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What isn't wrong with this? There's a relatively vague definition, a total lack of examples, a lack of indexes... it was most certainly made by a single person without running it by anyone. I'm not even entirely certain if it's worth being a trope at all.

The name itself might be serviceable, and the intent is understandable. It's simple enough to index it under Love Tropes where I found it. What would be most helpful would be sprucing up the definition, figuring out decent examples, and really, just deciding if it should be kept up at all. I think the idea might have merit, but I'm not familiar with any fictional examples off the top of my head.
I think it needs YKTTW.
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Only one editor (dand) has edited that article; he is evidently unaware of how they are started. Cut.
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Yes, is this concept covered by any other tropes? If not, someone could redo it in the yttkw.
It doesn't overlap with any other tropes that I can think of. It seems like a combination of an unrequited love trope and Will They Or Won T They. I think a YKTTW might be the best option. I messaged dand to see they had anything to say about it, just in case.
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I support sending it back to YKTTW.
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Waiting on a TRS slot? Finishing off one of these cleaning efforts will usually open one up.
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I'd say that, at this point, if it's a tie or near-tie between Return to YKTTW and an outright Cut, the less severe option (YKTTW) should be exercised.

EDIT: However, upon further review, I believe that, Yes We Do Have This One. I'm thinking it's Just Friends with a side order of Love Epiphany and perhaps Let's Just Be Friends.

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[up]I'll concur. I'm reading this as Just Friends but with every potential conclusion to a romance angle or story arc thrown in, which doesn't seem to be enough to differentiate from the original trope (especially if such conclusions are so varied that they can't even be considered an essential part of identifying what would have been this trope's examples, if it had any).

That word "possible" in the title really hurts this article. It makes the entire concept sound vague and ill-defined. A trope's title and definition should be much more definitive than this.

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Calling crowner in favour of cutting.
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Hmm, despite the fact that it still seems to be a blue-link, the page appears to have been cut (it's blank and locked). Can we call this done, or is the blue-link issue worth investigating?
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Bluelinks are often buggy, that's all. Locking this.
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Page Action: Complicated Possibly Requited Love
31st Jul '12 10:19:04 AM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
Complicated Possibly Requited Love explicitly identifies itself as one person's unfinished trope draft. Zero wicks, zero examples.

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