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Hen Zemi (Feedback requested)
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Hen Zemi (Feedback requested):

 1 Meeble, Sun, 6th May '12 9:29:32 AM from the ruins of Granseal
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So I've watched up through episode 4 of Anime.Hen Zemi, and thus far I haven't found anything particularly objectionable.

The main premise is about a group of college students who study various fetishes. While the humor is raunchy to be sure, there is no explicit sex, and I haven't even seen any nudity up to the point I watched.

The characters, while heavily stylized, are all explicitly college aged and none of them are drawn to look under aged.

My question for those who are familiar with this series is: Does it take a turn into full on pornographic territory later in the series, or is it just more of the same? So far, I'm seeing no reason to cut this.
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 2 lu 127, Sun, 6th May '12 9:34:26 AM from the Forest of Thorns Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
Don't quote me on this, but reading through our page and Wikipedia, it sounds like the Japanese version of Ménage à 3. Heavy sexual humour but not porn.
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As far as the anime is concerned : the rest of the series is more of the same. Lot of sex jokes and exploration of some weird fetishes, but no actual porn. (And no underage characters either.)
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If it's just sexual humor it should be fine.

 5 A Groupie, Mon, 7th May '12 12:23:16 PM from City of Angelic Devils
sick of it all
Agreed. This, IMO, should fall under "sex comedy" rather than "porn, " and all of the people involved being explicitly college-age makes it not a pedo issue. Squick and fetishism alone should not be reasons for a cut.
 6 Meeble, Mon, 7th May '12 1:42:37 PM from the ruins of Granseal
likes the cheeses.
Yep, looks that way to me as well. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone, I'll be voting keep on this one.
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 7 Catalogue, Tue, 8th May '12 5:05:06 AM from where the good times are
A pocketful of saudade.
I voted to keep. It's pretty much what was said: it's pure sex comedy, it discusses perverted ideas, but not pornographic.
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 8 Meeble, Wed, 9th May '12 5:36:35 PM from the ruins of Granseal
likes the cheeses.
Looks like this one got three angels, and with no special instructions this thread should be done.
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