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Hello and welcome to Si Vis Votum! What is Si Vis Votum, you ask? Well, let me tell you...

Characters from alternate universes are brought together to a ship, the Votum, a ship that has thousands of rooms with anything they'll need. They are informed by a Voice, who identifies himself as “a merciful God that has decided to give them a second chance”. He says that many worlds out there are suffering, and it is up for the team to help them. As a reward, they will each obtain a wish of lower magnitude (therefore, a not-so-powerful-but-still-a-bit-powerful wish). However, as time goes by, many secrets about the hunt for the wish are revealed, and as the phrase says: “si vis votum, para bellum”.

In other words, Si Vis Votum is another crossover RP, but this time, only alternate versions of characters are allowed. What is an alternate version of a character? Well, he can be a genderswapped version, a younger or older version, a version in a different species (like a pokémon) or even the same character, but with a different past or future. Let's go over some rules and interesting information:

  • Only alternate versions of already existing characters are allowed. That means no OCs.
  • Please, don't make your character extremely overpowered. Be sensible. If he has outrageous abilities, nerf them.
  • No godmodding, no ghosting, the basic stuff.
  • Only two characters per player. And try to be diverse- if your first character is a genderswapped character, make your second one a character from an alternate timeline. The possibilities are endless!
  • For the moment, signups are closed for new players. Only existing players can post new sign-ups for their second characters.

Let's go to the sign-up sheet!

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Appearance: Pictures are preferred, if at all possible.
  • Personality:
  • Powers and Abilities:
  • Backstory:

Have at it.

Accepted Characters:

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Lord of the Avians
Interested. I'll post a sign up once I decide whether or not to use a Zelda character.
Interested. But my character may not work. At all.
4 Deadbeatloser228th Jun 2012 11:24:33 AM from Disappeared by Space Magic Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Berserker Valkyrie
Interest once I decide on a character.

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5 PaulieRomanov8th Jun 2012 11:31:50 AM from Roanoke Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
Anime Disco Inferno
Again, interest once I decide a character.
6 Adannor8th Jun 2012 11:35:00 AM from effin' belarus Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Ookay, Maid-Envy and Kamen Rider-Kirby are in work evil grin
7 desdendelle8th Jun 2012 12:35:05 PM from the Land of Milk and Honey Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: It's complicated
All-right, interest. I'll think about something (I already have ideas) once I finish my race for SOCR's RP.
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Did you know this section has a character limit?
I have just come up with a very crazy alternate timeline idea.

Idea scrapped.

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  • Name: GILGAMESH, King of Heroes.
  • Age: Currently looks about 10ish.
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Here we are~
  • Personality: Secure in her own superiority, she won't hesitate to correct or admonish you. On the other hand, she's also a nice enough person—nowhere near the bitch she is when she's older—with a major, major weakness for cute things... not that she'll let anyone see, nope. Don't try and insinuate that she has an interest in 'mundane' things.
  • Powers and Abilities: The Gate of Babylon: a vast treasury containing a magical weapon or item for seemingly anything. The problem? As a child, she's too weak to use most of the stuff in there and, as it turns out, Ea is really damn heavy. She can also only deposit things one at a time and not shoot them. Strangely, she's still stronger than the other Servants of her world—the variety, and being an adult, combines with the generally lessened capabilities of this world to leave her still on top.
    Drank the wrong youth potion; she can't age up at will.
  • Backstory: KING OF HEROES. Died. Myth got confused. Summoned for Heaven's Feel 4. Survived. Decided everything was weird and downed the potion.

  • Name: Kyon
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Weeee.
  • Personality: First-Person Smartass. Probably more intelligent than she acts. Kuudere.
  • Powers and Abilities: The Power... of First Person Narration. Also may or may not have the ability to slide between worlds and just doesn't notice it...
  • Backstory: Not much, met Haruhi, loads of stupid stuff... this is post-Disappearance.
10 UdtheImp8th Jun 2012 12:58:51 PM from Stamford, CT Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
Screw the Lion!
I might join in and already have a pair of characters ready.
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Toa of Anarchy
Added to my watchlist until I think of someone.

