doing this. Really, actually doing it. She shivered slightly with anticipation as she began the ritual.

Her mother's face flashed in her mind. This is for you.

The black-haired girl closed her eyes and began the ritual, her Magic Circuits flaring.

"Ye first, O silver, O iron, O stone of the foundation, O Archduke of the Contract. Hear me in the name of our great teacher, the Archmagus Schweinorg. Let the descending winds be as a wall, let the gates in all directions be shut, rising above the crown, and let the three-forked roads to the Kingdom revolve."

"Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Five perfections for each repetition. And now, let the filled sigils be annihilated in my stead! Set. Let thy body rest under my dominion, let my fate rest in thy blade. If thou submittest to the call of the Holy Grail and if thou wilt obey this mind, this reason, then thou shalt respond."

"I make my oath here. I am that person who is to become the virtue of all Heavens. I am that person who is covered with the evil of all Hades. Thou seven heavens, clad in a trinity of words, come past thy restraining rings, and be thou the hands that protect the balance!"

A flash of light temporarily blinded the girl, and she staggered back a step, squinting to see who she had summoned.

A part of her she knew she'd need to lock up for the Grail War hoped that whoever it was, they were nice.

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Wes, Downgate Apartment Complex, Archwood City

"Sorry." Wes said apologetically. "I've known for a while now. To be honest, it was mostly your tail. Foxes aren't very common as central figures except in Japanese and Native American mythology. Since your clothes are pretty obviously Japanese," not to mention you smell like cherry blossoms, he thought, blushing a little, "I figured you were probably a kitsune. And the most well know kitsune in Japanese mythology is none other than you. The wise and beautiful Tamamo no Mae," he said, hoping flattery would help if he had indeed upset her.

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"If you do say so master."

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