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Dwarf Fortress Troper Succession Game (New Edition):

Welcome to the new and improved TV Tropes Dwarf Fortress Succession Game!

How it works:

  • To join, just post here requesting to be added to the list. If the list grows too large we may have to spin off an adventurer side-game or something to keep there from being too long a wait between turns.
  • Latest version of Dwarf Fortress can be found here.
  • Current world save can be found here.
  • When your turn comes, download the save and unzip the folder into your data/saves directory wherever DF is on your computer.
  • Turns last 2 in-game years or 2 real-life weeks, whichever comes first. After your turn is done, rezip the save and send it to the gmail address "troperdf". I'll put it up on the site (we can discuss other ways of sharing the file if there's something people prefer).
  • Other rules: Don't deliberately wreck stuff, don't use mods as this risks corrupting the save for others, and have as much Fun as possible!
  • Additional guideline: The Notes feature exists for a reason. Use it.

Current Roster:

  1. Fishsicles
  2. Tuefel Hunden IV
  3. Count Dorku
  4. Edwards Grizzly
  5. Spooky Mask
  6. Rotpar
  7. Wikkit
  8. JimmyTMalice
  9. Mura

edited 7th Aug '12 1:16:17 PM by EdwardsGrizzly

Fishsicles, you are up. I've put us on the intersection of 5 different biomes, so we should get plenty of interesting wildlife. I made you the engineer/manager as requested, Tuefel a miner/mason, Count Dorku a carpenter/hunter, and myself a miner/stonecrafter. The three non-troper dwarves are food production/social and the militia leader. I'd strongly recommend you build the starting base towards the southwest side of the map, and get under cover quickly, as everything northwest of the wagon is an Evil biome.
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Great; I will get to playing later tonight. I plan on doing a two-year turn if able, just because my first crazy project is going to take the second one. I will do in-character updates, as is the tradition of these kinds of games, per season-ish.

edited 17th May '12 5:35:36 PM by fishsicles

 4 Count Dorku, Thu, 17th May '12 6:42:24 PM from Sharn, the City of Towers Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Some nights I wish that this all would end
This should be Fun.

So just how evil is the biome? Are we talking "eyeball grass and undead fish", "husk-inducing horrible death dust" or "you don't want to know"?
Still Chuubsessive
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Log of 'Fishsicles' Kudonul, Chief Engineer of Waterburned

1st Granite, 251

After a long, hard journey, we have arrived at the future site of the glorious fortress of Waterburned! His Highness Bembul Atortirist, may Armok keep his axe sharp, gave us this glorious mission for the benefit of all of the Massive Room. I'm not sure how in Sirab Furnaceglow's name we're supposed to achieve anything with what he gave us...

4th Granite, 251

Our two miners, Edwards Grizzly and Tuefel Huenden IV, have already begun excavating a shelter, corridor, and a nice future trade depot.

Our war leader/lumberjack Tun Onulbomrek needs some way of training her skills, and it's a such a pity to let all those potential water wheels waste away on the surface. Deforestation fuels progress, gentledwarves.

8th Granite, 251

Our original shelter has been completed; it looks strangely like a key. Tuefel and Edwards have moved on to a downward shaft, as per my orders.

9th Granite, 251

Edwards reports finding a bounteous supply of clay in the downward stairwell. None of us are trained in pottery, but hopefully His Highness Bembul Atortirist, may Armok keep his ale frothy, will send us some new men in the coming year.

Beneath the clay is the aquifer. Hopefully Tun will have those logs for us soon!

16th Granite, 251

As the logs roll in from above, I am working on plans to punch through the aquifer. We have a few layers of soil to work with; hopefully it will not be too deep.

24th Granite, 251

Armok's flaming adze, a cloud of bloody evil gloom's on the horizon! *cough* I have all confidence our fortress will prevail, of course.

