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So, is there any word of god explaining how you can breathe on the moon? I know it's fantasy, blah blah. But seriously, how could a gigantic empire of the galaxy exist inside our own solar system when every planet except ours doesn't have oxygen?
2 Cassie4th May 2012 02:59:17 AM from Malaysia, but where?
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Because magic.

Have you, by chance, gotten through Sailor Moon R (second season) entirely yet?
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I have to agree. You can't really dismiss it when wondering why the Moon Kingdom doesn't suffocate while Demons from another world are invading comes off as Arbitrary Skepticism.

In any case I'd be more worried about the Senshi returning there after the Moon landings when there definitely didn't seem to be any oxygen left. But then apparently they can breathe in space.

I have wondered about this on a meta level though. What's the best way to deal with annoying holes like that? Fan Fic Fan Wank is just annoying. Mostly makes more of a mess than the plot hole it's trying to fix. Word of God might just reveal how poorly the Author thought of it, or just annoy the fans who (perhaps rightfully) prefer their own theories. The best way is of course for there not to be a pot hole in the first place. A good author doesn't even have to account for all plot holes, just make it unimportant to the plot and flow of the story.

Sadly there's one or two things that bothered me about Sailor Moon, but the breathing thing is actually one of the things probably not worth worrying about in comparison.

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We already have a general Sailor Moon discussion thread here, you know. (And before you ask, a request was filed to remove "Manga/" from its title.)
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