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Would it be okay for anyone to edit the sandbox?
52 DoKnowButchie21st Jul 2012 06:26:11 AM from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
That's what it's there for, is my understanding. Then, if everyone is satisfied, it replaces the actual page.
53 ccoa17th Sep 2012 08:01:48 AM from the Sleeping Giant
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We've been working on the sand box. I think we should replace the current page with it before closing this.
Any ideas for a laconic?
The trope is being clarified as "corsets for fanservice".
57 Madrugada17th Sep 2012 07:30:10 PM , Relationship Status: In season
^ Sounds like an excellent laconic to me.
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Concise but I'm not sure it's clear. I thought we were supposed to avoid describing tropes with other tropes in our laconic pages.
The corset is being used to make her sexy to the audience and the other characters.
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"Fanservice" is so widely-used that #56 is clear — there's 5.8 million Google results and a Wikipedia article.

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Yeah, I don't see any problem with using "fanservice" in the laconic.
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The important thing is that we understand what it is. Does anyone have anything to change in the sandbox or are we ready to replace the sandbox with the current page?
[up] There are quite a few zero context examples on it.
I think if no one can come up with context of how a character is wearing a corset for sexyness, then the example should be deleted.
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What exactly is wrong with the name? It seems sorta like one of those stereotypical examples of Engrish. Can somebody fix it?
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66 nrjxll15th Oct 2012 06:32:29 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
It's supposed to be a pun on "of course it's sexy".
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...Well I guess I shoulda tried saying it out loud first. Now I look like a dork.
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68 DoKnowButchie26th Oct 2012 02:14:11 AM from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
So I've been eliminating bad examples from the sandbox. Anybody want to check and see if I'm missing any or if I've cut ones I shouldn't have?
You cut the Star Wars one that said she used the corset to show that she was a mature woman now?
70 DoKnowButchie29th Oct 2012 02:19:48 AM from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Yes, because the film treats it as just another costume, which is precisely what we don't want under the retooled trope.
So because the characters don't say anything about the sexyness it doesn't count? If that's the case there's a few more that need to be deleted like Wild Wild West that just says there is several gorgeous women in corsets as one of its better points." and Van Helsing says nothing but a title and name.
72 DoKnowButchie29th Oct 2012 09:16:00 PM from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
That's what this thread is for, yes: to discuss what constitutes a valid example and what doesn't. Personally, I'd say the Wild Wild West example is valid, because various of its corsets are worn as parts of outfits which would never have been worn unless one needed to suggest sex. The same arguably applies to Van Helsing. One cannot say the same thing about Star Wars, because we have no set norms regarding clothing; it's roughly the same as if somebody were wearing a corset as part of an outfit today. That said, a case can probably be made for giving the content of the examples a rewrite.

edited 29th Oct '12 9:16:49 PM by DoKnowButchie

I believe it is better to not have examples that should be there then to have a bunch of examples that don't make sense but I don't agree that the black corset mermaid dress is roughly the same as if somebody were wearing a corset as part of an outfit today. This costume is worn in a scene where Anakin tries to convince Padme to have a relationship with him. He probably saw the mermaid skirt, leather corset, and feather shawl as an invitation. It's the first time Padme and Anakin actually discuss romance. The lighting is low and she unconciously choses a dress that reveals her true feelings for the Jedi.
If nobody wants to add anything why don't we replace the page with the sandbox and close this?

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