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P 5 Cleanup pile and lewdness issues
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P5 Cleanup pile and lewdness issues:

Looks good to me too. I wrote that in the resolution just to be on the safe side.
The Night When Evil Falls is already on the Cut List. The four wicks[1][2][3][4] are for quotes that seem far too creepy to keep. Would it be OK to just delete them?

[down]All right. Done.

edited 9th Jul '12 2:42:23 PM by Prfnoff

 153 lu 127, Mon, 9th Jul '12 2:13:04 PM from the Forest of Thorns Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
 154 Komodin, Mon, 9th Jul '12 2:54:58 PM from Somewhere in Windy Hill Zone Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
 155 nrjxll, Mon, 9th Jul '12 8:48:22 PM Relationship Status: Not war
Glancing through the recent TRS thread on Zettai Ryouiki has made me wonder whether it needs to be brought up here (the trope, not the thread). The entire phenomenon has levels of "analysis" and what I can honestly only call fetishization that make it seem a bit questionable, particularly in light of how many of the characters concerned are underage.

I don't know how much of an issue it truly is, but I figured that it might be worth bringing up here.

edited 9th Jul '12 8:48:38 PM by nrjxll

Nope- 16 year olds in high stockings isn't lewd. "Character A has thigh high socks" isn't lewd. If they get into how hot it is, it's lewd.

 157 nrjxll, Mon, 9th Jul '12 10:13:15 PM Relationship Status: Not war
That's what I'm wondering about - I don't know if it's getting into how hot, specifically, it is, but there certainly does seem (to me) to be an excess of detail involved.

Pronounced YAK-you-luss
Self-Fanservice may need a look-through. I'm a little perturbed by someone describing Dawn and Misty from Pokemon as 'obvious lolicon-bait', for a start.
Freedom of speech includes the freedom for other people to call you out on your bullshit.
 159 shimaspawn, Tue, 10th Jul '12 7:09:33 AM from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
[up][up] It's one of those tropes that people seem to think any example that's not a Zero-Context Example is too detailed and those aren't allowed on the page. I'm not sure why, but because it's socks people seem uncomfortable with having it discussed. I think because it's a weird thing to talk about.

edited 10th Jul '12 7:09:58 AM by shimaspawn

Reality is that, which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

-Philip K. Dick
Ah, I see. I adore socks, so 'so and so has socks of mid thigh length' does not seem pervy to me.

 161 Enzeru, Tue, 10th Jul '12 7:11:52 AM from Orlando, FL χಠ♥
icon by implodingoracle
[up][up]What? >confused

edited 10th Jul '12 7:12:00 AM by Enzeru

 162 Parable, Tue, 10th Jul '12 11:27:54 AM from California Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Many Faces
Is Self-Fanservice even a trope?
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 163 nrjxll, Tue, 10th Jul '12 12:07:03 PM Relationship Status: Not war
I'm not sure if it's one that can have examples, but yes.

 164 Komodin, Tue, 10th Jul '12 12:08:32 PM from Somewhere in Windy Hill Zone Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Sonic Wiki Curator
[up][up] It is, but I'm kinda iffy about some of the examples listed.
 165 Septimus Heap, Wed, 11th Jul '12 4:00:21 AM from Valle di Muggio Relationship Status: Mu
Christmas worms
These three works were resolved from the Content Violations queue with cleanup and sometimes limitation orders, can someone check that they are beign followed through?

edited 11th Jul '12 4:00:35 AM by SeptimusHeap

 166 jkbeta, Wed, 11th Jul '12 4:15:51 AM from right behind you Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
 167 Meeble, Wed, 11th Jul '12 9:27:31 AM from the ruins of Granseal
likes the cheeses.
[up] Thanks for your help on that one, marking it as "done."

[up][up]For Sky Girls and Retake we specifically need confirmation that the page is limited to examples from the TV series and All Ages version, respectively.

edited 11th Jul '12 9:43:45 AM by Meeble

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 168 jkbeta, Wed, 11th Jul '12 9:38:56 AM from right behind you Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Did you mean "TV version only" for Sky Girls or Dance in the Vampire Bund? I'll gladly add this statement to either page, but I need to know which one.

 169 Septimus Heap, Wed, 11th Jul '12 9:39:49 AM from Valle di Muggio Relationship Status: Mu
Christmas worms
I've already added them.

 170 Meeble, Wed, 11th Jul '12 9:44:37 AM from the ruins of Granseal
likes the cheeses.
[up][up]Gah, you're right, I thought Sky Girls and Retake were the bottom two on the list. Sorry for the confusion. Sky Girls is the one that should be limited to the TV Series in the examples.

I just want to be sure that there are no examples from the non-approved versions before we close those two out for good.

edited 11th Jul '12 9:45:41 AM by Meeble

Visit my contributor page to assist with the "I Like The Cheeses" project!
 171 Willbyr, Wed, 11th Jul '12 10:51:45 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I'm starting to work on RE-TAKE but someone else that's read the all-ages version should probably come after me (pun not intended) and see if everything's right.

EDIT: Okay, here are the tropes on the page that definitely need to be rewritten to account for how they're handled in the All Ages version: Despair Event Horizon, Foreign Language Tirade, Half-Human Hybrid, Happily Married...

EDIT #2: Okay, it's fairly obvious that there's a lot of stuff on the page that's going to have to be rewritten to account for the All Ages version's structure, so I'm just going to remove the tropes that mention the prurient content and leave it at that.

edited 11th Jul '12 11:08:40 AM by Willbyr

 172 tdgoodrich 1, Wed, 11th Jul '12 1:14:21 PM from Atlanta Relationship Status: Californicating
Here Is Your Throat Back, Thanks For The Loan
Requesting cleanup of Nana to Kaoru. Once we are sure that any gushing has been purged, we can put it to rest.

We also need to restrict the Kanokon page to the manga version only.

edited 11th Jul '12 1:31:19 PM by tdgoodrich1

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"I've seen the future, brother, it is murder." -Leonard Cohen
 173 jkbeta, Wed, 11th Jul '12 1:34:26 PM from right behind you Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
I'll look into Nana to Kaoru.

Edit: The main page was surprisingly clean. I remove some overly-detailed examples, but there was next to no gushing. I'll go over the sub-pages now.

edited 11th Jul '12 2:19:28 PM by jkbeta

 174 Meeble, Wed, 11th Jul '12 2:02:47 PM from the ruins of Granseal
likes the cheeses.
Sounds good, Willbyr. Once you're satisfied with it let us know and I'll mark it as Done on the queue.
Visit my contributor page to assist with the "I Like The Cheeses" project!
 175 Kuro Bara Hime, Wed, 11th Jul '12 2:16:23 PM from Somewhere...I think Relationship Status: Mu
Alright, I worked on Kanokon. I took out the Crunchyroll link, added a note to only talk about the light novel and anime, and took out any entries that were explicitly about the anime version.

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