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Sounds interesting, but linking the fic itself can't hurt.
27 Xamusel31st Aug 2012 12:11:31 PM from Washington State
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Okay, I'll post the link, hang on: Worksafe version

Oh, for those of you that aren't at work at the moment, here's the other link: Non-worksafe version
28 Xamusel1st Sep 2012 08:06:38 PM from Washington State
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Uh... *ahem* Did I scare anyone away?

Also, I hate double posting, but I needed some thoughts on how my co-author and I did.
You haven't scared me off or anything, I simply haven't had the time to sit down and read it yet. I'll make sure to get back to you once I accomplish that.
30 Xamusel2nd Sep 2012 09:41:44 AM from Washington State
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Ah, good, I was just being curious here.

Take your time.
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OK, 'nother demented fanfic idea. A "Freaky Friday" Flip... between Haman Khan and Fram Nara.

It's safe to say that Supreme Commander Khan has not had the best few days. Getting incapacitated by a psycommu malfunction when she was on the verge of taking over the Earth Sphere was bad. Waking up in a completely different body in a completely different solar system was also bad. Discovering that she was now a foot-soldier in an army of insane, quasi-religious ideologues engaged in a war against the Earth that was inches away from ending in mutual genocide was probably worse, but it was a pretty close-run thing. Now she's got to deal with psychotic co-workers, a commander with a quite unreasonable aversion to weapons of mass destruction, and some idiot child in an overpowered mobile suit who keeps babbling on about 'understanding'. Worse yet, the orders from on high are making less and less sense, to the point where she's starting to wonder if they even want their side to win. Most people faced with these circumstances would try to hide in a nice, quiet corner until they find a way home. Most people, however, are not the de facto dictators of their own asteroids. Haman doesn't like how things are being run around here, and she plans to make some changes.

Lieutenant Nara, meanwhile, had quite a few things she wished to do before someone inevitably diagnosed her with Mars Ray cancer. See Earth, meet a cute guy, wreak bloody revenge on the Federation for the injustices they committed against her people, that sort of thing. Being put in charge of a brutal fascist dictatorship in the middle of an apocalyptic three-way war was not on the list. Now Mars Rays are the least of her concerns, as she tries to maintain her disguise whilst facing threats from without and within Axis, to deal with Paptimus Scirocco hitting on her, and to keep her subordinates from committing too many war crimes. Plus, there's the fact that she seems to have swapped bodies with a mass-murdering warlord, which logically means that the mass-murdering warlord is loose in her universe. It would probably be a good idea to do something about that. She tries to ask herself 'what would Zeheart do?', but Zeheart seems to be a very long way away right now...

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33 Xamusel7th Oct 2012 04:04:01 PM from Washington State
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Okay, I found the "Freaky Friday" Flip funny for this iteration of Gundam, and I'm glad that I was looking through the forum for things to read.

In any case, I'm in the process of writing a Universal Century retelling, though it'll be a crossover relatively soon enough... and I wish to know how likely it'll get off the ground.
34 Nitramy8th Oct 2012 08:24:08 AM from Antipolo City, PH , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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Plot bunny: The Cosmic Era told in the style of Exo Squad. (Both series have the same source: the original Mobile Suit Gundam - the CE is a remake, while Exo Squad is the western version.)
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Idea: Universal Century... in the style of Mobile Fighter G.
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[up][up][up]It's currently just a concept, but I think it's got legs. I just thought it would be fun to see how Haman reacts to the Advanced Generation (and, among other things, finding herself playing second banana to a Char Clone), and to give Fram a shot at being something other than a Satellite Character.
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37 Xamusel8th Oct 2012 03:36:33 PM from Washington State
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Nice to know that the idea was meant as a fun way of switching things up.

...Then again, what do you mean, "second banana"?
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[up]You may be more familiar with the phrase 'second fiddle'.
What's precedent ever done for us?
39 Xamusel9th Oct 2012 07:56:13 AM from Washington State
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I thought you meant that.
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Anyone know if there are any decent fics starring Allenby?
So I was reading the manga for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and one of the 4-panel omake at the end of the first volume caught my eye. Specifically, it was one where Duo was fed up with the entire cast of Wing being depressing, and then the final panel had him with the cast of G, singing the intro with a few other characters.

The idea of Duo being in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam universe kinda got stuck in my head, and I think it deserves further exploration. Rather than put him in the 13th Gundam Fight, I think it'd be more interesting to put him in a 14th, set four years after the G Gundam finale.
43 Xamusel11th Nov 2012 03:58:28 PM from Washington State
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Okay, there was a thought that had occurred to me today, but I needed an honest opinion on it. You see, my megacrossover Gundam story has author notes that I was unsure if I did right, and I want to make sure that they get corrected for future chapters. You know what I'm talking about, right, guys?

If not, here's a link that can explain what I mean, from the linked forum thread to somewhere around post number 6731 (though it could be a couple pages away from that linked post, given the posts per page layout that the forum in question has for some people, honestly).
I personally don't really mind long, explanatory A Ns.
45 Xamusel12th Nov 2012 12:32:29 PM from Washington State
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Glad to hear you say that.

Personally, though, I want to know if I'm doing them wrong.
Okay, having had the time to read through some of the first chapter of that one fic of yours, it's not too bad, although my lack of familiarity with a lot of what's going on doesn't help.
47 Xamusel15th Nov 2012 11:21:54 AM from Washington State
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Okay, I can understand how come you're having trouble, though at the present time it's just UC Gundam timeline, Gundam Wing timeline(s), Cosmic Era and two other things in question that got merged into the Cosmic Era (Nasuverse and Sekirei).

If you need to ask questions, feel free to leave a review each chapter regarding the stuff you're confused by, alright?

In any case, *ahem* I actually am going to fix up some of the stuff that needs to be fixed, based on what my current beta had pointed out to me last night. If you notice any errors, please point them out via PM over on Fan Fiction, alright? I mean, I know about the Mobile Suit Battles at the very least, though that was a mistake made by my co-author. I'll probably have to go back with him to fix them up (by a long shot).
That's the thing - out of those you just mentioned, Gundam Wing and Fate/stay night are the only things I'm familiar with.

For UC, I've only seen Chars Counterattack, and that was quite some time ago.

I will leave reviews, though. As said before, my biggest and primary complaint is how long it is.

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49 Xamusel15th Nov 2012 11:29:03 AM from Washington State
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I remember the length concern that you brought up, don't worry. I'll be sure to find a way to keep it down to some degree, really.

...Then again, I like long chapters, don't know why.
this and this are examples of the kind of chapter length I normally prefer, just for the sake of reference.

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