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1 kkhohoho4th May 2012 06:39:49 AM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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It is summer in the city of Megalopolis, a gigantic, bustling city, that would seem very much like any other city... except for one notable difference — and not just Megalopolis, but many other cities across the world; Superheroes. Be they a crazy mutant, a refugee alien from another planet, simply a Badass Normal, or perhaps any number of other different kinds, they choose, for one reason or another, to protect the populace and keep the peace, as best they can. Though of course, with Superheroes, you also get Supervillains, but the heroes are generally able to keep the villains in line. And for all of that, the citizens generally accept the heroes, with some even idolizing them; in particular, Megalopolis might as well be called the home of these heroes, or at least one of them. It not only contains the largest population of Superheroes&villains, but because of this, it's the most publicized of all the cities in the world that have at least one superhero. And because there's so many superbeings present, the level of technology in Megalopolois is more advanced then many other cities in the world. Indeed, it seems like Megalopolis is a virtual paradise.

Or at least, it did. Last Spring, one incredibly tragic incident occurred in Megalopolis which made just about everyone rethink their opinions on super-heroes. It seemed like an ordinary day. Captain Nuclon (who had been turned into a powerful being of energy trapped in a gold&silver containment suit in a science experiment Gone Horribly Wrong, ) was flying about the the city, making his daily rounds, when he was suddenly attacked by Dr.Mechano, a notorious Mad Scientist, who was currently piloting a giant robot. There was something rather peculiar about it though; whereas in previous cases, his robot simply had two giant fists on his arms, now, he had two glowing scythes made up of a strange white energy instead, attached to it's metal arms. Regardless however, after Mechano made Nuclon aware of his presence, he then attempted to make a deadly path of carnage and destruction across the city. Keyword being attempt, as Nuclon hit Mechano with a strong blast of energy, toppling him over. Nuclon then charged straight at Mechano to deliver the finishing blows, but then... it happened.

The upper half of Mechano's robot swiftly turned on it's side... and sliced right into Nuclon's suit with his right scythe. And now... Nuclon's energy had nowhere to go. And, within a mere 3 seconds, in which Nuclon was only able to fly 15 feet off the ground... Nuclon exploded in a gigantic, spectacular, horrible blast of sheer white energy. The result was one giant large crater that spread approximately 60 feet wide, killing at least 300 people in it's wake.

This was not a happy day.

And so, 2 and a half months later, in the summer of Rankenopolis, an act thought of merely days after Nuclon's big explosion has finally gone into practice. It's name: The Superhuman Prohibition Act. And it's purpose? To outlaw every single superhuman who refuses to not only work with the government, but also give up their Secret Identities, (if they have them,) as well as every single bit of information about themselves. And so begins an incredibly turbulent chapter in the history of Super-Heroes, one in which no-one can predict the outcome.

But there is one group of sorts who thinks they have, and will do whatever it takes for that outcome to be reached...

Hello there! As the title of this RP says, this is a reboot of an earlier RP (that I did not create, but was still involved in,) called 'World of Heroes'. As you might have read in the opening paragraphs, the idea is that you're a superhero in the prestigious city of Megalopolis, where a Civil War between Superheroes is just getting under way. The RP will be fairly free-roam, (apart from the very beginning,) but there will still be an overarching storyline that will show up as you all continue to play. So, without further ado...

The Rules: Aside from the obligatory rules such as, play nice, don't make a scene, etc., there are only a couple of rules of note, mainly having to do with Character Creation;

1.Don't go crazy when making your character. Your character can still be strong, but we are not talking Pre-Crisis Superman levels of strong, or anywhere close. In fact, making a Superman-like character at all is somewhat discouraged, though it's not entirely out of the question.

2. When it comes to your origin, or source of your powers and abilities, feel free to be creative. You can be a mutant, an alien, a Badass Normal, a cyborg, or any other possible Superhero origin you can think of.

3.This one doesn't have to do with Character Creation, though it's still pretty simple. As per the premise of this game, you're expected to pick a side, (Rethough you can change to another side throughout the course of the RP. But, while I don't expect the following to occur, I still don't want people changing sides back and forth, back and forth at the drop of a hat. Just to make myself clear.

