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Do not read any further unless you have read all the Harry Potter books and/or seen all the movies.

This game is set in Hogwarts, and fifteen years after the Battle at Hogwarts. The premise is pretty straightforward; you create and roleplay a Hogwarts student, and have them go around Hogwarts taking classes, interacting with other students, playing Quiditch, exploring the castle, etc...

There are no villains or bad guys in this story, other than the jocks, bullies and cruel teachers that can be found in this roleplay. While the later Harry Potter books/movies focused less on the school and more on the conflict between Harry and Voldemort, this roleplay just focuses on life at Hogwarts.

The roleplay begins on the Hogwarts Express to school, where the characters can meet one another and poke around the train.

You have to be accepted in the sign up page before you can post in the discussion page or the roleplay.

The discussion page is here.

Here's the character template:
  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Magical heritage (pure blood, half blood, etc...):
  • Hogwarts House:
  • Year:
  • Appearance:
  • Backstory:
  • Personality:
  • Gifts and abilities:
  • Weaknesses:
  • Other interesting info:

Here's my character:
  • Name: Hayley Ivyleaf
  • Age: 14
  • Gender: Female
  • Magical heritage: 3/4 Wizard, 1/4 Muggle-born.
  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin.
  • Year: Year 4.
  • Appearance: Dark brown hair with tawny-brown eyes and pale skin. She's quite tall for her age.
  • Backstory: Her parents met at Hogwarts (her mum's a Ravenclaw half-blood, and her Dad's a pure-blood Slytherin). They have careers in the field of Arithmancy. The Ivyleaf family has been very much oppressed for being a pure blood family with a tradition of having its family members being Slytherins, despite rejecting the stereotypical Fantastic Racism of Salazar Slytherin, being hard workers and all round decent people.
  • Personality: A vain young woman who hates getting her hands dirty, but Hayley cares deeply about her friends and does her best to make them happy. She can be quite deceitful, and is willing to lie and cheat to get what she wants, but Hayley never intentionally screws other people over. Unfortunately her schemes often cause mistrust among her friends and teachers, and even when she is being honest, they may find it hard to believe her.
  • Gifts and abilities: Hayley is intelligent and a smooth talker, and can get along with other people easily. She has a keen interest in the Dark Arts, but pursues them because she believes that the Dark Arts are (usually) not inherently evil, and can only be considered evil when they're used for evil means, just like any other form of magic. Needless to say, Hayley does exceptionally well in Defense Against The Dark Arts. She's also quite competent at Spells and Charms, as well as Potions.
  • Weaknesses: Hayley fails most of her Transfiguration exams at Hogwarts, and most of her attempts to transfigure things backfire in... interesting ways. She also has a poor sense of balance, so she can barely fly a broom. Because Hayley hates getting dirty, she despises Herbology.
  • Other interesting info:
    • Hayley listens to a lot of Muggle music, but because Hogwarts causes electronics to shut down and act faulty, she has to listen to vinyl records instead.
    • Hayley has two pet bats; one called Wayne (she reads Batman comics), and one called Dracula. Their favourite drink is a mixture of rats blood and milk.
    • Her wand is Willow (birthday is April 28th, good wand for Charms work), 12 inches, Dragon heartstring core, and springy.

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Count me interested. I had an idea for a character, but I realized later it was kinda lame and not original enough.

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Derp. Let's see...
  • Name: Vivian Wetherford.
  • Age: 17.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Magical heritage: Full-blood (implied to be a blood traitor).
  • House: Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure! Other words, Ravenclaw.
  • Year: Seventh.
  • Appearance: Isn't she nice?*
  • Backstory: Vivian's parents are accomplished magicians — her mother's a transmuter, and her father is a magical historian. While her mother is kind, her father is often away due to his job; as such, she did not see him a lot. As a result, Vivian dislikes history (though her hating history's repetitive nature* might have a connection).
    She herself grew up as a somewhat odd girl; she preferred reading books to hanging out with people. When she went to Hogwarts, though, she loosened up a bit, and over the years developed strong ties with a few other girls, mainly Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs — she finds Slytherins despicable and thinks Gryffindors are too full of themselves, but, as always, there are exceptions.
  • Personality: Vivian is a normal, albeit very well-read and learned, girl. She is somewhat quieter than the usual (one whack too many from the librarian's broom). She is very loyal to her friends, but is somewhat distant toward people she doesn't know — though if they can get past her shyness she's just as talkative as everybody else.
  • Gifts and abilities: Vivian is talented in Transmutation, Charms, and Arithmancy. She's extremely well-read, usually knowing something about the topic at hand; and she has a phenomenal memory.
  • Weaknesses: Vivian fails her history classes. Always. She is also somewhat indecisive, and tends to freeze when things get rough. She also hates Divination (she left it as soon as it was possible, and mentioning it around her... isn't a good idea) and Astronomy, because she hates being up at night.
  • Other Info:
    • Because of her, the Ravenclaw seventh year girls' dorm is full of old, dusty books — her room-mates complained at first, but she convinced them not to.
    • She keeps a short-eared owl named Muirgen as a pet and a messenger.
    • Her wand is 12'' long, mildly supple hornbeam with a unicorn tail hair as a core.

