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World of Heroes -- Reboot:

 126 kkhohoho, Thu, 10th May '12 11:02:03 AM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
"Yeah, we got methods to deal with them', replied Robert, "it's just that they're real tricky, and take time. We'll do our best, but there aren't any guarantees."
 127 KSPAM, Thu, 10th May '12 11:02:37 AM from running in the 90s Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Likes interesting stories
"Gonna have to be a bit more specific there, Jack. There are about 40000 species of spiders, and not all of them spin webs. And some of the remaining number might not even be able to spin a suitable trap. Your common trapdoor spider, for instance." Kali said like she was reading from an encyclopedia. She loooved making people feel like idiots.

"No, what you want, " she said, twiddling around with a bit of silk stuck to her fingers, "is the Darwin bark spider. Best damn webspinners in nature. One spider can spin a web spanning an entire river. And it's strong."
Team? You mean cannon fodder? — neobowman

Goodfae: a mafia web serial

He looked over the information laid out on the table. He was starting to feel rather satisfied about what had come out of the meeting.


 129 Nman, Thu, 10th May '12 11:25:16 AM from USA Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
"Hey, no matter what you call it, it just means you'll have more legs to look at, " Wildcard replied to the alien girl, his voice implying the smirk that his face could not show. He paused a moment as he reflected on what Arguma had said. "Hey, big guy, hold on a second. If we're put extra security there, where are those guys coming from? Rob - are we leaving a big, juicy, unprotected target out there somewhere?"
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 131 kkhohoho, Thu, 10th May '12 11:42:57 AM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Deranged X-Mas Figure
"Sounds like you got yourselves all figured out here, " said Robert. "Anything else you boys need?"

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Playing it cool
Jack sat on the branch of one of the trees, his jacket zipped up and his face covered by a new Lucunditas mask. Joey had told him that Strix was last seen at the city's biggest park near a tree, but just like before, the old man forgot about an important detail: the Central Park was filled with tress. So Lucunditas sat there, playing with a small piece of wood. He then began to snap his fingers, waiting for someone to answer:

"Hey, Featherbraaaains. Come out to plaaaaay."

 133 KSPAM, Thu, 10th May '12 2:34:40 PM from running in the 90s Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Likes interesting stories
"Sorry to disappoint you, big boy, but it doesn't work that way. And come on, " she said, rising from her seat and stretching, "isn't this good enough for ya already?~"

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Team? You mean cannon fodder? — neobowman

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
Achilles just relaxed and watched everyone argue about what to do. Even with his superior military tactics, he knew it was best not to say anything. He has learned from experience that people don't like it when he shows them how wrong their plan is. Instead, he will just inform his handler and exicute his own plan. He stepped out of the room for a second. Taking out his phone, he contacted his handler and informed him of the other's plans so far. "Sir, I'm going to need a very big capacitor."
 135 Insano, Thu, 10th May '12 3:27:04 PM from NIMF's Room Get RP Mod Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
Mad Pinoy
"I only need one thing, " Isaac said as he got up from his chair to leave. "I'll need a guard's uniform when I show up at 11. I can change my appearance to someone I ate before, but I haven't eaten a guard from that prison, and I don't want to. So I'll need to actually wear clothes for this one."

Isaac left the MPD, knowing his request to Robert would be granted if he were to maintain a disguise inside the prison. Unless someone interrupted or followed him, he would spend the rest of the day eating stray animals to get enough biomass for the op.

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The Grand Re-Vizier
John had just gotten out of his meeting when his phone began ringing. He sighed and answered it.

"Hi hi Sir! I thought you might like to know, that "Hero" Lucunditas is looking for you in the park! Why didn't you tell me you had a date?"

Never a moment's rest, is there?

"I don't. Meanwhile, bring up whatever files we or anyone else has on him, I could use a refresher course if I'm going to be dealing with him."

John opened up his briefcase and slid the false bottom away, suiting up in an entirely different way than most businessmen in a matter of minutes.

Strix mulled over what his supposed fellow hero might want as His glider wings carried him silently across the city to the park. As he widened his suit's sensors outward it didn't take him long to find the other vigilante and out of habit the birdman dropped from the sky and onto a tree-branch directly above the man's own, his suit absorbing any sound he made.

"What is it you want, Lucunditas?"

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Playing it cool
Jack slowly got back up on his feet, smirking behind the mask. He waved at Strix, his bare feet surprisingly making no sound as he walked through one of the larger tree branches:

"Gee, Featherbrains. No hello? No how are you doing? I thought us Anti-Reggies had to stick together."

