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1 truteal10th May 2012 02:11:37 AM from the great southern land
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I checked to see if we had a thread for the Monsters Inc Prequel but we didn't, so I made it myself

wild mass guess A Love Triangle between Mike, Celia and Sully, Celia having a crush on Sully, Mike having a crush on Celia and Sully flirting a bit with Celia to rub in Mike's jealous face (in case you don't know, Mike and Sully were college rivals)

Monsters Inc is my favorite Pixar Film and I'm feeling optimistic about this.

Please have Outtakes

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It's not one of my favorites, but I am looking forward to he prequel. One hung I wanted more of from the first was more of an idea how the monster world worked. In the first movie, we really only saw the factory, the apartment and resteraunt.

3 Shota10th May 2012 05:11:48 AM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
I fear for a bit of prequel Character Derailment, to serve this kind of plot. Sully was never interested in Celia in the original, but maybe that's because they're older then and they all changed.

When searching for Wreck-It Ralph images, I came across blurry designs of a younger Mike and Sully! They only look a tiny bit different than how they did in the first film.

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This definitely feels like a step down in plot, but I'd need to know more.
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5 Lionheart010th May 2012 11:17:21 AM from Tallahassee, Fl , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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Not liking the sound of this. It's got the same "Direct to Video Disney Sequel" vibe that Cars 2 had.
6 CTM10th May 2012 11:26:09 AM from Connecticut
Yeah, I gotta be honest, the plot doesn't really fill me with optimism.

EDIT: D'OH, I gotta learn to actually read the articles, and notice the WMG icon in the first post. Never mind.

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7 Lionheart010th May 2012 11:31:18 AM from Tallahassee, Fl , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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I dunno, even ignoring WMG the official description of the movie is Sully and Mike being rivals while in college. That doesn't sound to interesting.
8 RandomChaos10th May 2012 12:24:42 PM from My own little world
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I thought is was a Sequel Series for Monster High
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9 Mort0810th May 2012 01:11:16 PM from Oklahoma , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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I'm still rather ambivalent about this. So far, Pixar has had two good sequels (both from the same series) and one really bad sequel. At this point, MU could go either way.
10 GiantRobots20th Jun 2012 12:26:24 AM from Victoria Harbour , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
Brb, rewatching Monsters, Inc.
Damn, the animation...(well it's been about a decade, so i guess it's expected).
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12 JRPictures20th Jun 2012 12:49:35 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Looks fun (also there are other similar teasers using mildly different dialogue for Mike, Billy Crystal really improvised there)

Personally I'm hoping

wild mass guess that the film's framing device that sets up the story of the college could relate to an older Boo like Sully and Mike meeting her when she's older and perhaps explaining some of monster world and their history.wild mass guess

But we'll see

Edit: Heres the others:

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[up][up][up] [lol]

Sully was never interested in Celia in the original, but maybe that's because they're older then and they all changed.

Exactly. We're regressing (time and age wise, that is) from when they're established professionals and best friends with one on the verge of setting a scare record to back when they're in rivals in college. It would be silly if we weren't to expect room for some kind of change between one move and the next.
14 truteal20th Jun 2012 12:58:53 AM from the great southern land
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15 maxwellelvis20th Jun 2012 05:25:20 AM from undisclosed location , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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16 Shota20th Jun 2012 06:14:11 AM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
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17 0dd120th Jun 2012 06:25:36 AM from Nowhere Land
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Okay, I'll admit, the teaser was amusing, even if the narration made it sound so gimmicky.

Personally, I understand why they made a Cars sequel. It was one of their biggest hits with kids and they needed to squeeze all the money from that stone that they could. Monsters, Inc., though? I mean, it's good, but I'd hardly say there's another story that needs to be told there. Maybe making other sketches like "Mike's New Car" I'd be great with, but I'm just kind of seeing another full-length movie in this 'verse as unnecessary. Which isn't to say I think it'll be bad—it might be amazing—but it's still the followup that no one was clamoring for.

I am kind of wondering if they'll bring back some of the other minor characters (e.g.: Roz, those two monsters who were big fans of Mike and Sully) and the villains, though.

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Ugh, just don't read the comments on that video. -_-

I don't know if I'm laughing so hard because I genuinely found it hilarious, or if because I'm reliving childhood memories. It's been over ten years since the first movie came out, I was 6, and now I'm 17. Seeing the parody of the first movie in the beginning of the trailer and the crazy monsters again makes me very happy.

It's also coming out the year I go to College. whoaaaa!

20 Sijo20th Jun 2012 09:38:50 AM from Puerto Rico
While I agree that Pixar should focus on creating new stuff, I do think that the story of how Mike and Sully became such good friends can make for a good movie, especially in Pixar's capable hands. I think I'll like it.
21 CTM20th Jun 2012 10:29:47 AM from Connecticut
Dis gon be good.
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22 truteal20th Jun 2012 01:27:44 PM from the great southern land
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This is sung in the tune of the chorus for the song Stayin' Alive



Personally, I don't see this going well... Something just doesn't feel right with it... It feels like one of those forced sequels, like cars 2... Actually, that's probably close to the reason why. Cars 2 had an idiotic and very predictable plot, so much so that you could tell how it was going to go before you entered the theatre. And now Monster University... It's worse because we know how it ends, and how it starts, so all that's left is the middle, which we can figure out with just a little WMG! Come on Pixar! What happened after you did Toy Story 3?!
24 Shota20th Jun 2012 04:29:56 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Prequels are hard to write and attract an audience because everyone already knows what's gonna happen!
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[up][up] Comments like that, is reason I wouldn't read youtube comments.

R.I.P Pixar Comments -_-.

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