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Can I just get a double check; what year is this set? "Twelve years later" suggests '09, but...

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[up] The last book was set in 1997, so yes, this roleplay is set in 2009.

[up][up] Your build has been accepted.
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Hmmm... Now do I Self Insert at 17 like I would be here or juggle down to 11?
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Oh, this sounds like a goody.

  • Name: Alister Clark
  • Age: 13
  • Gender: Male
  • Magical Heritage: Muggle-born/"mudblood".
  • House: Hufflepuff
  • Year: Year 3
  • Appearance: Blue eyes, brownish-red hair and pale skin due to his heritage. Used to wear glasses but now dons contacts due to being more convenient.
  • Backstory: His parents moved down from Scotland when he was little in order to live closer to family. They discovered their son was magical when he accidentally set one of the houseplants on fire, and kept his magic secret until he was eligible for Hogwarts, which included him being home-schooled and subconsciously isolated from the other children. Despite their dislike of his magic they are supportive of him and often send letters out of concern for his well-being.
  • Personality: Quite shy, submissive and often apologetic. Like most Hufflepuffs he's hard-working, loyal and modest, but is also non-confrontational and a bit of a klutz.
  • Gifts and Abilities: Alister excels mainly in Potions, Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures. He's also surprisingly gifted at Flying.
  • Weaknesses: Sucks at Defense Against the Dark Arts due to his distaste of fighting. While he likes Herbology and Divination he isn't good at either, and is only so-so in Charms.
  • Other info:
    • Keeps a pet brown rat called Amis. Often likes to nibble on things.
    • Is a violinist in the Hogwarts orchestra, and since second year has been a Chaser in Quidditch.
    • His wand is 9 inches, made of hazel with a unicorn hair core, and flexible.

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...Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to have a muggle-born Slytherin?

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I'm inclined to say no, given that Salazar Slytherin hated them with a passion, but...

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But it's not Slytherin who chooses who goes in what house, anymore, it's the Sorting Hat.
When I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore, J. K. Rowling said that muggle borns are accepted into Slytherin, so go ahead.

And I've decided to change the year of the setting to 2012; 15 years after Battle of Hogwarts. Because the Triwizard Tourniment is on once every five years (Golbet of Fire is set in 1994), and I don't plan on having the roleplay set during the Tourniment. And it would be more convenient for us 2012 players.

@Whizzerd: Your character is accepted.

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OK, definitely shifting down to me at eleven then.
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  • Name: Jonathan Rose
  • Age: 11
  • Gender: Male
  • Magical heritage: Muggle-born.
  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
  • Year: First
  • Appearance: Relatively short, with messy brown hair and pale brown eyes.
  • Backstory: Born and raised in the south of England, Jon was always picked on by the kids at his primary school for being different in some way; not that anyone, least of all his parents, could tell what that way was. At least until a member of the Hogwarts staff showed up at their doorstep one afternoon.
  • Personality: Left relatively shy by his experiences at school, Jon prefers to spend most of his time reading and studying rather than engaging with anyone else.
  • Gifts and abilities: TBA
  • Weaknesses: TBA
  • Other interesting info:
    • Wand: 10 inches, Ash wood, Unicorn hair core.
    • Owns a small brown Screech Owl that I haven't thought of a name for yet.

TBAs are A.Because they'll likely become apparent during the RP, and B.because it's late, I'm tired and I wanted to get this up before I crashed.

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The Maid
  • Name: Susan Miller
  • Age: 11
  • Gender: Female
  • Magical heritage: Mud blood. With a witch for a grandmother.
  • Hogwarts House: Unsorted
  • Year: 1
  • Appearance: Like this, but 11 years old and she doesn't look shy
  • Backstory: Raised by her young single mother as she never got to meet her own father. Growing up she became a little withdrawn... not shy, but she never learned how to deal with big groups. She became interested in technology and fantasy... the later of which was helped along by her cool grandmother, who would tell her stories of a magical world. Now when she got her letter of invitation to Hogwarts, her grandmother revealed and tutored the young girl about the world of magic.
  • Personality: Clever, smart and not the most sociable person ever. Quite cool and restrained in temperament with a bit of a snarky streak at times. She can interact well with small groups, but with more people she starts to feel uncomfortable and might try to slip away. Still, for some strange reason she's good with crowds and really large groups... as in doing presentations or speeches.
  • Gifts and abilities: Very intelligent, has a good memory and is skilled with her hands.
  • Weaknesses: Socializing, dealing with large groups, hasn't tried magic yet, is low energy for the most part.
  • Other interesting info:
    • Will most likely be influenced by those she meets in the train at the time of picking a house.
    • Her want is Oak wood, 9 inches with dragon heart string as a core.

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Both of these characters have been accepted. Sometime today I will create the discussion page, and from there I'll start the roleplay.

But there is no limit to the number of people who can sign up, and I'll continue to accept new players well into the game.

The discussion page is here.