He chuckled, cracking the tree branch in two, and throwing one of the pieces towards Strix, almost as if wanting to make him come closer:

"I got some pretty interesting information for you, Featherbrains. And you know my information is reliable. Remember that time I told you where the criminals behind the "Quantum Bomb" threat were hidden? And you didn't even give me any credit... shame on you, Featherbrains. Shame. On. You."

edited 10th May '12 5:55:11 PM by Stratofarius

The Grand Re-Vizier
Strix caught the branch with one hand, hardly moving from his perched position.

"If you wanted glory or publicity you should have stopped the bombers yourself. I can't change how the media portrays my actions, either. Unlike some of the so-called heroes in this city I don't make appearances on talk shows and late night television to promote myself while innocent people are dying in the streets and criminals run rampant without fear of punishment."

The sentence was punctuated by the stick being crushed to splinters in his grip, the remnants dropping to the ground.

"Now, did you come looking for me to give me important information, or did you just want to berate me about meaningless nonsense and knit doilies over tea and scones?"

Strix never really did trust this guy. Something about him just screamed "criminal scum", and the owl-man couldn't believe anyone without inside knowledge would be able to find those bombers if he himself hadn't.

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Entrap me, Entrall me.
"Speaking of the uniforms, would it be possible for me to wear my gloves with the uniform?" Charity raised an eyebrow, "Helps with the electro stuff."
“Ocean: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man - who has no gills.”
 140 Nman, Thu, 10th May '12 6:12:28 PM from USA Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
"I... err.... duty calls, " Wildcard said to Kali as he slapped the files he had finished reading down on the table and moonwalked backwards towards the door.

Twelve hours until they had to meet up meant he could get in a five hour powernap to prepare for the big night, and spend the other seven paroling the streets like usual, trying to find a mugger, rapist, robber, or or if he was lucky, an actual supervillain. Catching unregistered heroes would have to fit in somewhere, he supposed, though they weren't as big of a threat in his mind, and they were already going to catch four of those later on anyway.
Occam's Tweezers: The simplest solution is the best way to lose your job security.
Playing it cool
Jack grinned, and proceeded to imitate Strix's perched position:

"Listen up, Featherbrains, cause this is really good... but, of course, we need to make an arrangement first. I'll give you this interesting information concerning an important event that will happen today, and you give me... well... you know what I'll ask. Come on, Featherbrains. Let me take a look at your hero database. I know you keep files on every single hero in this town. One look, that's all I ask. I mean, it's not like I'm going to delete the files you have on me, because I'm sure you have so many questions about yours truly. What's up with his skin? What's his plans? Why is he always barefoot?"

The Grand Re-Vizier
"I always assumed you were just a hippy with terrible eczema. As for your request... What the hell makes you think that? I'm anti-registration, why would I do something as stupid as creating a functioning version of the very thing I'm opposing the government for trying to make? even if I had one the answer would unquestionably be no. I don't trust you any further than an ant could throw you and just like you said, you could be planning to do anything with that kind of information"

Strix did of course have a database on nearly every hero in the city and most of the supervillains, as well as a number of contingency plans in case any of those heroes ever "went rogue" as the saying went. It was only common sense to learn as much as possible when you were dealing with beings who could destroy armies on a whim, acquire the nuclear launch codes of every government or make the most lethal creatures on earth look like blind puppies.

Nevertheless, he could hardly trust that sort of information when in the hands of the government, and they wanted information on every super in the country not just the city. After all, he was just one man so even if he went mad with power it wouldn't be that bad, but multiply that on a national scale and it would be all concentration camps and killings in the dead of night through the end of a telescopic sight.

Not to mention he didn't want to give up his own identity. He had no idea what Chronus was thinking when he did that.

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Playing it cool
Jack chuckled. Who the fuck did Featherbrains think he was fooling? It was obvious that he had a database. All heroes that acted like him had one:

"Fine. Listen up."

He then told Strix everything about the radical's prison break-out plan, when it would happen, where it would happen, and all that kind of stuff. Once he finished, he leaned against the tree:

"So, what do you think about it, Featherbrains? I, myself, am interested in going. Just to make sure those evil guys don't come out of there and wreak havoc upon our beloved city."

It was obvious he was lying. The only reason he wanted to go there was to make sure one or two supervillains didn't walk out of that prison alive. They were enemies of his gang, and if they were to escape the prison, they would probably go after him and his gangmembers.

 144 Totemic Hero, Thu, 10th May '12 7:27:40 PM from the next level Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Abstaining
Spit taker
Matthew headed out of the meeting room, ignoring Kara's protests. "Why the heck did that guy not try to talk to me? What a jerk!"

He suspected he wouldn't get a big role in the prison defense. That didn't bother him any, although he knew it would infuriate Kara even more. A lot of heavy hitters were registered here in Megalopolis, and they usually ended up going toe to toe with the really difficult threats. She, on the other hand, wanted to be the one to take them down.

