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Zero payoff. Zero payoff whatsoever. For a moment, I got confused as to whether Jack was a character in Dengeki Stryker like the rest of them or not. It seems like s/he was kinda forgotten about in the Sky story so we never know what happened in the end. Presumably Jack went back to Texas and that was that.

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Jack is not a Dengeki Stryker character, no. Only two years late answering that one.

I finished up Cho Dengeki Stryker. Less of a downer ending than the original, I suppose, and I see what people mean about the story finally feeling complete. Well, apart from Real Haruna never showing up. And Schneider just kind of vanished into thin air. Murray also never appeared.

Oh, hm, maybe I didn't do Light Saga after all? Okay, I'm sure they'll still pull out a downer ending that they're convinced is happy. And that would explain all the loose ends. But I guess the Rin and Clie ends are being discounted entirely. Yep, they killed everyone off again. And they never addressed Sayaka being left behind.

I guess both of the primary endings suck.

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