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What the hell, hero?
Well, this is the thing: I came up with a story that has aliens... from our planet. Well, something like that. I dunno if I'm doing it right. The story also includes several races made by me, but I have doubts with the heroine's race and the heroine herself. Just read and check:

  • Year 1980: The first run of the Particle Impact Control Unit, or PICU, had been a total success, managing to create a controlled big bang and allowed the scientists to study the first moments of our universe. However, the infra-molecular level universe they just made kept growing, reaching the level of several millions of years in a matter of days, so they encased it in a magnetic dumpster where it could "grow" (not beyond the regular house-sized container that houses it) and locked it into a vault in the Atomic Testing, Observation and Management Base for the Operative Military Bureau, located several stories below Mount Rushmore. The ATOMBOMB kept making progresses in atomic research and keeping an eye on the evolution of the 'microverse' while riots all over America about the dangers of those experiments are the permanent news.
  • Year 2012: The world is getting ready for the end of the world prophecy that existed in that moment. The contained 'microverse' had reached a point of development superior to our for several millions of years. Suddenly, the entire building is raided by a highly armed mob who wants to steal both the PICU and the microverse. In the ensuring fight, the microverse falls into a hole where the Earth Depth Investigation Unit is located 700 stories under them. The microverse pod is shattered by the incredible speed of the fall and all the people in there are killed by either the fall or the microverse explosive release. The people on the surface merely had time to take cover as a minute later of the fall (40 secs after the impact), the microverse reached the top and began to expand all over the place, until a gigantic rail-gun was turned on (causing a massive blackout all over America and part of Canada) and it managed to shoot the particles that compose said universe out of the atmosphere. The entire universe began to slowly reform on top of our own universe, filling the blanks with several new galaxies and stars in matter of months.
  • Year 2014: The planet just got recovered of the aftermath of that incredible shock-wave that almost destroyed the universe. The "aliens" from the microverse began to interact with the "makers" as they know mankind. Of course, they don't think of humans as their gods (even if we, somehow, are), but they praise us for giving them life and meaning.
  • Year 2015: ATOMBOMB,began to work on their first genetic project, using the knowledge on energy harnessing learned from the Terrans (collective name took by all the aliens that surged of the microverse the humans created. They started the Project Skycat, in order to play God once more. It failed at first, but they kept going.
  • Year 2020: after several mishaps and runaway specimens, they managed to perfect their creation: a human/eagle/lynx composite, nano-technologically cobbled together and housing Big Bang energy in her person (like the one they used before, but now contained in a living being), the Skycat 250, named Dakota Vega after her "mother" Esperanza Vega (the Latino woman who donned her human DNA for this specific specimen and who also housed the chimeric creature in her womb during development... so yeah, she's her mother) and the location of the Lab (Mt Rushmore, South Dakota. Yeah, the place's still there... somehow)
  • Year 2023: the ATOMBOMB finally reveals the reason she was made: to be used as a Genocide Bomb against a possible Terran rebellion. As this might destroy the girl she gave birth, Esperanza tried to take the girl away. The military units of ATOMBOMB tried to stop her, but upon seeing her mother in danger, the 3 y-o Dakota unleashed a figment of her powers and blasted the whole place away with just a part of her Big Bang powers (she was unable to call it all on her own). Esperanza managed to survive the blast and took her daughter into hiding.
  • Year 2040 (current setting): Terrans and humans keep living their daily life as usual, but the ATOMBOMB keeps planning on their obscure agenda. As obvious, the special nature of the Terrans makes it a hell of a ride for humans and some people of both sides are not willing to accept a proper peace, as well as some inter-Terrans fights that might menace the earth. The Galaxy United Nations' Special Help and Operative Team have a hard time on with all this stuff going on, specially with (living) Skycat specimens wrecking havoc. All but one: in the nearby Rapid City, county seat of the Pennington County of South Dakota, where Mt. Rushmore is located, a young catgirl and her usually hidden mother try to survive, knowing that people might be after them. But also, the girl tries to clean the sins of her origin. She's the weapon... the creature... the Skycat 250.