Still, someone had to catch the things that fell between the cracks. Like it or not, that was his job. It wasn't flashy, but someone had to do it. And he'd taken down just as many criminals as most of the rest, even if their names weren't the kind that made headlines.

"Let's go finish our patrol sweep, " he thought, heading for his car. Maybe he'd stop by the prison afterward, get a good look at the place.

"I guess..." Kara was clearly not happy. Not that she would act on it. She knew better by now, after that one stunt back in the police academy. He'd been lucky to be able to talk his way out of that one.

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"Sure, After all, the Reggies might just miss something, or focus so much on capturing heroes that some villains get out to terrorize the populace."

He knew his supposed "ally" must have some ulterior motive, but if it meant some good would result he didn't particularly care. He disapproved of killing and would probably stop the man if he found out, but that didn't mean he would unconditionally refuse to work with him.

 146 KSPAM, Thu, 10th May '12 8:02:34 PM from running in the 90s Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Likes interesting stories
Kali blinked. "Wonder what that was all about..."

Oh well. She could find quality entertainment elsewhere. She had a good ten hours or so before she needed to report to the prison. Until then, she could sniff around a bit, bark up the wrong tree, stick her nose where it didn't belong, the usual routine. Maybe she'd even do a bit of hunting.

She left the station, giving the big guy a parting wave goodbye. Heading off into the street, her ears again filled with the buzzing of a hundred sounds, and her nose with a million scents. A sensory pileup of Biblical proportions. To most, this kind of information overload would be maddening, but not to Kali. Kali was wired... differently.

Whereas human brains lacked the functionality to handle the kind of sights and sounds animal brains do, Kali's didn't. She picked up on everything. Sounds, tastes, sights in all visible wavelengths, she soaked them up and went about her business. To her, hearing an old couple bickering in a retirement home five miles down was the same as a human hearing a fan blade in the background. Most of it was just pointless, and ignored.

But tonight, one conversation not too far off caught her attention. It was between two very strange smelling fellows. One seemed to be called "Featherbrains" (odd name for a hero). He smelled like anodized steel and sterilized air. The other was Lucunditas, a name which was vaguely familiar. He smelled... weird. Kali couldn't quite place it.

Wait a sec... Lucunditas... wasn't that the name of an Anti-Reggie? Ooh, this might be fun! Kali thought, approaching the conversing supers. Now, a sensible person would've hung back and listened in on what was surely valuable information, but Kali...

"Oi, Luke, Featherbrains. Wassup?"

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Team? You mean cannon fodder? — neobowman

Goodfae: a mafia web serial

If there were no objections from the officer, Arguma would be leaving too. He knew there were things he could attend to, first and foremost being an investigation of the crater the robot had visited earlier in the day to see if he could get any clues about what the incident had been all about.

The Grand Re-Vizier
"Just leaving, actually."

Strix set the Variable Frequency emitter to the loudest highest-frequency, sonic pain and debilitation-level possible and launched both grapple lines to slingshot himself away through the air.

He didn't want to fight any of the registered heroes if he didn't have to, but out of all of them Kali was one of his least preferable. Not least because she seemed to be the type to be a little too...rough...when apprehending targets to say the least.

This...was going to suck.

Playing it cool
Jack approached Strix, and was ready to jump on the same branch as him so he could give Strix a handshake when Kali appeared. He immediately slumped down, sitting on the tree branch, and looked at her with the same look someone gives a person he never wants to see in his life. Especially since the Firco Labs incident, in which Jack, as Lucunditas, aimed to destroy it after it was revealed they were part of a terrorist operation, but Kali stepped in and ended up just ending the case, capturing the criminals without even asking what Lucunditas wanted to do. Using Strix's little distraction, he also attempted to run away, jumping from treetop to treetop, hoping that Kali didn't see him.

Quaerat et Intelligere Veritatem
"Today's is a nice day, there's a nice breeze and it's quiet despite that robot earlier…don't you agree Ibbie.", Lucas said as he sipped his cappuccino from his favorite cafe. He enjoyed this spot because the coffee was good, it was near his place, and the internet was fast.

"Well the temperature is at moderate 75 degrees with minimal humidity, factoring in the cloud coverage which provide an adequate amount of ambient light along with…", "Just say yes Ibbie…", Lucas said with a sigh. Sometimes she was literal in some cases despite the fact that she was sentient enough to give a normal reply.

"That's what I meant.", she said with a small frown, "But Lucas as I said before, I believe that we should contact Strix to go over the details of the robot earlier today. I believe that the noise we encountered earlier was one his gadgets, meaning that he was also at the scene."

"Okay fine I'll call him but first…lemme finish my coffee"

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