4. The two sides you can choose from are 'Registered' and 'Not Registered'. Make sure to put that in 'Side', and don't try putting anything else in there. Makes it easier for me.

Character Creation:
  • Name:
  • Side
  • Physical Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Powers:
  • Other Skills:
  • Background/Origin:
  • Miscellaneous Notes:

Accepted Players:

  • Replica
  • D Acriznips
  • Gaunt 88
  • Eternal Noob
  • Philosopher
  • Sanojutsu

  • Space Jawa
  • Nman
  • Totemic Hero
  • Insano
  • darksidevoid
  • Mantlemask
  • biomechtraveler

[Earth 2]
  • Atomic Nut

Closing Words: The RP can begin when there's at least 4 people on each side, though others are still perfectly welcome to join. And also, when we begin the RP, it'll start out with a specific short scenario, but once you're done with that, feel free to do what you want. Though again, there will still be a storyline occurring. And finally, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask them here. Hope to see some of you in the RP!

Starting Date: Tuesday, May 8th. Sign-ups will continue past that point.

EDITS: Oh, and because someone asked, no, you can't play as villains. That's because the focus here is on two different groups of heroes against each other. Having playable villains would just get in the way. Also added to Character Creation; just a part where you say what side you're on.

RECAP OF EVENTS THUS FAR: Our hero's task, managed by their government liaison, (a black man by the name of Robert Mc Cullen,) was to prevent an a Superhuman Prison break attempt by a group of former Superheroes called 'The Radicals', (not by themselves, but by the media,) who had individually protected Metropolis for years, and felt that the act had to go. They were also trying to free Dr.Mechano, so that was another cause for alarm. Obviously, the superheroes prepared for the act, though by the time the attack had began, some of their number had gone mysteriously missing...

The heroes were able to fend off the attack and capture the Radicals, except for one; a mystrious man in a white tuxedo wearing a Greek Comedy mask, known only as 'Comedy'. After interrogating Mechano, and through various other events, our heroes learned something quite surprising; that there was an alternate universe parallel to their own, and that it was ahead of theirs by five years. And this alternate reality's extra five years were a horrible fate that could still befall their own if they didn't take action. But it all started with one man; Dr.Reich.

Dr.Reich started life as a mild-mannered scientist living in Nazi Germany in the late 30's and early-mid 40's who was pressured into working for the Nazi's, but he only did it at first to protect his only daughter, Maria, as well as to pay the bills. But tragedy struck when America's top Superhero at the time, 'The Captain,' went after Reich. The problem was that everything America knew about the Captain was a life, for in reality, he was a ruthless bastard who only became 'The Captain' because he was the only one the government had found that their Super-Serum worked properly on. The Captain was perfecly fine with doing whatever it took to complete his mission, even going so far as to take hostages — and in the ensuing struggle between Reich and the Captain, Reich's daughter was killed, by the Captain himself. Since that day, Reich vowed to use all his intellect and knowledge to bring down the Captain, and surprisingly, one day, he did. The world thought that both Dr.Reich and The Captain went down together in a burning building in Germany, but in reality, the Doctor survived. He went into hiding for decades, but during those decades, he slowly grew a burning hatred for all Superheroes, thinking that they were a menace to society. (And considering all the collateral damage and innocents caught in the crossfire, he might have had a point...) So, ten years before the RP began, he appeared before the USA government, exchanging his services for a full pardon from all crimes he committed during the war. The government saw this as too good an opportunity to pass up, and agreed, and once that was taken care of, Reich waited for his chance...