Like I've paid so much attention to my other R Ps as of late.
Wild Horse
  • Name: Black
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Hot stuff. The one floating upside down is Kcalb; hi inner dark side.
  • Personality: Black is a pretty nice guy, though he's easily embarrassed and flustered. He's pretty nice to most people he meets, and generally courteous though he's been known to snark. When pushed past his limits, he'll turn into a stubborn hothead that flails about in a wild manner to preserve what little dignity he has left.
  • Powers and Abilities: Black is a rookie Pokemon trainer, his only teammate being an Audino named Joy. Unlike most others in his world, he can fight without relying on his Pokemon due to the Missingno nestled in his body. Missingno is able to generally transform Black into a myriad of forms (similar to a magical girl) to boost his physical abilities or simply just become tools such as a sword, stockings, or motorcycles. When a certain trigger is pushed, he can become Kcalb; a much more sadistic version borne from his psyche, who fights with scythes and can create giant hands out of darkness to help him fight.
  • Backstory: Black was pretty much a regular person who was then sent off into the world to become a Pokemon trainer. Unfortunately before he started out, N messed up his dream and due to various shenanigans, has gained control of a British speaking Missingno. He now goes about New York solving problems of various kinds as a magical girl with his fellow crossdresser N.
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Dreams of Revenge
  • Name: Zero
  • Age: 2/300 years old, maybe more
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: This, but wearing these clothes.
  • Personality: Cold and apathetic on the surface, Zero hides a genuine concern for others' wellfare, along with a powerful desire to do good. He doesn't consider himself a hero by any means, but he can't stand by while evil reigns. Zero is generally pragmatic, only acting otherwise in extenuating circumstances.
  • Powers and Abilities:
    • EX Skills: Zero has several abilities known as EX Skills*.
    • Swordsmanship/Marksmanship: Zero's talent with a blade is near unparalleled among those from his home universe, while his shooting skills are nothing to sniff at.
    • Zero Knuckle: Zero has a small chip in his hand that he can use to amplify his strength, perhaps to pull something very large or to literally rip a weapon from an opponent's hand.
    • Orion: Orion* is Zero's Stand. It allows him to create blue after images that can harm his opponents.
  • Backstory: Created late in 20XX, Zero was one of the two first humanlike robots known as reploids, the other being his close ally X. They could think, they could feel, and just like humans, they could obtain Stands (albeit this was a feat first accomplished by the Robot Masters, most famously Megaman and his Stand Bomber).

Sealed away for a century by his hateful creator Dr. Wily, the initially psychotic Zero cut a swathe of destruction with his Stand Orion before being stopped by Sigma, whose Stand was Children of the Revolution, albeit at the future cost of the latter's own sanity. Zero was befriended by X - who possessed the Stand Iron Saviour - and the two fought against Sigma's rebellion with all they had. Eventually their martial prowess put an end to Sigma and his uprising, which by this time was called the Maverick Wars. Realising that he might have spread the virus that led to Sigma's corruption, Zero sealed himself away for yet another century, leaving X and Iron Saviour to defend the world against threats in the meantime.

Zero awakened in a dystopia known as Neo Arcadia, the product of a X replica known as Copy X (Stand: Cain*) who commanded the Four Guardians (Fighting Fefnir: Powerman 5000, Fairy Leviathan: Strange Kind of Woman, Sage Harpuia: Stormbringer, and Hidden Phantom, whose Stand was Questions). Fighting for the Resistance, Zero eventually triumphed over Copy X, the Four Guardians and their armies, and later the Resistance's former commander, Elpizo (Stand: Genesis).

However, Weil (Stand: Ragnarok) and his creation Omega (Stand: Godkiller) still posed a threat, and although Zero eventually destroyed the latter Weil got away and is even now plotting Operation Ragnarok, along with his Einherjar Eight Warriors, the commander of which is Craft (Stand: Freebird)...

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Rain, Gilgamesh and Kyon are accepted.

Grey, Black is accepted.

Flanker, Zero is accepted.

I'll get to work on my sheets.
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Would an alternate-universe version of Khârn the Betrayer be workable?

