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I'll be gone for the next day or two. If more indepth looks at any individual works come up, please make sure to post about it here so I'm not flooded when I get a chance to check.
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One potentially useful one (counting the sex scenes) that seems to have been overlooked re: Fifty Shades of Grey:
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Ok, I'm back. Thank you for helping to reduce the workload.
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Why I think Sakuran is not porn and should have a page:
We don't appear to have had a page for that unless I'm missing something.
We don't. I'd like to make a page.
Okay, I'll add it. Don't know why you can't just make the page though.
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[up]I think that what animeg wants to say is that he wanted to make the page for it himself, but he wasn't sure if he should. So first he explained his reasons why he doesn't think it is porn and waited to hear the opinions of other people.

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A few works you can move:

Chocotto Sister - resolved to keep

Crimson Shell - Zapped

Ethereum Gladiator - voted to cut

Yosuga no Sora - Keep, clean

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