When Nuclo was blown to smithereens, Reich saw his chance, and took it. He knew that Nuclo would regenerate himself eventually, but he kept this information from everyone else until soon before the RP started, when signs of Nuclo's return were imminent. His plan was to alter one atom in Nuclo's suit, so that when he reformed, the alteration would in turn alter Nuclo's thoughts, causing him to go crazy and cause random damage and destruction. This would lead to Superheroes being forever discredited. However, on Earth 2, (the unofficial designation for the AU,) Reich's alteration had effects that even he did not forsee. Nuclo attacked and completely annihilated the White House, with the President still inside. The former Vice President, now President, thus declared all Superheroes, including those who were previously under the protection of the Act, public menaces. This eventually lead to a war between all regular humans, and all Superhumans, (villains included,) one that the Superhumans one. And Arguma, (one of the PC's,) became the leader of this new nation, though it's suspected that Scio, (another PC,) known now in this AU as Comedy, might be the real power in office...

Now, through the efforts of our heroes, the Dr.Reich of their universe was defeated, but that doesn't mean the battle is over. You see, for reasons of their own, Earth 2 has tried to make sure that Earth 1 ends up like their universe, and now that Reich's been defeated, they're resorting to plan B: brute force. It's going to take quite the effort to bring them down...

Also, several of the heroes are off in yet another AU, this one being several centuries ahead of ours, to both gather resources, as well as find out some information.

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So your basically setting up a Marvel Civil War type situation?
Walking the path of heaven, ruling over all...
Oh hells yes. Hmmm, guess I should work on porting Lyna into this, then...

Also, um... Just a quick question, would we be allowed to play villains as well? I remember the last version of this only had villains as NPCs, but I just wanted to se if that's the case this time around too.

[up]That was pretty much the idea of the first one, at least. Civil War... Only less, uh, stupid.

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Interest. Character pending.
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Interested too.
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I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

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Well well, its been a long time hasn't it? I'm definitely joining in I just have a few things to do and I'll repost my character again.
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Interested. KH+ is a good GM and i've always liked the idea of a Superhero RP.

Just need to make sure i'm attentive this time.
  • Name: Anna Alexandria Allison, "Lady Justice"
Side: Not registered.
  • Physical Appearance: Die in the name of justice, please!"
  • Personality: Justice-freak, though her idea of justice seems to be 'do whatever seems right at the time'. She seems somewhat absent-minded and uncaring of other's opinions, but hey, she's managed to stay in hiding and she fights for the people!
  • Powers: Incredibly agile and acrobatic, to the point of wall running.
  • Other Skills:
    • Manages to use a scythe as a weapon.
    • Pretty good at keeping out of the public eye.
    • Pretty damn good at fighting games.
    • Some farming knowledge.
  • Background/Origin:
    • Like most other heroes, was once a normal girl. An enthusiastic gymnast, she also liked helping to tend a relative's farm. Until one fateful day, she had a near-death experience, having been in the wrong place at the wrong time - a pretty intense bank robbery in which she took a stray bullet, while a few others died before. While she wasn't horribly injured, she still had a lot of recovery time. Her thought processes seemed to change slightly. She'd always been slightly odd, but now Anna just seemed... different. More self-absorbed and inattentive of others, as well as an idea of 'justice', that she wanted to administer.\\
    • After being released from the hospital, she trained vigorously in her gymnastics, eventually borrowing a scythe on a whim and finding she had a knack for swinging one around. Refining her technique, Anna eventually reached her current level. She hadn't exactly been a 'hero' for long before that whole explosion fiasco.
  • Miscellaneous Notes:

