Ultima-type Avatars:

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1 DonaldthePotholer8th May 2012 01:08:27 AM from Somewhere in (not)Miami
Looking back over the Grand Unifying Guesses, I came upon the Avatar: The Last Airbender one regarding its version of the Avatar State. A side comment mentioned the Avatar of the Ultima series. You know, that guy who travels the land exemplifying the 8 Virtues*. I found at least two examples on the former page that could also be the latter. Therefore, I have in mind to make a new GUG regarding The Quest of the Avatar.

The guesses on this age shall be two:
  • The following are the (re)incarnations of "The Stranger/Avatar" on their respective home worlds/dimensions. (Those who can invoke The Avatar State are noted with @):
  • In Addition/By Extension, the following are reincarnations of Lord British:

If an Avatar has known Companions, they shall be listed with said Avatar.

The Avatars I've identified directly are Ash Ketchum (as exemplified in his first journey; I may add a WMG to his page with details) and Twilight Sparkle (the rest of the Mane 6 being Companions, though their classes would have a different alignment with their (Sosarian) virtues). Their respective Lords British should be obvious.

I'm sure that there are others. The first set of Digidestined, for example, resemble a group of Companions, though whether there is an Avatar among them is unclear.

Any other possibilities/suggestions?
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