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Cut Short

Woodys Finest Hour

Is there a difference here? I don't see it.
Woodys Finest Hour seems to be the subtrope where the series ends on a cliffhanger. Terrible name, though.

Agreed. You'd have to be familiar with the trope-namer to get and it's not obvious then.
I don't really care about the name, although that could be raised as a separate issue. That just seems like a really fine distinction between tropes.
I'm leaning toward cut, but rename if kept.
There's a difference between a cliffhanger because it got cancelled (suddenly) and doing it on purpose and doing it, in case the series is renewed.
I think this should be a Sub-Trope of Cut Short and Cliffhanger, and definitely renamed.
I suppose we could have a subtrope of Cut Short devoted only to shows ending in cliffhangers (rather than just ending randomly)...

Edit: But seeing that Cut Short's examples are nearly all cliffhangers, there's not much point in that.

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10 Xtifr7th Jul 2012 06:52:35 PM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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Yeah, I'm pretty neutral when it comes to the whole lumper-vs-splitter thing, but this seems excessively splitty to me.
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11 Twentington7th Jul 2012 08:39:09 PM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
I say cut this trope short. Many of the Cut Short examples are cliffhangers as it is.
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12 Spark98th Jul 2012 01:41:06 AM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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I agree with merging them under Cut Short.
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Agreed. I don't think that there's enough of a distinction here.
So have we a consensus?
15 DonaldthePotholer24th Jul 2012 11:23:50 PM from Somewhere in (not)Miami
My $0.02 to the merge suggestion: The only difference between Cut Short and No Ending is that the latter was intended by the creator and the former was forced either by Executives or by Author Existence Failure. The only way we can know the difference for sure is either by Word of God either way or by the state of the final episode, with a Cliffhanger being prima face evidence that the show was intended to continue.

In light of this, I say merge as a soft-split:

Isn't Left Hanging basically this?

As of now, I'm pretty sure we should cut this.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's a consensus by now. Speak now, or else I'll cut it.
18 Bakazuki1st Oct 2012 07:54:27 PM , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Left Hanging doesn't seem to match. A lot of the examples there are of shows that were at least intended to "end" in some fashion, whether it be an ending as a series finale or as a season finale (that never lead into a next season).

I think Woodys Finest Hour is a case of The Same, but More Specific for Cut Short. The "more specific" bit being that this is supposed to be (or at least initially intended) for cases where there was significant build-up at the cliffhanger in question before the series was pulled.

To go with a more exaggerated, hypothetical example, it'd be like a show getting pulled off the air at a series' penultimate episode where things are at or around the series' climax, with the intended series finale never materializing in some form.

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19 Madrugada1st Oct 2012 09:41:36 PM , Relationship Status: In season
I can't see a reason to not merge the examples back into Cut Short and cut Woodys Finest Hour unless there are inbounds that will be broken. And frankly, the name sucks rocks. Big green mossy ones with centipedes under them.

Hmm. 30 inbounds in 10 months... That's a fair number of inbound links to break...

How about

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[up] It'll take a while, but that's probably the best plan of action.
21 Madrugada2nd Oct 2012 11:42:48 AM , Relationship Status: In season
Shouldn't take long. There's only 11 wicks to change. That'll take maybe fifteen minutes.
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[up] So is pretty much everyone in favor of cutting? That's what it seems like to me.
23 JMQwilleran2nd Oct 2012 07:31:37 PM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Based on everything I've read, I'm definitely in favoring of cutting. No good reason not to.
24 Willbyr4th Oct 2012 10:17:25 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
+1 to cut.
25 SeptimusHeap4th Oct 2012 10:37:16 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Redirect to Cut Short. 30 inbounds are a bit too much to lose them, but the page is for the rubbish chute.

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