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  • Name: Edward IV Johnson
  • Age: 13
  • Gender: Male
  • Magical heritage: Muggleborn, but pretending to be half-blood after being warned by Hayley Ivyleaf that bullies would probably make his life hell, if they knew he was a Muggleborn.
  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin
  • Year: Third year
  • Appearance: Thin. Black hair. Green eyes. Pale skin. Short.
  • Backstory: Edward's father, Edward III, is a wealthy business man, owning a very successful lawyer firm with his two brothers, Johnson, Johnson, and Johnson. Largely ignored by his father, Edward did his best to learn law, arguing, and lying, largely to impress his father, and, in some rare cases, his father actually did notice his skills as a future lawyer, usually when he successfully argued to be allowed to do something that his father was against. On the other hand, his mother was very much a doting parent who loves Edward dearly, though he doesn't love her much back, nor pay much attention to her, mostly focusing on his father. Growing up, Edward many of the other kids tried to use him for cool stuff because he was rich, without actually caring about him, as a person. As a result, he learned to trust no one, and kept people at an arms length, with no real friends. On his 11th birthday, he received a letter from Hogwarts, which his father promptly threw in the trash, deeming it a scam. The next day, he found one in the mail, and promptly threw it in the trash, deeming it a scam. The day after that, his mother found one in the mail, and promptly threw it in the trash, deeming it a scam. Since none of the Johnson family was willing to give it more than a passing glance, Hogwarts sent a representative, who they slammed the door on two days in a row, thinking it was a scam, until, finally, on the third day, the representative decided to just aparate into their mansion during dinner, finally convincing them that it was not, in fact, a scam. His mother was elated at the idea of magic being real, and began pestering the representative with questions, until Edward asked her to stop, since she was making the representative uncomfortable. Edward's father promptly began asking about the cost of Hogwarts, and the rules surrounding the use of magic. Eventually, the representative was able to get out of the Johnson mansion, and head back to Hogwarts. Edward bought all his stuff, and was shipped off to Hogwarts. At Hogwarts, he got sorted into Slytherin. After discovering that he was a muggleborn, Hayley Ivyleaf advised him not to reveal that fact, so he promptly made up the story that his mother was a witch who married his father for his money and influence. The lie maintained him through the next two years, allowing him to stay mostly unharrassed by the school bullies. Now, he is about to start his third year.
  • Personality: Above all, Edward trusts no one, and loves only himself, his parents, and his uncles and aunt. He loves making up lies and arguing. He is somewhat cold to those around him, but mainly because he doesn't trust them, though he is very capable of forming friendships, though none he considers to be his friend. He enjoys causing chaos around him, especially when he doesn't have to do much to cause it.
  • Gifts and abilities: Excellent liar, great convincing others to do what he wants them to do, good at Charms, eidetic memory, I would imagine he'd be a pretty good Legilimens, and a better Occlumens, once he is taught them, trusts no one.
  • Weaknesses: Physically weak, lazy, his potions always turn out wrong, somehow, trusts no one.
  • Other interesting info:
    • Privately uses the term mudblood for himself, with pride.
    • Secretly wants to learn the Dark Arts.
    • His wand is 8", Acacia, Phoenix Feather core, bendable.

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[up] It would be... interesting to see how Edward and Hayley get on with one another. Your character's accepted. Should we begin the roleplay with Hayley and Edward already knowing one another, or should we start them off having never met?

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[up] ...Actually, I was wondering if she could be the Slytherin who knows that he's actually muggleborn... I mean, she fits the bill of older Slytherin who doesn't buy in to the racism...
[up] Sounds good to me.
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Yay! Also, I should note that I LOVE his family's dynamic. He wants his father's attention, and ignores his mother, for the most part, his father wants his mother's attention, and ignores him, for the most part, and his mother wants his attention, and ignores his father, for the most part. His uncles have resigned themselves to that dynamic, realizing they can't change it.
Just one big, screwed up family! Love it.
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Well, they do genuinely love each other, but they each have one they love more...
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Who are you calling short?!
Joinin! I'll put up a char later...
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[up] Thank you for signing up! I look forward to seeing what character you have in mind.
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Who are you calling short?!
  • Name: Leonard "Leo" Archibald
  • Age: 15
  • Gender: Male
  • Magical heritage :Pure blood
  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin
  • Year: 5
  • Appearance: Good Morning...
  • Backstory: Heir to a pure Magical family, brought up with the notion of his superiority. His father works in the Ministry and is said to be gunning for the Minister position, and his mother died when he was a child. His father is very proud of his gifted son, and is grooming him to follow in his footsteps.
  • Personality: Polite,well mannered and sophisticated, but very smug. Very proud of his lineage, while he doesn't openly mock the lower classes, he does think they are inferior.Also, a social animal with tons of friends and a few fangirls. He's a Prefect.
  • Gifts and abilities: Gifted at making speeches, a born leader. He's good at Potions and DADA. Also, he's excellent at Transfiguration.
  • Weaknesses: Ego. Also, he seems to suck at Quidditch and anything else physical. Has as much enemies as he has friends.
  • Other interesting info:
    • Wand 10 inches, Birch,moderately hard, with dragon heartstring.
    • Known as "Leo the Smug Snake" by Gryffindors and other enemies.
    • Part of the Slug club.

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