28th Granite, 251

The evil gloom blew over; no harm to the fortress, but a flock of crow people weren't as lucky. Armok's beard, it's the first time I've seen fog do that.

26th Slate, 251

After a thankfully uneventful month, we are ready to breach the aquifer. Hopefully this is the only layer; we don't want too many setbacks.

6th Felsite, 251

We have successfully released the soil into the aquifer below! We can but pray Armok was merciful, and neither of our miners was injured in the collapse...

7th Felsite, 251

Both Tuefel and Edwards have emerged from the caverns unscathed, if slightly damp. The displaced water has been routed to the south, to muddy soil for farms.

8th Felsite, 251

Armok's whiskers, the gloom is back. I wonder how much magma it takes to kill a cloud?

Let me check my notes...

16th Felsite, 251

Tuefel and Edwards just finished excavating a 5x5 stairwell through the heart of the aquifer; lo and behold, we've hit dry siltstone! At this rate, Waterburned will be the greatest fortress in the realm, just you wait!

21st Felsite, 251

In celebration of our triumph over the aquifer, I have ordered the construction of our fortress's central hall. Once it is completed, and the farms and workshops around it are complete, I may begin in earnest! Ahahaha!

edited 17th May '12 8:01:18 PM by fishsicles

Conqueror of Hell Itself
Seasons go by fast when you have less than ten dwarves. Have the second set of terse entries.

26th Hematite

As the miners toil in the future great hall, a group of migrants arrived today: a ranger, a miller, and the ranger's pet blue peahen. Convenient, for soon we shall have plants and millstones aplenty!

In other news, I have begun drafting plans for a power station over the aquifer.

6th Malachite

A giant grasshopper decided to interrupt Tun and her axe's delicate communion with nature. She shows incredible promise.

7th Malachite

We have so much unused space over the aquifer... the plans for the station, which I have tentatively dubbed the Unending Rotationary Aquifer-supplied Interior Urist-producing Mechanism (henceforth URANIUM), are progressing nicely. I am glad Tun is such a good worker, skilled worker... hopefully the merchants will come, and with them more glorious, glorious treeflesh...

8th Malachite

Another cloud... they see my success, and taunt me... there will be a reckoning!

11th Malachite

The main hall is nearly halfway done now; once it is, the miners will be free to start on my URANIUM!

14th Malachite

The woodsdwarf, "Count Dorku" (actual status of nobility: unknown) looked at me like I was mad when I asked for fifty-one pipe sections and fifty-one corkscrews. Ha! I'll show those fools at the Symposium on Dwarven Engineering! "Impractical"?! Ahahahaha!

24th Malachite

Production of pipe components has begun!

By my tentative calculations, the URANIUM should produce over one hundred thousand Urist of energy, discounting a negligible cost of operation. Truly, this will be a spectacular advance for dwarvenkind!

19th Galena

As the great hall nears completion, the gloom rears its ugly gaseous head at us in defiance yet again! Why do you taunt me, fog?!

23rd Galena

Another gloom, just after the last! I watched carefully as it struck another flock of crow people; it appears that contact with the gloom results in instant death. If only we could study it; no doubt it would make an excellent weapon against thhe beasts of this world.

1st Limestone

The Great Hall is complete! I would have it smoothed, but I need our ranger-turned-stoneworker making blocks for the URANIUM. I have built a workshop for myself in the corner of the hall, and have begun on the more... delicate components. I will need to see to them personally.

Also, for the sake of framerates I am going to put an on-off switch on the URANIUM. Because there is going to be a lot of water moving here.

edited 17th May '12 9:05:18 PM by fishsicles

 7 Blueeyedrat, Thu, 17th May '12 9:05:24 PM from nowhere in particular. Relationship Status: Mu
What are the three un-nicknamed dwarves like? If possible, I'd like to claim one. (Not sure about signing up for the succession game, though. I'll decide that later)
"I've come to the conclusion that this is a very stupid idea."
 8 Spooky Mask, Thu, 17th May '12 9:18:57 PM from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Insert title
Can I again join?