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  • Name: Kali (no relation to the goddess)
  • Side: Registered
  • Physical Appearance: A tall twenty-something with curly dark brown hair, yellow eyes, and "admirable assets". Usually dresses in denim jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket (usually made of thicker materials). Usually described as being very good looking, but lacking in the refinement or elegance to be considered "beautiful".
  • Personality: Kali is a rather odd "hero". She doesn't really care about things like justice or preservation of life. She doesn't think in those terms. Instead, she sees humanity as her family or pack, and the Earth as her home. You try to endanger either, and she is going to fuck you up something good. Kali doesn't really care or notice social norms or things like that, and prefers to act on base instinct and desire, or "what feels right". She's very impulsive and destructive, but means well.
  • Powers: Kali can copy the appearance and physical traits of any living organism. In the broadest sense, she's a shapeshifter, but her powers go far beyond that, allowing her to mimic things like defense mechanisms of animals, and scale them up, allowing her access to things like the strength to body weight ratio of an ant or the immortality of, well, the immortal jellyfish.
  • Other Skills:
    • Spontaneity: Yes, this counts as a skill. Kali relies more on gut than brain, which can occasionally make her seem extremely stupid. However, it gives her an advantage in that where most think, Kali does. She doesn't know hesitation, and will leap into action during critical moments others may have spent overthinking the situation.
    • Natural Body: Kali, being fundamentally different from humans (and most life forms), doesn't need to worry about maintaining her body, as it's something it takes care of itself.
  • Backstory: An alien mimic which crash-landed on Earth in, where else, the middle of El Bumfuck, Nowhere. What Kali is exactly is something that evades scientists today, but one thing is known. Anything she observes, she mimics. And since the first thing she saw after being "born" on Earth were two kindly humans (who would later become psuedo parent figures to her), the image of "human" was the first thing imprinted on her. "Human" became her family, and their home became her home. In her early years, she was raised by the couple who found her, a pair of biologists. They were the ones who first showed her the diversity of life in her new home and inadvertantly helped her unlock her power. It's unclear what she is, certainly, but equally troubling unknowns are where did she come from, and why? Who sent her? Nobody knows, so for now all anyone can do is be thankful she's on our side.

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I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

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Up to date as of 23rd November '12.

  • Name: "Chronus" Axel Moran
  • Side: Not registered.
  • Physical Appearance: Male fourteen year old, tall and thin in build. Wears light black body armour with a similarly coloured mask and a black cape/hood combination, as well as a golden hourglass pendant. Pale Caucasian skin, black hair and eyes which appear to be a blue haze with glowing gold elements.
  • Personality: Generally somewhere between grim and stoic, considers things thoroughly and takes care in executing them, prefers to observe but will act if he deems it helpful. Slightly empty psychologically. Slowly changing, becoming a little more jovial.
  • Powers: Doesn't age and possess a degree of healing, which doesn't lessen debilitating effects or save from fatal injury, but will heal injuries that normally could not heal, although some will require long amounts of task. As of a deal with the time entity, posses new powers of personal time speed-up, forced ageing (intended to be used in combat and with more effect on the inanimate) and the ability to discern the current time or the origin time of any object or person. Possesses badass(ab)normal degrees of physical ability.
  • Other Skills:
    • Able to remember more than average.
    • Can summon or dismiss his costume and the incorporated gadgets, in whole or in part, by will.
    • Some Moran Industries or otherwise acquired gadgets:
      • Electrified metal knuckles
      • Grappling hook gauntlets
      • Razor cutting blades
  • Background/Origin: Living in Megalopolis, his parents rich entrepreneurs and in fact superheroes, although powerless ones, and often absent for one reason or another. A supervillain common to both their rouges galleries managed to discover their identities and kidnapped Axel, who although heavily trained physically by employed experts in case such a situation arose still was ambushed and subdued by the villain, in an attempt to lure them into a trap, having managed to contact a powerful and mysterious entity and made a deal with it to gain new powers, which he intended to use to defeat them, although it refused to give them to him until the time came and he fulfilled their deal. The two heroes sought out the villain when he purposefully gave them the chance as part of his plot, and fell into the trap. Although they managed to fight back more than he expected he managed to defeat them, although the entity did not grant him the power it had promised. Having no further use for them, he decided to kill both the entity and Axel, but the former protected the latter and fought back, seemingly ageing the villain to death with simple ease. The entity decided that although he had never intended to grant power to the villain, he did require a figure to serve the purpose of the entity with the power he had promised, and merged a fragment of himself with Axel, changing him into the part-mortal Chronus. Later on, he made another deal with the time entity giving him more power and returning his body to that of a fourteen year old.
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Heals more slowly as a side effect of his powers' effect.
    • Identity is public.
    • Legally recipient to large amounts of money and the large tower in which he lives due to his parents' will.

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12 nman4th May 2012 05:54:10 PM from USA Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
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This looks interesting.