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AU in what way?
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17 desdendelle8th Jun 2012 04:26:34 PM from the Land of Milk and Honey Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: It's complicated
Hey, I'm crossing over Warriors Orochi and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha for my characters.
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Fear me
Capable of working with others instead of KILL!MAIM!BURN!-ing everything with a pulse, targeting worthy opponents first instead of KILL!MAIM!BURN!-ing everything with a pulse, try to avoid spilling the blood of the weak and the unarmed instead of etc.
19 desdendelle8th Jun 2012 04:32:33 PM from the Land of Milk and Honey Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: It's complicated
So, um, Lawful Evil!Kharn?
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Walking the path of heaven, ruling over all...
So basically like what Khornates were supposed to be like before flanderization kicked in?tongue

...Oh right, um, working on characters, both kinda weird but we'll see how they turn out. Hopefully it'll work, ahah.
21 EndarkCuli8th Jun 2012 04:38:17 PM from Ontario, Canada Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Welcome to Purgatory!
I've been signing up for quite a few RPs recently; I may as well add this one to the list. If the character below gets accepted, I'll probably come up with a second some time later.

  • Name: Yuki "Hazama" Terumi
  • Age: Over 200 years old, though his current body is less than 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: My Little Terumi: Friendship Is LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES!
  • Personality: If Hazama's character were to be summed up in one word, it would be 'Troll'. Despite this version of Hazama coming from a more lighthearted universe than the original, he still gets his jollies by messing up lives for the lolz, taunting the maggots that think they stand a chance against him, and trying to shatter the laws of space and time in order to increase his power.
  • Powers and Abilities: Despite his mundane appearance, Hazama is a talented sorcerer, with strength rivaling Nightmare Moon. His current body has a unicorn horn hidden under that hat of his, and thus he can manifest some of this potential anytime he wants. Notably, he can summon the weapon 'Ouroboros'; snake-like chains that can capture an enemy and devour their memories. Hazama's full strength cannot be unleashed unless he ditches the body and enters a ghost-like form, but he's also far more vulnerable in this state.
  • Backstory: A really long time ago, Hazama caused some really terrible stuff to happen (death, destruction, etc.) while trying to make a weapon capable of killing gods, and got sealed away because of it. Two centuries later, he managed to escape and get his hands on an unoccupied body, putting him in the perfect position to resume his plans. There was just one problem: in order to remain a part of the world, he needed to be constantly acknowledged. And Hazama's preferred method of getting people to observe him is by coaxing them into hating him. In a world where superpowers can derive from kindness and friendship, and where being hated too much can lead to exile on the moon, it was only a matter of time until this Hazama failed. Perhaps his arrival on the Votum will give him a second chance to cut the chains binding him to his oppressors...

EDIT: Please ignore this sign-up, for there are just some things that My Little Pony should never be crossed with.

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Fear me
...Something like that. The Blood God still requires his fill though (and of course there's always the hated Slaaneshi and cowardly Tzeentchians), so not entirely lawful evil. We shall see.
Lord of the Avians

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Berserker Valkyrie
  • Name: Pit
  • Age: 13
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Cute, isn't she?
  • Personality: Pit is fearless and heroic, facing many dangers or threats with little hesitation, and having no problem fighting monsters many times her size. The angel has a notable humorous side and enjoys cracking jokes and bantering with Lady Palutena. Pit is also very confident, which makes her bit of a show-off at times. She can however, become a little reckless due to her gung-ho personality and naiveness that causes her to get into trouble at times. Nonetheless, Pit is a good-hearted and friendly character, being described as "insufferably upbeat" by some; however, Pit is also somewhat nervous when on her own.
  • Powers and Abilities: Wields Palutena's Bow, a weapon that can fire arrows of magic or split into a pair of short swords for melee combat. She's also capable of flying short distances, although this cannot be sustained for any major length of time, and is a lot stronger than her appearance would have you believe.
  • Backstory: Pit's an Angel. More specifically, she's an angel in Palutena's Royal Guard responsible for the defeat of both Medusa and the daemon Orcos using the Three Sacred Treasures (The Arrow of Light, the Mirror Shield and the Wings of Pegasus), as well as rescuing the Goddess from her imprisonment in the Underworld.
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