The Amazing Spider-Man:

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76 nomuru2d22nd Jun 2012 01:29:46 PM from Port Saint Lucie, FL , Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea

Long live Cinematech.

Why would I write that?
Yeah that one. Over the years he's actually become a somewhat good character. But now? He's honestly one of my favorites. He's a unique kind of anti-hero. Most anti-heroes do "good" but they do it by being EDGY and GRIMDARK and CHALLENGING THE IDEALS OF THE NORM MAN.

But Kaine? Violence is his nature. He wants to kill, he enjoys it. Holding back? It's totally alien to him. But he doesn't want it to be, he wants to be genuinely good. He wants to be, well, Ben Reily. And that's really interesting to me.

Also he's got a cool costume.
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I hope for a Costume edit, you know, like the one in Spiderman 2 for PSX, where you can put abilities to other costumes
Why would I write that?
That'd be neat. What powers would they all have? Let's play a game!

No Belt: No idea!

Stan lee: Hitting the ground from too high causes damage

Black Suit: Enemies have a harder time spotting you

Morphosis: Enemies have an easier time spotting you, attack less often

Scarlet Spider: Double attack power

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Remember! Hyperbole is an exaggeration made for comedic effect, and shouldn't be taken literally!
Stan Lee's power is that where he goes the bad guys just give up and everyone stops in awe of him. Because he's Stan Lee.
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I think I'm going to play through Stan Lee mode before I even touch the real storyline.
82 HandsomeRob24th Jun 2012 09:18:51 AM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Why would I write that?
New costume, Black Future Foundation! Looks pretty great! Winning me back over Beenox.
Remember! Hyperbole is an exaggeration made for comedic effect, and shouldn't be taken literally!
84 qtjinla1524th Jun 2012 04:03:00 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
So, how long is this game expected to be? Also, please say there is a bunch of post main game bonus stuff to do. Like reoccuring side missions.
Why would I write that?
Some shops have broken the street date and there's been some people no smaller forums talking about it. Apparently the main story is around 10-11 hours, and you get to pick what time you leave the apartment after you beat it. There's also a costume of the costume Pete wears before he makes the actual suit, which is really just his civilian outfit with a red ski mask.
Remember! Hyperbole is an exaggeration made for comedic effect, and shouldn't be taken literally!
86 DirectorCannon25th Jun 2012 01:29:34 PM from A cornfield in Indiana , Relationship Status: I want you to want me
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The stealth and combat seem a little derivative of Arkham Asylum/City, but hey, that ain't necessarily a bad thing.
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[up] I think that's specifically what they were aiming for.
If the gameplay is too similar, could they get into trouble? Like when Sega sued because The Simpsons: Road Rage was too similar to Crazy Taxi?

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[up] "Action game with flowing combat" is too general for that. Besides the fact that the way it's implemented is different. And the combat and general open-world structure are really the only things that are the same. And I'm pretty sure Ultimate Spider-Man did that years ago.
90 Hobgoblin25th Jun 2012 07:16:53 PM from Jylland , Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
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Dun nun nun nun nun nun nun, Rat Man!

Actually, it's Vermin, but whatever.

Vermin Boss Fight.
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91 HandsomeRob25th Jun 2012 07:44:54 PM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]

Whoops. Kinda got ahead of yourself there Spidey.

Should have paid attention to what else was in the room...

Shouldn't his Spider-Sense have warned him about that?
92 DragonGeyser25th Jun 2012 08:07:12 PM from a computer, DUH.
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Hrm. That Hero HQ website also mentions the Big Time and Negative Zone outfits.

[up]He likely didn't think it was dangerous anymore, so the Spider Sense didn't go off.

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[up] I don't think that's how the Spidey Sense works.
94 CorrTerek25th Jun 2012 08:15:12 PM from The Bland Line
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It's called a Hunter bot, so maybe — since it seems to target either him or genetically modified peeps in general — it was designed not to trigger his Spider-Sense?

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I'm trying to remember the old animated series. I know that the Venom symbiote doesn't trigger his Spidey Sense (not sure about Carnage et al, since they were spawned from Venom), but I don't recall whether Smythe's bots did or not.
Gunpla is amazing!
You would think that by 2012 we wouldn't have spiderman games with cloud swinging...
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[up] We have had that game. Ultimate Spider-Man used the buildings. And while I've never played it, I wouldn't be surprised if the ever-revered Spider-Man 2 game did as well.

However, Spidey's webs not attaching to anything is basically tradition. It's an intentional design choice, at this point.
98 CorrTerek25th Jun 2012 08:22:27 PM from The Bland Line
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[up]Spider-Man 2 attached to buildings too. Made it a pain to get around sometimes.

99 LizardBite25th Jun 2012 08:23:03 PM from Two Galaxies Over
He probably thought his Spider sense was warning him about the little bot, so the big bot surprised him.
Gunpla is amazing!
It just really ruins the immersion to me. Sure it was a pain in the behind at times but it felt realistic and made you think.

Guess I'm just hoping we can return to the Spiderman 2 days...

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