Muslim Brotherhood is Team Rocket:

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Or maybe the reverse?

Either way, they're related.



Muslim Brotherhood is faithful

Do the math

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2 Zersk10th Jun 2012 07:35:57 PM from Columbia District, BNA
So who're the Salafists? Team Galaxy?
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3 NickTheSwing3rd Jul 2012 10:22:22 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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This only works a few years ago, but...

Osama: Is that a twerpy American's distress I hear?

Al-Awlaki: Its calling to me, loud and clear!

Osama: A Holiness as old as the Galaxy!

Al-Awlaki: Sent here to fulfill our destiny!

Abu-Yahya: Al-Libi that's me!

Osama: Three Planes of Destruction herald me, Osama Bin-Laden!

Al-Awlaki: Many suicide bombs clear my path, Al-Awlaki!

Abu-Yahya: Al-Libi that's right!

I feel a little guilty for writing that. But at the same time, I simply must laugh.
4 Malygos14th Jul 2012 07:05:25 PM from United States of America
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Except the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda are two separate orginizations.
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