Would Immune to Fate be an acceptable power? I wouldn't make it the primary power or something extreme, mind you, but instead have the passive ability of being an intergalactic wildcard*. It's okay either way, though, I always have a backup idea.

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@Meorin: Perhaps in another Superhero RP Moerin, at a later date, but with this one, the focus is on different factions of super-heroes against each other. So, no playing villains.wink
14 kkhohoho4th May 2012 06:12:53 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Also, added a bit to Character Creation; all you have to do is put what side you're on, from either 'Registered', or 'Not Registered'.

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15 tricksterson4th May 2012 06:18:24 PM from Behind you with an icepick Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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Have several ideas. Will pick one and refine it over the next day or two.
16 kkhohoho4th May 2012 06:35:12 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Troper Roxas, and KSPAM:

Replica: Sorry, but as you said, you need to tone down your power. Being able to even just slow down time has potential for abuse, and making situations too easy. But here's another, less abusive sort of time power you could use; how about being to speed yourself up? In effect, this would give you superspeed. Though if that doesn't work for you, we can think of something else. Everything else is fine; your powers just some toning down, that's all.
17 kkhohoho4th May 2012 06:38:03 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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@Nman: So long as it's not a primary power, that's
Hey, would the power of "making everything that I draw come true" too Green Lantern like? Cause I could always go with the ability to change your body so it becomes a certain material (touch metal, obtain a metal body, etc).
19 kkhohoho4th May 2012 07:06:30 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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I'd go with the body change ability. The Green Lantern ability has the ability to be too over-powering; I once saw a comic where a GL made a blast equivalent to Hiroshima.tongue So, I hope you can see my point here...
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hm...paranoid conspiracy theorist teenage owl-batman okay?
21 kkhohoho4th May 2012 08:10:22 PM from The Insanity Pole Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Interest shown. I'm guessing anything like Thor would be completely out of the question?
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I suppose that if you're rebooting this, I'll give it a try. I think my main problem last time is that I made a character inclined to going off on his own, so lets try someone who'll have little choice but to get thrown into action.

  • Name: Arguma the Living Tank
  • Side: Registered
  • Physical Appearance: He's an alien that looks kind of like the cross between a human and a whale. Comes in at about seven feet tall by five feet across from shoulder to shoulder. Generally wears a small breathing apparatus/translator device that makes Earth's atmosphere less irritable to his lungs.
  • Personality: A former soldier in exile, Arguma (as his name translates into English) takes combat seriously, but in less formal situations can be friendly to allies. Generally comes across as cautious due to constantly needing to take precautions to avoid accidentally destroying any number of 'fragile' things on his new home planet.
  • Powers: "Q'oton" alien biology provides:
    • Super Strength - Capable of lifting upwards of at least a ton.
      • This also translates to Super Jumping, though he doesn't tend to do this very often due to the damage it's capable of causing.
    • Super Toughness - Is believed to be capable of surviving a direct hit from the main gun of an Abram's Tank (though such a blow would render him temporarily unconscious).
  • Other Skills:
    • Alien Weapon - A Bio-tech wrist-weapon from his homeworld which is capable of either knocking out electronics and living organisms or blowing them up. Due to trying to avoid making people mad at him, he tends to keep it set on the former setting.
    • Shuttlecraft - While Arguma is incapable of flying himself, he does have an alien spacecraft capable of getting him around far easier than any Earth-built vessel. It doesn't have any weapons (Arguma cannibalized those for parts), but it can cloak and serves as a home away from home wherever Arguma may need to stay.
  • Background/Origin: A soldier from an alien race that call themselves the "Q'oton", Arguma was part of a group of soldiers sent to put down a rebellion by a would-be power-hungry dictator on one of the Q'oton's colony worlds. However, the military effort failed, and Arguma's team was force into retreat. In the escape, Arguma's craft was damaged, and when it's 'Voiddrive' was activated, it malfunctioned and accidentally brought Arguma to Earth. While he and the ship survived, it's long-distance transportation and comm systems were damaged beyond repair, and with Earth not yet advanced enough to provide him with acceptable replacements, he became indefinitely stranded on Earth. Various forces on Earth were willing to peacefully accommodate this newfound stranger once communications were established, though he's butted heads with these same people over his reluctance to share what he considers to be classified technical information. Registering is simply another way by which he's cooperating with the humans that have been so willing to let him adopt Earth as home until he finds a way offworld. IF he ever finds a way offworld.
  • Miscellaneous Notes: While Arguma's Extraterrestrial Nature grants him advantages over humans, it also offers him some disadvantages, at least on Earth. Most significant is that the atmospheric differences between his people and humans means that he has to wear a breathing apparatus in order to perform at peak efficiency. While he is capable of breathing Earth's atmosphere, doing so will leave him feeling highly drowsy, have an effect on his mind that's akin to being high, and make it so that his body requires far more sleep and recover far more slowly than normal. The other major noticeable difference is that he also has a lower tolerance to high temperatures than humans do, but a higher tolerance to cooler temperatures. His size also means that he faces limitations as to where he's capable of going without causing collateral damage.

