Black Ops 2 (SPOILERS):

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For November 2012.

If anything, I hope that Battlefield responds with a 2143...
2 Ryuhza1st May 2012 05:34:19 PM from San Diego, California
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I passed on MW 3, but I might look into this one.
I really don't play games much anymore, but I might give this a go, and if Battlefield 2143 comes out....well, I'll have to play it.
4 Seamus1st May 2012 05:40:07 PM from the Quantum Savanna
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Meh. Saying this as a fan of the original and Modern Warfare 3, and as someone who's been looking forward to more shooters set in the future, I'm completely burnt out. There might be some cool new features, but I think I'm done.
Black Ops has the more interesting story of all the COD games, but the gameplay has been getting stale. MW 3 was a step in the right direction.
6 Deadbeatloser221st May 2012 05:42:40 PM from Disappeared by Space Magic , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Already voiced my displeasure over on the wikia. Not that you'll be able to find it, since it's buried under mountains of people jerking off over the fact that a dead character isn't actually dead anymore in spite of the massive plot canyon that causes.
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Part of me was hoping they would do a follow up with the intel missions they were hinting in if you achieved a 100% Completion and heard that the BO crew went to Africa, and a team with someone that was hinted to be a younger John Price was following them...

Still, it's something different at's been argued that Modern Combat is going the way of WWII shooters.
8 Deadbeatloser221st May 2012 05:46:44 PM from Disappeared by Space Magic , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
The SAS guy was never meant to be Price. Everyone just assumed that because of a case of Name's the Same which isn't even close to being valid.

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9 MajorTom1st May 2012 05:51:00 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Ok so how did we develop mecha and all that shit in 13 years from today? Is this fucking Blade Runner?

Other than that, eh might be worth it.
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10 TheBatPencil1st May 2012 05:53:48 PM from Glasgow, Scotland , Relationship Status: I'm just a hunk-a, hunk-a burnin' love
Half-expecting a Terminator to appear in that trailer going by the rest of it.
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Well, the last name was blacked out, and it was speculation. Never said for sure if it was or wasn't either...would have been badass though, and perhaps we could have seen the Beirut mission that he mentions in COD 4.
@Major Tom: You'd be surprised. Some of the personal technology that some of the troops had I can see us having in a few short years, with little gadgets we own getting more and more advanced, and unmanned vehicles are being used more and more each day.

A lot of it is being done by Rule of Cool though.

Not too sure if I'm feeling the "hackers hacked my sentries!" plot though...I was hoping more of a Mega-Corp battle or something Cyberpunk-esqe. Maybe they can swing it.
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I'll be damned. They finally did it. Maybe now we'll get that space level, eh?
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^ Or a relatively balanced perk system!. . .No? no. Didn't think so.

Joking aside. What do you suppose they'll do for weapons, being set in the future and all?
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Take the most futuristic of today's weapons and tech and invent some new stuff to round it out, probably.
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Lightning weapons please! Or a flamethrower that can hit more then 10 feet ahead. Ooh! miniature guided missiles!
They should've called it Call of Duty: Post-Modern Warfare.
I think Treyarch are much more creative and on-the-level than Infinity Ward, and I think Black Ops and World at War have been the best in the series, so I won't go passing judgement just yet.

Frank Woods being alive was actually mentioned in a piece of intel in Black Ops, so there's no plot hole there. I think he'll probably be the game's framing device.

I'm a little skeptical of the near-future setting, though. Seems like an attempt to steal Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's thunder, plus it might mean Nazi Zombies gets dropped.
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19 Ryuhza1st May 2012 09:41:24 PM from San Diego, California
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I'm pretty sure Zombies has been confirmed in a leak. It's been one of Treyarch's flagship features since World at War.

As far as Treyarch goes...

I enjoyed World at War, and were it not for the lack of Create a Class in offline split-screen, it would be my favorite of the series. I also enjoyed Black Ops to a degree. The story got a little too outrageous for me, and offline multiplayer once again bothered me for quite some time (The initial release didn't even allow for tweaks on time limit settings, forcing 10 minute matches). They patched a lot into the offline that fixed most of it, but I'm still more fond of the the route Modern Warfare 2 took, where offline leveling and class creation was EXACTLY like Online. I love a sense of progression when playing, and having everything from the get-go in Black Ops offline was kind of disappointing.

Also, I kind of enjoyed the ridiculous amount of freedom they gave you when customizing your weapons in Modern Warfare 2 (Dual silenced pistols? YOU GOT IT! A Stryker Shotgun with a silencer and [somehow] an additional grip? Sure thing! Dual UMP's? YOU DA MAN!)

Even if that game was plagued with unbalance, boosting, and the much hated Tactical Nuke, as well as being commonly cited as "When da series started being teh sux and ripping off COD 4 evry year" (Even though MW 2 arguably had far more innovation to the series than either Black Ops or MW 3 combined), it remains my current favorite of the whole series.

Considering that I am one of the few that still seems to enjoy the Call of Duty series, I am more than excited for this game. For once, it seems that they are finally trying to change things up a bit by going all futuristic ala Battlefield2142. Needless to say, it looks sick.

Also, I am ashamed to say, but I was kind-of hoping that the COD series would eventually go into future warfare. tongue
21 honorius2nd May 2012 12:43:21 AM from The Netherlands
Explosions and fireballs still look Treyarch-y.
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22 Deadbeatloser222nd May 2012 01:04:42 AM from Disappeared by Space Magic , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Frank Woods being alive was actually mentioned in a piece of intel in Black Ops, so there's no plot hole there.

You mean the anonymous tip pretty clearly meant to bait the Charybdis trap?
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[up]I thought they explicitly mention that they undertook a mission to Hanoi? And that Charybdis was in South Africa.

I feel confident that this will answer most of the questions from Black Ops. They said the stuff in the 80s will also involve Reznov. I really feel they're trying something substantially different here while still building of the 'lore' of Black Ops.

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24 Deadbeatloser222nd May 2012 01:18:01 AM from Disappeared by Space Magic , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Either way, an anonymous tip sent to Mason to get him to be in a certain place when the CIA is out to kill him doesn't exactly strike me as trustworthy. Besides, they pretty unambiguously killed Woods to death; jump on top of five simultaneously exploding grenades with just a t-shirt to protect you like that and they'll be sending you back to your family in a hoover bag, if they even find what's left of you in the first place.
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25 TheGunheart2nd May 2012 01:31:14 AM from on the street.
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Well, as someone who's never played a single entry in the series before, they had me at the whole branching missions and sci-fi setting. I think I might actually give this one a shot.
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