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76 Spirit2nd May 2012 01:48:45 PM from America , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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A part of me can't help but think that if it wasn't called Torture Porn, then this discussion wouldn't have lasted anywhere near as long.

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77 Meeble3rd May 2012 05:39:20 AM from the ruins of Granseal
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I voted to keep for pretty much the same reasons as Martello, which gives it 3 angels. Anyone opposed to locking this thread?
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78 Martello3rd May 2012 05:42:39 AM from Black River, NY
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Nope. I think we're done here.
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Do you feel it requires some monitoring and/or lock? Otherwise, we're done.

Also, someone needs to send a holler with recent decisions.
80 Komodin3rd May 2012 05:54:48 AM from Windy Hill Zone , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
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Hm, aside from a need of a trimming for the Revised Ending and Shout-Out entries, the page is surprisingly alright.
81 ccoa3rd May 2012 06:37:12 AM from the Sleeping Giant
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Looks like we're done here. Locking and updating the announcements thread.
Waiting on a TRS slot? Finishing off one of these cleaning efforts will usually open one up.
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Total posts: 81
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