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  • Name: Wildcard (He doesn't have a Secret Identity. Or rather, he is always in his hero getup. Literally Becoming the Mask, I guess. His identity is known only to him and the government, Not even me. At least, not unless something happens in the future and I have to scramble to create one.)
  • Side: Registered
  • Physical Appearance: Not a single square inch of skin is visible, but he has the general physique of a moderately built *, 5-foot-10 man in his mid-twenties (he'd probably be 25-30, if you have to be semi-exact about ages). He has a white gas mask/helmet that looks like this (except, you know... white), as well as a white fedora with a black felt cloth strip, a white longcoat, a white shirt underneath a white combat vest (not a kevlar vest, just a vest with pockets), long white pants, white gloves, and white boots. His longcoat has the joker from a deck of playing cards printed on the back (just the logo, no letters). He also has a black wooden cane with a clear and colorless gem as the knob.
  • Personality: Enigmatic, unpredictable, capricious and somewhat reclusive. The dead thugs he leaves in the street tend not to offer much insight into his personality, though those he saves sometime claim that he speaks like a 1940's radio announcer through his mask. That, and when the women he rescues talk to the police, they usually claim he made rude remarks about them. (Blunt and non-fancy metadata: Mainly a good guy, and a man of his word. Random, has a sense of curiousity, and has no luck with the fairer sex, but not because he's shy - no, it's because he can't keep his mouth shut around them)
  • Powers:
    • Jumps like 20 feet high and can rudimentarily glide with his longcoat.
    • However strong he has to be to competetly exist in this setting (so he doesn't die from a single punch like a normal person would). Probably something like peak human attributes without actually being super, like Captain America or Ozymandias, I'd say.
    • Immune to Fate
  • Other Skills:
  • Background/Origin: For untold years, the monks guarded the chamber with their lives. Each was trained in a martial arts technique so advanced, it was claimed they utilized future-sight. One day, as the master walked to the watering hole, as was his routine, he passed by the cave they had been tasked with guarding so many generations ago. He saw that the light had been activated, even though none of the seers had detected anything. As a man emerged, the master fought him, only to be defeated, his future-sight not able to assist him. "It has been prophesied", he said as he lay beaten and the man started walking away, "that he who steals the light shall be imbued with the spirit of fire and be our end. You do not glow with the intensity of a sun, nor do you finish me. Who are you?" The man merely smiled. He threw a playing card - the joker - at the master, and then leaped up into a tree branch, out of sight. It was the last time the master ever saw him. When the others found their master, lying by the cave, they asked him what happened - the only word he spoke was "inconceivable". (A way less cool, but more informative laconic: A guy, probably around 18-20 and American, who's Immune to Fate stumbled upon an ancient magic cave of awesomeness and instead of getting evil powers, as was foretold, gained some pretty basic powers because, hey, it's a magic cave. This would have been half-a-dozen years in the past.)
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • He's got, like, brass knuckles and a switchblade stowed in his vest. There's a few decks of cards in there, too. And some granola bars.