Anyway two in game years or one in game week? Do you mean two in game years and one out of game week?

edited 17th May '12 9:19:49 PM by SpookyMask

Time to change the style, for now
Conqueror of Hell Itself
[up] That was my understanding.

[up][up] Currently we have:
  • Atir Ebalnish (Miner, female)
  • Tun Onulbomrek (Woodcutter/Militia Commander, female)
  • Zulban Otadamost (Stoneworker, male)
  • Inod Melbilshukar (Furnace Operator, male)
  • Rimtar Ostukingish (Gem Setter, female)
  • Risen Tumamfeb (Farmer, female)
  • Melbil Erithberdan (Brewer/Expedition Leader, female)
  • Risen Lisastgeshud (Lye Maker/militia, male)
  • Mosus Letmoscilob (Miller, female)

Continued excerpts from the history of Waterburned, as told by an increasingly nutty chief engineer.

2nd Limestone

Another gloom, this one passing dangerously close to the entrance of the fortress. No dwarves were harmed, but our water buffalo were heavily injured in their pasture outside. It is worth noting that they survived the initial encounter with the gloom, and are currently still alive, if numb and heavily bleeding.

7th Limestone

The water buffalo are dead.

16th Sandstone

Edwards Grizzly is now a legendary miner, through his work on the great hall and the URANIUM!

17th Sandstone

Another group of migrants; a furnace operator, thresher, lye maker with military experience, and gem setter. The addition of another military recruit besides Tur makes me wonder if we need to start on proper training facilities, but it can wait until after the URANIUM.

10th Timber

Work is progressing slowly but steadily, no thanks to the miners halting the dig every time they find slightly damp soil. What's the worst that could happen? You strike a lakebed, and flood the chamber that we flood anyway?

12th Timber

I have taken Edwards Grizzly off mining duty for now, so we can have at least some crafts for the merchants. I have placed one of our new arrivals, the thresher Atir Ebalnish, in his place temporarily.

13th Timber

The merchants arrived. A pity they are so early...

15th Timber

As if greeting our brethren, a cloud of gloom has drifted into sight. I have ordered the dwarves into our new great hall; hopefully the merchants live long enough to trade... or the ones carrying their supplies are caught up in it completely...

18th Timber

Melbil, our leader, met with the men from the caravan today. I told her to request wood, iron, and steel, and from what I overheard she did exactly that. Good girl, Melbil.

1st Moonstone

With the URANIUM nearing completion, Tuefel has become a legendary miner. ...Excellent.

All in all, fall was a super-uneventful season.

edited 17th May '12 9:38:44 PM by fishsicles

 10 Blueeyedrat, Thu, 17th May '12 9:41:59 PM from nowhere in particular. Relationship Status: Mu
Alright, I'll claim Zulban.
"I've come to the conclusion that this is a very stupid idea."
 11 Count Dorku, Thu, 17th May '12 9:42:14 PM from Sharn, the City of Towers Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Some nights I wish that this all would end
Man, that gloom looks like Fun. My bet is that it's Armok's flatulence.

What's the metal situation like? I assume from the requests that it's bad, but are we talking copper ore or no metal at all?
Still Chuubsessive
Conqueror of Hell Itself
No metal whatsoever. The most economic stone I have hit is lignite, but then again I have not done that much digging. Through rock.

At this rate though, we should have three legendary-skill miners (and a most-of-the-way-there carpenter in Count Dorku, currently Professional; large-scale early projects are a comparatively sane thing to do, since they boost dwarf skills like crazy) once the URANIUM is done, so if we find metal the trio should cut through rocks like butter.

