Wold you agree for the above avatar to babysit your children?:

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Satan and his staff
Assume that your children are—oh, let's say—5-6 years old.
2 Blurring5th Jun 2012 10:05:03 PM from an adjacent area right over there.
Burning inside
No, he doesn't seems to be waterproof, and kids can get a lot of stuff wet.

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3 Rockonman5th Jun 2012 10:36:39 PM from Cloudy City, WA
Yes. Very much so.
No, he might indoctrinate them into becoming a gas-mask wearing communists.

Amusingly, the character in my avatar is actually babysitting children in the picture I got it from.

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Looks like an okay guy, so yeah, I would. Now, I just hope the kids doesn't terrorize him too much.

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6 BearyScary5th Jun 2012 11:58:31 PM , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Sure, she seems normal enough. waii
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7 ctang156th Jun 2012 03:37:37 AM from my chaaaair ~
i am a crapshoot
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In uffish thought
As long as you'll let them dye your hair any color.
9 DarkDestruction6th Jun 2012 05:54:52 AM from 'neath the underwater skies , Relationship Status: In your bunk
(Smart)phones are amazing, innit?
I'm not letting a moon come in and wreck my house.
Not on my watch
Not even single one of them is Ok babysiter for mine beloved children!
11 PhysicalStamina6th Jun 2012 06:34:04 AM from be real, it doesn't matter aaanywaaaaaaay , Relationship Status: It's so nice to be turned on again
take a little journey
Eh... I wouldn't trust her with my kids.
We just want to play ^_^
She might be able to keep up with them, but something about her seems suspicious, so no.
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Not on my watch
I hope you are kidding!!!!
14 Rivux6th Jun 2012 07:46:11 AM from Sniper Island (in your heart) , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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Hm. A super powered robot man, what could possibly go wrong?
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Not on my watch
Of course! Having bilingual children is realy good idea

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17 Olivetree6th Jun 2012 09:03:35 AM from A silly little Island off the coast of an island , Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
Depends on whether I'm a mythological dad and they're my children. And the sunday roast already made me full so I can't eat the babies.

Non-mythological dad, I'd go with NO
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18 Jamdat3696th Jun 2012 09:06:09 AM from Terca Lumireis
Does What You Don't
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19 MobileLeprechaun6th Jun 2012 09:13:08 AM from La ciudad se llama Duke, Nuevo México el estado
[bird noises]
Sure, as long as she agrees not to drink their blood or anything.
She said, "You've been pushing me like I was a sore tooth"
20 Rockonman6th Jun 2012 09:38:41 AM from Cloudy City, WA
NO. No brainwashing.
Not on my watch
I don't see problem here
Satan and his staff
Nope. She looks like trouble.
23 MobileLeprechaun6th Jun 2012 11:02:46 AM from La ciudad se llama Duke, Nuevo México el estado
[bird noises]
Hell yeah! Kids love video games!
She said, "You've been pushing me like I was a sore tooth"
Hell yes, surely kids love geniuses.
I couldn't think of anything to put here, so have this.
25 FergardStratoavis6th Jun 2012 11:11:05 AM from Fuyuki , Relationship Status: Can't buy me love
On Their Way For 13th Task
I'm okay with this. Just do not watch any Sci-Fi...
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