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Name: "Strix" AKA John Sunday Keller

Side: Unregistered

Physical Appearance: muscular but not bulky and of middling height for an eighteen year old, has medium-length black hair, olive skin and oddly purple irises. His costume includes a cowl horned to look similar to a horned-ow but composed of grays and blacks that blend into dark backgrounds and with built in lenses that give his eyes a golden, bird-of-prey like look. The Strix Suit has a cape composed of lightweight ballistic plates stylized to look like feathers as well as gloves, boots and a utility belt.

Personality: J.S. has acute Paranoid Personality Disorder with a few extra things thrown in. Because of this he sees and searches for conspiracies everywhere and trusts only a select few people, and even then not very much. He is intensely driven to achieve justice against criminals as well as The Conspiracies and feels he must do so alone, often becoming emotionally withdrawn. When he is on his medications he can be charming, cheerful and even kind or pleasant but also becomes near-suicidally bored and driven by a need to seek excitement that he can contain with some effort. Either way he is actually quite intelligent and capable of surprising insight.

Powers: Possesses no real powers other than a tendency to solve crimes due to how far outside the box he thinks and his habit of seeing patterns where there should be none often being correct a surprising percent of the time. Oh, and having access to a supercomputer linked into his cowl andtruly insane amounts of money.

Other Skills:

  • Strix is at the peak-level of human fitness for an 18-year-old

  • Strix knows seven languages and is a master of disguise, escape artistry, interrogation techniques, parkour, acrobatics a variety of scientific disciplines, several different kinds of meditation, traditional healing methods of various cultures, tracking and survival techniques, ventriloquism, thespianism, marketing and business management. He also has a lovely baritone singing voice. subjects he does not know can typically be consulted upon using the S.ystems O.perations P.rograms H.acking and I.ntelligence A.rray or S.O.P.H.I.A., essentially a supercomputer linked to his cowl.

  • Strix is a master of various armed and unarmed martial arts including Muay Thai, Jiujitsu, Ninjitsu, various styles of Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kali, and boxing. He also knows stealth techniques commonly taught via ninjutsu. He is also a highly skilled marksman with both thrown and fired projectiles.

  • The Strix suit itself is a valuable tool, being ballistics resistant as well as electrically insulated, fireproofed and specially engineered to be totally silent in all of it's movements. The boots contain impact absorption technology for long falls and a reinforced structure for harder kicking. The tips of the fingers contain retractable micro-blades or "talons" for both hand-to-hand combat purposes and easier wall-scaling and object cutting. The cowl is fitted with a variety of sensors and detection devices linked into the eyepieces as well as SOPHIA and its databases, including magnifying lenses, 360 degree sonar mapping with filters and infrared, electromagnetic and ultra-violet visual assistance. The cape has additional armor and fireproofing and is capable of spreading out into a wing shape to act as a glider.

  • Strix's utility belt contains a pair of Grappling Hook Pistols that feeds through a hauling system in his belt using strong micro-cables, feather shaped throwing knives, a Variable Frequency Emitter nicknamed The Screech, miniature tracking signal emitters, a pair of extremely high-powered tasers and various "pellets" that come in smoke, flashbang, explosive, superacid, liquid helium, adhesive and paintball varieties, as well as a revolver-like launcher for the same.

  • The dangers of being a superhero as well as the massive wealth of Keller-Corp and his own paranoia means that he can develop other nonstandard gadgets as well.

Background/Origin: The obscenely rich, paranoia-stricken heir to the Keller Corporation, a multinational corporation based in Megalopolis, John's parents died in an ordinary if tragic car crash when he was seven years old. However due to his paranoia he was unable to accept that fact and blamed it on a massive conspiracy that only he could see. John sacrificed his childhood to train his mind and body to their very limits, traveling across all corners of the globe to do so. He has already been a hero for a little over a year-and-a-half though he only officially inherited Keller Corp this year having returned two years ago.

Miscellaneous Notes:

both John and Strix's mental health issues are not known to the world at large. To the public he merely seems like a genius detective or the chronically ill heir to a pair of beloved philanthropists.

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