  • Scientific Name: Lynx Bellicosus Sapiens (mixture of the names of its 3 genetical components: Eurasian Lynx, Lynx lynx, Martial Eagle, Polemaetus bellicosus, and Human, Homo sapiens)
  • Common Name: Skycat.
  • Discovery: Artificially created since 2015.
  • Conservation status: Critically Endangered (only 137 individuals exist)
  • Description: Considered the ultimate man-made work on genetics. Skycats are not hybrids per se, but rather composites kept together by nano-technological bonding, which also acts as control of the creatures' abilities.
  • Appearance and Phisiology: The most of the specimens have very hideous and nightmarish appearances but a few specimens had grown pretty well to give a kind of standard appearance. Skycats are mostly humanoid, athletic built, ranging 7 feet tall in the adult specimens, with talons instead of hands and paws instead of feet, although both have 5 "fingers" and their talons sport opposable "thumbs", capable to act like a human hand. A Skycat's head tend to be that of a Lynx, with their eyes being mostly yellow except certain cases. They also tend to sport a bobbed tail, whose tip is always black. Some of them present "hair" colored differently than their body fur. Body fur colors range from reddish to browns in summer to greyish to black in winter. Their wings, on those specimens who have them, are usually on a black, sporting white spots during summer. Those who have "hair" have it from sky blue to pink. The wingspan from those few who have 2 wings can range from 4 to 10 feet, usually standing between the 7 or 8 feet of wingspan. Skycats are usually powerful sources of energy, although they can't tap into this energy to use as personal energy source, but their bodies are efficient in energy spending, allowing them to last longer in times of food scarce.
  • Behavior: Skycats are all capable of speech and rational thinking, although they are pretty instinctive and temperamental. They act mainly as cats, but they can be educated to act like humans. They avoid water, as they are genetically unable to swim, preferring thick forests to rest during day, as they are mostly night beings.
  • Diet: Skycats are predators and they usually feed on sport, chasing all that could fall into their territory, even Terrans and humans. They are quite intolerant to vegetables, as their digestive syst3m can't digest them properly. In case of having eat vegetables, it's kinda common see them eating dirt to act as a diuretic to get the unwanted substances off their system.
  • Special Abilities: Skycats in general are very strong, have keen senses, fast reflexes and are really agile. They can generate enormous electromagnetic fields that can use to manipulate air (generate wind gusts or speeding up their flight to supersonic levels) or create fires. Some members can cause molecular displacement, allowing them to phase through solids. Their powers have electric origin, so powerful electromagnetic fields can disrupt their controls. Also, insulators like plastics can render them nearly powerless by stopping their power circuit. Humid environments can ground their circuits, also rendering them confused by messing up with their senses (humidity affects their sight and smell) and leaving them flightless (their wet wings are no strong enough to lift them up). Water bodies are specially dangerous, adding to the formerly explained weaknesses their absolute lack of swim capabilities, mainly due to the not swim able two thirds of their DNA components.

Dakota Vega (Skycat #250)
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Skycat ("perfected")
  • Age: 20
  • Born: March 13, 2020 (Friday) in ATOMBOMB, under Mt. Rushmore, SD, USA.
  • Lives in: Rapid City, SD, USA.
  • Appearance:
    • Skycat: Waist long pink plain hair, green eyes, reddish brown(summer)/black(winter) fur, black talons, black wings with a 10 ft wingspan, 7 ft tall, 290 lbs weight (250 body+40 from wings). Usually naked.
    • Catgirl: Waist long red hair, green human eyes, black cat tail and cat ears, mocha skin, pale red lips, 5ft6 tall, 130 lbs weight. Usually in jeans shorts, loose shirts and barefoot.
    • Kitten: Reddish brown(summer)/black(winter) furred Lynx cub with black wings with a 3 ft wingspan. 2ft long, 1ft5 tall, 11 lbs weight.
  • Story: Dakota was conceived as part of the Skycat project. her human DNA came from Esperanza Vega, a Latino woman who worked as computer technician of the ATOMBOMB. In order to have a proper development, the embryo was implanted into Esperanza's womb. The move resulted and 7 months later, Esperanza gave birth to her daughter, the Skycat #250, who she named Dakota. 3 years later, Esperanza learns the reason ATOMBOMB created Dakota: as a massive sacrificial weapon to control the Terrans. She menaced to take her daughter, which was halted by the soldiers. Dakota, who grew to fond of her mother, got a mental breakdown and released a huge amount of her power, blasting the entire complex. Esperanza, who got highly disfigured from the blast, took her unconscious daughter away from there and into the wild. By the time Dakota came into her senses, Esperanza was sporting a brand new face, although her daughter could recognize her by her smell. When things died down a few months ago, both women returned to the civilization as Dorothy (Esperanza with her new face) and Claire Lyre (Dakota in her catgirl form). Dorothy/Esperanza is currently working as a real estate agent while Claire/Dakota assists National American University campus in River City. Undercover, Dakota usually works as a vigilante, stopping crimes on town and trying to keep herself from running into the ATOMBOMB.
  • Abilities: Besides the usual abilities of a Skycat, thanks to her mother tampering her nano-bonding, Dakota can change her body form into a catgirl and a winged kitten by suppressing a certain set of genes, all handled by her nano-bonding and controlled by voice locks. She can change back to full Skycat by saying "Chimeric Metamorphosis!":
    • By suppressing the most of her feline and eagle genes, Dakota can change into her catgirl form. This form is mostly used when she passes as Claire Lyre and this form allows her to tolerate water and human food better (still she can't tolerate veggies) and also allows her to stand water better. She retains her enhanced senses (and their humidity weakness), but lacks of the most of her powers and physical abilities. Also, she tires easier in this form. She changes into this form by saying "Chimera Out!"
    • By suppressing the most of her eagle and human genes, Dakota can change into her kitten form. This form is mostly used as a recovery form, as it has a faster recovery rate than other forms. This is also a low maintenance form, so she tires less and can survive with low food rations. This form retains her senses, flight and phasing, but lacks of supersonic flight and the other powers. Besides, this form is neither suited for battles and performs even worse in water than her regular form. She can change into this form by saying "Kitten Up!", but she'll change into this form is sufficiently hurt.
  • Motto: "No matter your origins, you can always redeem yourself if you try it."

