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Baldr Sky (P5 only):

@Kuro Bara Hime: It might be more accurate to say that a nukige is a game that was made solely to be a vector for the porn. Which would not pass P5 review should they have a page here, on those grounds. My apologies for being inconsiderate of others in this case.

@animeg 3282: yeah, the ge i.e. ゲ part is short for game i.e. geemu i.e. ゲーム

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We end up thinking in fan terms and so our writing is affected. I am sad.

Note: I'm an anime fan, but do not play visual novels.

edited 18th May '12 11:41:38 AM by animeg3282

@ Martello

Or at lest translate hell I didn't know what nukige meant (nuke as in cut?)and I know more abut this stuff then most people I know.

edit: ninjas!

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I think Martello is just frustrated. It's an English wiki, we ought to be using English terms. For the record I am a native Vietnamese speaker, consider myself a fan of anime and manga, and hate pedoshit.

If the panel hasn't made a decision yet (currently 2 angels, 1 devil), I can take a look at Dive 1+2. Looking at some of the trailers, I will say the green haired girl looks very suspect.
As far as I can tell, the general idea was that they are not kids by the game's own timeline and the narrative treats them as adults, but may subjectively be interpreted to look youngish based on appearance in the game.

Nanoha has a complex about her chest size in comparison to Rain, while Noi and Makoto, Noi in particular, are noted to look childish. Please stop acting like what I'm describing doesn't exist, Baldr Sky just doesn't belong on this site.

If the panel hasn't made a decision yet (currently 2 angels, 1 devil), I can take a look at Dive 1+2. Looking at some of the trailers, I will say the green haired girl looks very suspect.

I'll send you some of the images as evidence, if you permit.

Has he been able to get over the technical issues he mentioned before?

edited 18th May '12 1:51:46 PM by Handlerofjustice

 156 lu 127, Fri, 18th May '12 1:47:02 PM from the Capital of Light Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
With Mod Hat On
Ok, that's enough. It's obvious we aren't getting anywhere. Discar said he'd play the game, so let's wait for him. This thread is now P5 only.

edited 18th May '12 1:47:30 PM by lu127

 157 Komodin, Fri, 18th May '12 1:59:38 PM from Somewhere in Windy Hill Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
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[up]Thanks, Lu. Now, let's see what Catalogue and Discar think of this.

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Ah, wait, I said I'd play the game if I could. It's not working on my computer. Actually, it wasn't working six months ago and I haven't tried again, so I'll see if I can re-download it and make it work.

This post has been thumped with the mod stick. This means knock it off.

This post has been thumped with the mod stick. This means knock it off.

 162 Meeble, Sat, 19th May '12 3:26:08 PM from the ruins of Granseal
likes the cheeses.
Ok, after looking at the images, I get the impression that the problem characters are meant to look "apparent child" as opposed to flat-chested older teens or something. It's probably going to be devil head for me.

Now since those images are from a certain "dive" or something, does that mean that the other games in the series don't include sex scenes with those characters?
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 163 Black Humor, Mon, 21st May '12 8:38:04 PM from Zombie City

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 164 Meeble, Thu, 24th May '12 7:11:07 AM from the ruins of Granseal
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I apologize for asking a "to the general public" question in my last post, I had forgotten at the time that the thread was made 5P only.

That said I do think BH's post was helpful and is something I would like to get more info on, so could a mod possibly repost the thumped message?
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So after downloading this from three other sources, none of which worked, I'm giving up on ever playing this game. I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and leave my vote as angel, but I can't inform the other P5 on their decisions.

However, I would like to know if Baldr Force EXE Resolution is related to this. Because if it is, then even if the vote is to cut, we can redirect Baldr Sky to the anime.
 166 Meeble, Wed, 30th May '12 6:00:35 AM from the ruins of Granseal
likes the cheeses.
Okay, after getting some clarification from Black Humor and doing some research on The Other Wiki, it looks to me like "Dive 1" was released as a distinct game from "Dive 2".

It sounds like most of the objectionable content brought up in this thread is relegated to Dive 2. Is there any material in Dive 1 that could be considered pedophile pandering? If not, then we could limit the Baldr Sky page to Dive 1 content only.

Hollering for a mod to open this back up for discussion, but please try to keep the bickering to a minimum.
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 167 tdgoodrich 1, Wed, 30th May '12 8:25:43 AM from Atlanta Relationship Status: Californicating
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A little quick research revealed that (re: Discar's question) the Baldr Force EXE Resolution OVAs are related and they have been licensed by Funimation (available here)* Re: Meeble's question, I'm afraid I can't help. Regardless of whatever else happens, redirecting to that page is an option.

edited 30th May '12 8:26:47 AM by tdgoodrich1

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Rated TV MA.

Baldr Force is a different game from Baldr Sky altogether.

edited 30th May '12 12:48:45 PM by LiberatedLiberater

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TV-MA is not quite a good enough reason to cut it. TV-Tropes itself is PG-13, this does not mean the works on it have to be such. See: Fate stay night, Any horror movie, Most Haram manga (Although, most Haram manga will be cut due to their tendency to contain Token Mini Moe as romantic interests, ) any first person shooter, any particularly gore filled show, a half of all American Comedies, and roughly every Quintin Tarantino film in existence.

I'm a little concerned in that we could be cutting something with little to no confirmation of what the nature of the questionably objectionable content. While there are sex scenes for sure, we have to remember that a few pages, someone mentioned that the game takes place in two time periods, that the sex scenes take place in a "Present" time period where the characters are older, and that the characters only really showed up as kids in the flashbacks that are, supposedly, most of the game.

Since we cant actually run the game, due to Unicode errors, we cant tell what is real, and what is not (If you run windows XP, or windows 7 64 bit, there is a program called APP locale which would allow you to run it.) Google images has the potential give some results, BUT you are at serious risk of judging this work by its fan art (which simply being a visual novel is enough to damn it to mountains of perverse sexual lust inspired fan art.)

I would say, put it on quarantine (Or put a disclaimer banner) on the trope page until a working English patch comes out, and then you can re-review it.

Its not like this case needs to be closed today, it certainly can go cold until further evidence is available.
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[up]So, put the case on hold until it becomes accessible to a wider audience and therefore can be more verifiably reviewed?

[up] Roughly, That is the safest bet. If the tvtropes audience has trouble accessing the work, it probably wont cause issues, and if we actually get someone to review said game, we would be far less likely to get it wrong.

  • It doesn't feel right to cut a series based on what appears to be WMG, and suspicious sources like someone saying "I knew a guy, who knew a guy, who played the game." We shouldn't damn work pages simply because we cannot prove their innocence.

edited 30th May '12 2:21:44 PM by Roraborialis

Happens to be known as Walrus Jones in other circles.
 173 Martello, Wed, 30th May '12 2:30:54 PM from Black River, NY
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We could just damn a works page because nobody's actually played it and many things point to pedoshit. I don't see the loss there. The question is how the page was created in the first place if nobody here really knows anything about it.
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[up] Not every member of the site frequents this sub-forum, nor is every known troper still around.

Hell, if the page was created before the first Google Incident, it could have been made by an anonymous user, no?

edited 30th May '12 2:35:16 PM by BadWolf21

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Martello: Well, that's easy. How many people are even hanging out on this subforum? No more than a few dozen are speaking up at most and I'm one of the few that has really bothered to play a lot of visual novels. Of the ones that have, apparently none can read Japanese.

For what it's worth, tabling this discussion until we have new information is probably a good idea, but outright zapping it is a little much.

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