[up][up] Dorf'd.

edited 17th May '12 10:21:29 PM by fishsicles

 13 Blueeyedrat, Thu, 17th May '12 10:33:53 PM from nowhere in particular. Relationship Status: Mu
Stonecrafter, away!
"I've come to the conclusion that this is a very stupid idea."
Conqueror of Hell Itself
More or less absolutely nothing happened in winter or spring, so I am going to skip those updates. However, I should mention our fortress has just been visited by wild peach-faced lovebird men.

I am... not sure if that is the worst or best name for a creature ever.
Conqueror of Hell Itself

17th Felsite, 252

It has been a long time since I wrote in this journal; things have been very busy, with the URANIUM nearing completion, and my having an office to start going through the stockpile records, but also very uneventful. However, today warrants an exception; one of the recent migrants, a gem cutter, started babbling about "fit haggen" or some such nonsense.

21st Felsite, 252

The mad dwarf demanded the construction of a workshop in the great hall, grabbed our recently uncovered star sapphire, and went about working.

24th Felsite, 252

The mad dwarf has finally left his workshop, revealing... Innokosal Konossolam, "Creepysings the Brass Nation", an armour stand that Melbil tells me is worth over 144000 Urist... thrice the previous wealth of our entire fortress. Superb! Ahahahaha!

edited 18th May '12 12:27:46 PM by fishsicles

 16 Count Dorku, Thu, 17th May '12 11:25:36 PM from Sharn, the City of Towers Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Some nights I wish that this all would end
I'm definitely glad that someone else is doing the early stuff; I have very little experience with evil biomes, and most of the experience I do have is heavy on phrases like "has been struck down" and "it is raining human blood".
Still Chuubsessive
We seem to be incredibly lucky in that this evil biome's mists cause instant death, rather than trun-into-a-shambling-husk-and-murder-everyone-who-ever-loved-you.

@Spooky Mask: added and fixed.
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Not technically instant, for big enough creatures; those water buffalo sat around oozing blood for a few days before they kicked it.

But for a dwarf, probably instant yeah.
 19 Count Dorku, Fri, 18th May '12 12:28:15 PM from Sharn, the City of Towers Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Some nights I wish that this all would end
[up] ...this is how we define luck nowadays?!

I'm terrified in many languages.
Still Chuubsessive
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Welcome to Dwarf Fortress.

Also, the glooms seem to average about two or three a season. Only two have passed over the fortress entrance so far, and the bulk is too far underground to know.

No reanimated corpses yet either, so that is a plus.
 21 Noaqiyeum, Fri, 18th May '12 2:36:58 PM from out of the night from pole to pole Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
Dorku: You have been sigquoted. :)
We dance around in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.
- Robert Frost
 22 Rotpar, Fri, 18th May '12 6:02:03 PM from California Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Generic Evil Emperor
I'll take a stab!
DDC = Dyslexia Done Correctly - totlmstr
Conqueror of Hell Itself
End of my turn should be up tonight, possibly with video of the massive toy I went crazy and built you guys.

If I counted correctly, you should (at full waterwheel capacity, which I will probably not get to; all the water is there, all you need to do is channel in from above and add wheels when necessary) have a base of 112200 power, minus 11882 for the machine's upkeep costs (wheels, pumps, connections between said objects). There is a reason I went nuclear for that acronym.

edited 21st May '12 1:41:13 PM by fishsicles

 24 Count Dorku, Mon, 21st May '12 1:57:06 PM from Sharn, the City of Towers Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Some nights I wish that this all would end
Ooh, I like shiny toys.

What's the entrance like? If it's short on stabby horrifying death or hurtful things to do to goblins and undead, there will be Words.
Still Chuubsessive
Conqueror of Hell Itself
Not much in the way of deadliness yet, because the only trap construction material I have right now is wood, which makes shitty traps indeed. After the URANIUM finishes my next project is a submerged danger room for military training, and a shaft down for magma. (Minecarts can be used to transfer magma on a budget, such as to minimize the amount of magma-safe materials we would need.)

edited 21st May '12 2:01:58 PM by fishsicles

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