I think it's quite fine, but I'll thank your inputs.

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What the hell, hero?
Adding a new race to the story. Thanks to Daltar for the hint of creating a nemesis for the Skycat. Here we go:

  • Scientific Name: Canis Reptilus (Creeping Canine)
  • Common Name: Lobodile (human), Terrocidal (Terran)
  • Discovery: Microverse, 2000 B.F. (before the fusion); rediscovered in 2017 in South Dakota, during the first Skycat recovery expedition, near River Creek.
  • Conservation status: Least Concern (200k and counting)
  • Description: Lobodiles are ferocious creatures that usually live in small packs along rivers. They hunt several kinds of animals, and even people. They are the most feared creatures of the Terran Realms. Luckily, they keep away from civilized zones, preferring river banks and swamps.
  • Appearance and Physiology: Lobodiles are bulky, with strong legs and thick bones to hold them. They have a foot long jaw with just a 3 in long neck. Their bodies resemble the like of a Komodo Dragon, with the same kind of structure, but their legs and head are very wolf like, giving them the look of over-sized wolves. The average male Lobodile can be 9 feet long and 3 feet tall to the shoulders, but some of them can reach the 12 feet long and 3 tons of weight. Female lobodiles are around 7-8 ft long and 2.5 ft tall to the shoulders. Their bodies are entirely covered by a gray fur, thick like as hedgehog spines, and works wonderfully to cover the cold. Males tend to have a longer fur on their heads and thicker fur on their bodies, while females have longer tails and clearer furs than their male counter parts. This warm fur keeps its function even wet, also providing a nice float for the bulky bodies. Adding their powerful legs and tails, these creatures can swim up to 30 mph, and even run at almost the same speed, even in wet weather, albeit for very brief periods. This animals are also too big for tree climbing and their powerful legs are not good to get them off the ground, limiting their ability to strike animals that can fly or move on the tree cups. They also are in great need of water, mainly because their bodies can't cope with changes of weather if their fur lack of water to keep them in their optimal body temperature. They can be seen pouring steam from their bodies in summer.
  • Behavior: Lobodiles are mostly lurking predators, ambushing their preys in river shores from the river or hidden in think bushes. They are mostly nocturnes, but they come out during day too, specially in wet climates. They move in family packs of around 10 members. They rely mostly in their instincts, which makes them attack anything in their territory as preys. They also are caring progenitors, but as soon as the cubs grow, they mostly leave the pack and look for their own mates (a male Lobodile can have from 2 to 4 mates on his pack.
  • Diet: A Lobodile needs to eat at least twice his size, so they eat a lot, from deers to buffaloes. They also eat a lot of fishes, snakes and bugs. Their diet is usually fulfilled with berries and other kinds of plants, as their bodies can stand the most powerful poisons. Their only weaknesses are other Lobodiles and hunters, who look them mainly because the Lobodile meat is really juicy. They gained an artificial rivalry in the form of the Skycats, as each of them have abilities that weaken the other.
  • Special Abilities: Their powerful legs and tails hit with the strength of a bull lunge. These animals are also known for breath powerful streams of steam and, when maddened enough, their spiky fur can vibrate, making the water to shake wildly and the earth to tremble and open in their near vicinity. They can detect vibrations on the earth and water, which made them avoid places with too much movement like recreational parks and cities. They can bite the most of the materials known for men, even metals.

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